H501 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review – Detailed Explanation of Pro’s and Con’s

H501 Noise Cancelling Review covers everything from sound quality to noise cancellation [Links Below]

H501 Best Price http://amzn.to/203j0L9
Best Price in UK http://amzn.to/22fxlpn

If you’re looking for a solid noise cancelling headphone under $100, these will certainly do the job. The earcups are exceptionally comfortable (they remind me of the Bose SoundTrue) and the clamping force is just right. Sound quality is really good when the noise cancellation is turned off, but the quality goes down a notch or two when it’s turned on.

The noise cancellation works well, especially for lower frequencies. Overall, this is a solid choice for anyone who’s looking for a great noise cancelling headphone for less than $100.


Bose QC25 http://youtu.be/VkORn75rWMo
Bose QC15 http://youtu.be/zrME4ee-qpI

Original 223612 H501 Video Review https://youtu.be/9yajiUNs7gg


Jad Kay says:

I really love how standardized your videos are. You dont miss out on any important points. The “hot spot” is a point many reviewers tend to forget to talk about. Thanks once again for ur fantastic videos bro!

DaveMusic says:

Is this on-ear or over-ear? Comfort level compared to the Bose?

James Peters says:

Another excellent review

aniket soman says:

hey Lance u make good vids and im subbed and i have a question…..i bought sennhiser 598 se and i need an apm for it,can you recommend me please?

Timothy Wouters says:

Hi guys!

I’ve been watching your channel on Youtube for quite some time now, hoping you could advise on which headphones to get !
Due to the sale on Beats products last month (- 55%) i’ve started to create an interest for a new pair. ( I currently own a pair of Pioneers and M-audio q-phile, my dad a pair of Shure’s). At first I wanted some Bluetooth headphones but couldn’t find any good ones, afterwords I started to crave a need for the Bose QC25’s.. But in my opinion they lacked bass quite a bit. Due to your Youtube channel I became familiar with brands i’ve never even heard about before and started testing them out. (e.g. we used to own technics headphones, but i’ve never tested an audio-technica m50 before, these were good, but to my ears “too sharp” or “too industrial”) I’ve tried the NAD HP50’s out aswel, they were lovely, however to my ears, they sounded not that great as the pair of v-moda’s.

I’ve tried the V-Moda’s M100 Aira’s (Roland cooperation) in a Belgian store ( there is no other way to get my hands on the regulars, no resellers here) and they sound amazing in my hears, however I have the feeling they over modulate sometimes which I don’t like. I would love to find a headphone which is perfectly balanced but has quite some emphasis on the bass aswel. The bluetooth and/or ANC functions would be a nice benefit but finding the perfect sound is more appealing to me than the fancy bits.. (I’ve tried the Denon ath 20 NC aswell but same problem)

Do you guys have any suggestions? I would love to use them mobile, and i’m considering buying an headamp due to some of your other video’s on the channel.

i’ve tried the grad’s 325i today and i loved them. However, there not very mobile but the soundstage was amazing

I’ve been looking around for quite some time now and can’t figure it out.. Hope you can help me, last resort!

greets from Antwerp,

longjones3 says:

Great review as usual. keep up the good work.

Chris Nunez says:


Ted Antares says:

Did you try using these headphones in a moving bus, on an uneven pavement? I wonder if they have the same flaw as the QC35. Read my 3-star review (titled “”Not for the road – major flaw”) of QC35 here:


burso83 says:

Hi Lance, how are you? Good to see another video from you. Thanks

OAK1992 says:

hey Lance, great review!
I’m looking for a pair of bluetooth over the ear style headphones with the best bass, in both quality/ richness and raw power. Price isn’t really an issue. Please do let me know what the best options are. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Shengran Putis McMuffin says:

Is it bluetooth or the 50h battery life is just for noise cancelling?

Ululuro says:

Thanks for the review, littlefinger 🙂

Scott Ostr says:

Great review. Wish it had aptx 4.1 BlueTooth.

David Rudolph says:

These seem to be re-branded Panasonic RP-HC500 headphones with some small changes. (Battery access is different.) They look extremely similar and the naming almost gives it away.
I’ve had a pair of the HC500s for years and have taken them back and forth between NY and Japan many times. I can’t make it a whole flight without my ears getting sore. The cup size is in between on and around the ear, and the problem with that in-between size hits me mid-flight every time. Some day I’ll take the time to upgrade.

AVRge Gmer says:

This or the cb3 hush ??

James Tubbins says:

Thank you for remembering your uk viewers 🙂

ScienceBoy says:

I have a question.(My priorities are comfort,noise cancellation and sound quality.I own sennheiser hd 518.I generally use my headphone 8-10 hours straight so comfort is my 1st priority then noise cancellation and sound quality both at 2nd.)
Having mentioned my priorities,can you please suggest me whether i should go for ‘H501 ANC’ or ‘Ausdom ANC7’?
Any input will be appreciated!

Stanisław Szczypuła says:

Hi, you make excellent headphone reviews. Any chance you will take a look at AKG K240 Studio or MKII? Its currently on sale for just 88 euro for Studio and 104 for MKII.

Visatron says:

Best headphones for under 100? I need a new pair could someone recommend me something. I was going to get the status audio hd twos’ but my dad is hesitate they are a scam because my hd one’s kept breaking and i know my dad knows tech and everything well so i need a new pair. Thanks!

Nathanael Garza says:

Hey lance do you recommend the m40x’s over senn 558s? Im looking for some headphones under 100$ and noise cancelling isn’t big concern… Your advice would greatly appreciated. Thanks!

demi demi says:

no sound leak test? 🙁 btw, can u review ausdom anc7?

FlipWilSRK says:

Nice vid and I enjoy the consistent format of your reviews. I appreciate the fact you pointed the “hot spot” in this video. I might pick up this headset and give it a try before I start traveling again in July!

Total Recoil says:

Great review! I’m looking at these headphones right now on Amazon. If they can replicate the sound of Bose & Beats, to a degree. Then i’m happy!

Parva Mehrotra says:

You have a great calm voice man!

Unknownpattern says:

Will you be reviewing the Ath-Msr7 and/or msr7nc?

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