GRADO SR80e Headphones Review: Better than Beats, Sony, and Bose??

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This is a comprehensive review of the Grado SR80e headphones. This is an up to date review of the Grado SR80e headphones, going over the headphone’s overall design, value, and sound quality.

Grado Labs has recently been considered by certain publications as a leader in the headphones industry, despite being relatively unknown by most consumers. In today’s headphone crazed tech society, it’s surprising that a company that has been around since the 1960’s has gone so under the radar for so long.

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AstroFazersPlaylist says:

Small size suggest that these should be portable headphones, but as it was mentioned in the video cable is too long, no microphone to answer calls …so what the point is to buy this phones? I’m just wondering because I have Philips Fidelio X2 at home and I don’t think I will replace them with SR80e. Maybe Grado should do one step into the future and make a version with short cable with microphone for people who looks for portable headphones. I like foam ear pads in portable phones because are comfortable.

Ian Cahill says:

Changing the pad to a G Cush , will increase the bass ten fold on these phones , trust me

Claudie Cotet says:

you speak a very well pronounced english, at an understandable speed.
helps not-american ‘watchers’
and shows respect to your audience

Leonel Cantú de Llano says:

Actually, the packaging did blew me away; this is cheap, precise, and the message is clear: we’re not selling image, we’re selling sound equipment. I like it. I’ll be getting these sometime during the next two weeks.

Ian Cahill says:

I placed a G Cush on my sr80e’s and wow , i was blown away with the clarity.
If you want better then try sr325e’s with half a wrap of electrical tape around the L Cush , best headphones in the world.

Northern Beattie says:

Thanks for the review! I was getting ready to place my order on Amazon. But this is the first review that mentioned the long cord. As I am primarily looking for music on the go, there are probably better options for me.

Tony Fernandez says:

I have the ATH-M50 and they’re OK, not the most spacious sound I’ve heard and for that reason I’m thinking of open back design and the word on the internet is that these Grado’s are the bang for your buck headphones to get. I’ll find out this Wednesday, thanks for the review. And I just wanted to mention that on a separate review on these headphones classical music was not recommended for these headphones, so I’m curious to compare that to my closed headphones.

LostOnThePrairie says:

For listening to youtube voices sound nicer on these than my Audeze LCD-X

Deepinder Bedi says:

Nice review dude! Gonna go cop a pair for my brother! One thing I have for feedback is maybe listen to them in the video, so we can hear the sound leak and its just cool seeing someone bob their head to music haha

Oomspray says:

Great review! Really appreciate how comprehensive you are!

Russell Shows says:

Like the review. I owned a pair of Grado SR80, for over 20, years. Best $80.00, I ever spent for introductory headphones. Since Jazz, and female vocals is most listened to they really shine. I use these in my office. so the big heavy cable can be cumbersome. My problem with Grado. If you decide to upgrade your Grado, headphone’s with another pair of Grado’s. You will need to move far up their product line to find a pair that provides a true upgrade (IMHO). I didn’t feel like I made a complete upgrade until I listened to a pair of the Grado, 325i. Which cost more than 5, times my initial investment. I say go with the SR 80i, or SR60i. Only difference being the price.In someway’s they beat out some of my much more expensive cans. Though, they are pretty efficient I would suggest a headphone amp and DAC, to make them perform as intended.

Brandon See says:

Hey JSL, now I’m struggling to choose between the ATH-M40X and Grado SR80e. As this pair will be my first pair of headphones, I don’t mind taking time to choose it. Mmm, I’m more on the bass and EDM.
Will m40x really be a good choice?

Alex Lock says:

Great review! Thanks

Bjorn Utzon says:

if it wasn’t for the shitty music in the background, it might have been a good review

dab505279 says:

You are an excellent reviewer. Very professional.

Rolands J says:

getting these, thanx for the review. 🙂

RojasTKD7 says:

Ranked #2 shows how much Time Magazine know about audio. They didn’t even test these headphones just read reviews from various sources (CNET, Wired, TechCrunch, What Hi-fi, Good Gear Guide, PC Magazine…) then reviewed the specs to come up with list list..

From what I’ve read, from people that know audio, I doubt they’re in the top 15. I most wouldn’t like the “Grado Sound”, but honestly I want a pair just to hear for myself and add to the collection. It may be interesting but I’m certain there not in the league as Sennheiser, Beyerdynamics, Audio-Technica, Shure, AKG, Fostex, Sony just to name a few. BUT they are probably the #1 headphone maker in Brooklyn.

bcdhifi says:

Excellent review! I have had my SR60’s for 23 years and wore out 3 sets or ear pads! they are the best sound for the money. The cans are glued together and the driver magnets are press-fit into the plastic frame and re-enforced with a bead of glue so after 23 years of knocking them around the glue has lost its grip and the magnets popped partially out of their seats. I can replace the old glue and they will go on playing but I am going to treat myself to some new Grados most likely!

Diego Corrales says:

Wow, for such a new channel, your quality is pretty much top notch. An immediate sub from me man! I know it’s probably more difficult to aquire products at this point, but if you could ever take a look at the Sennheiser HD598’s, I think it’d be great. I’d really like to hear what you end up thinking about them. I’m on the fence about getting those or the Audio Technica ATHM50x’s. Cheers!

Tobio Kageyama says:

Your mic is so sibilant holy shet

warpspeedbrah says:

Great review, subbed!

Greg Norris says:

I will be honest but slightly harsh. I recently purchased a pair of these SR80e’s and quite simply, they are the best headphones I have had EVER! Granted, I would like to try their Statement series, but I need to save some serious money for that.
So how am I being harsh? Simple. You provide a great, honest review. In fact one of the best I have seen. However (this is the harsh bit) you harp on about the lack of suitability of these for casual wear on commutes etc. You complain about the length of the cord. You also speak regarding the build quality.
The harsh bit? Here it is. These are not designed, have never been claimed to be suitable for, nor are they meant for use outside of lounging around to listen to music, as it was meant to be. the same as the average shove in your ear buds are not designed to provide a great listening experience, they are there to let you listen to your music in private and remove background sounds.
Please review them with this in mind. These are designed solely to listen to your favourite music at home, in a quiet environment. Anything else undersells these for the experience you will get!

Richard Johnston says:

Really enjoyed your review. Thanks. Have listened to my friends sr60 and they were amazing. I think I prefer open back to closed back.

Lolo K says:

Very nice review. I am mainly a hip hop listener, I don’t really care much for bass. So would they be very good in that regard considering vocals and standard beats?

Joshua D'Oliveiro says:

Hey dude. Nice review. Improve on the presentation in terms of the speed and tone of your talking. Already good but can be great.

Ray Rivera says:

Got these yesterday and this is a good review, tho my cable doesn’t seem too long (ca 165cm).

Gangster Gardener says:

Beats are not high end.

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