Here’s my review of the Sennheiser HD 598 CS Closed back headphones.
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VDjPYcL-oU
HEADPHONE STAND: http://www.cpcustomwoodworking.com/


SuperCern says:

Good video, short and informative! Now, these or Sony MDR-1A or Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over ear?

ScrattleGG says:

So many freaking out at Reddit right now seeing the FR graphs, and some bad reviews. I’m nervous. Hold my hand.

D4n1yy3l says:

Good review! Are you able to compare these versus the HD 380 Pro? Are the HD 598 Cs worth it as sort of “upgrade” over HD 380 Pro? I would appreciate your opinion on this. Thanks in advance!

Ellypsis says:

I’m really disappointed by these headphones, it sounds flat (too balanced i guess), there is no depth in the sound, the voices are stifed.

The only positive side is the confort and overall build quality.

Darth Vader says:

can u be more specific about audio quality and any direct competitors? any cheaper or expensive competition …
thanks for such a nice short n brief video

Andres Zeledon says:

Hi DMS3, how compare hd 598 cs vs hd 630 bv ???

Ranodeep Seth says:

how much are these really going to benefit from a DAC given that they have 23 ohm impedance?
i plan to use my headphones with a DAC always. so if theres a better option available that will sound better with DAC please let me know

Paulo Oliveira says:

I bought a pair on BF and for the price this are great! very happy.

Martin Horton says:

$146.89 Canadian and they are coming in tomorrow, there was a 57% discount on amazon and i thought i should take advantage, nice that they have that detachable cable

Homayoun Bernoulli says:

i got this for 99$ and am not satisfied,cause i’ve had a HD 202 powerfull-bass
and they are like 35$ so one third , and they sound okay! almost the same and their bass is even better! just not comfortable! so…i thought i should share it with ya guys

geigster says:

Good cinematography, but it’s WAY too overused. There’s too many dynamic shots and the majority should be just you holding them.

SolemnlyLove says:

Would anyone know why these sound awful with spotify? (Despite high quality 320 kbps premium). It boggles my mind.

Ali Imran says:

how are the hd 598 cs for gaming? I’m going to have to use them on my ps4 without an amp. also my ears get hot with leather ear pads so will the cloth earpad help? (i can’t get an open back headphone because i game in loud environments and i can’t have a lot of sound leakage) do u recommend them ?

bmwm3man says:

Don’t follow your channel but I love this quick review!

George B says:

Thank you for the review, great info. I’m waiting for mine to be delivered. Noticed the price went up today….

Max Boone says:

I got these for 99 dollars on amazon like probably most people who looked up these headphones to see if they were legit and found this incredible channel

manuelthegreatman says:

take my like

Bryan Bartlett says:

Good review.  I have a pair on the way from Amazon.  Looking forward to a nice long listen.

Micah Smith says:

you mentioned that you found your asgard 2 helped with audio quality, do you think because of the low impedance of the headphones a dac/amp like even the Fiio K1 could help also? I have pretty tight budget and this is only dac/amp combo i can find in Canada for under 100$

TheTechnoLand says:

HOw does sound compare to M50X

Swag Master OJ says:

Are these headphones good for listening to classical music and light pop music?

James Davis says:

I took delivery of these today, and while I like them, I am finding the very top end a little shrill for my tastes. I have to set the volume on my dac down to halfway, otherwise my fillings start to ache. Not sure if I got a dodgy set, but it does sound off.

kendokaaa says:

I got em for 100 canadian pesos on Amazon. That’s nuts

D Sm says:

these are back down to $99 on Amazon! price just dropped today.

Literal Potato says:

I actually use these in school because they’re affordable (for me) and they’re comfortable as hell

FD says:

Have you had any trouble using the inline mic in voice chat?

sapphiro says:

can you compare those to focal spirit professional or nad viso hp50 or yamaha mt220?

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