Good Riddance, Headphone Jack?? – Audeze Sine Review

Are we ready to swipe our “Apple fanboy cards” to gain access to the Lightning headphone revolution?

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petden0 says:

*Apple is scam.*


Rule N° 1: IF IT WORKS DON’T REPLACE IT!!! 3.5mm have been around for decades and it works flawlessly, so replacing it just for the sake of changing (and for financial reasons obviously) is just a steamy pile of horse $hit!!!

Anon Mason says:

You know Apple is going downhill again when it tries reinvent the wire and make you pay for it.
We’ve seen this before.

JonnyFlash80 says:

I don’t know about that shiny leather covering the earcups. Looks like it gets easily scratched… 2:24

Nathan Smith says:

RGB lighting?


Ron Bernard says:

were did you get that headphone head ?

djlobb says:

Good luck using em with anything other than an iDevice 😉

Jeff Of Tech says:

But apple already put the DAC in the new lightning headphones that are included in the box

Paul Sxton says:

You forgot one problem. They can stop us from playing our own music files … legal live recordings for example, or whatever. A digital connection puts the control on the player, and apple could even require you pay itunes to play your own music.

Lsdude420 says:

Fuck apple, cocksuckers know rich asshats will buy their shit regardless of how pathetically unbalanced the price to performance ratio is. And if you buy apple to NOT take advantage of their optimized software, you gotta be a fucking masochist…or a celebrity.

Dominic Lodge says:

They sound incredibly average, and are million miles away from deserving of the price tag. They are not even fit for purpose. The external amp is not even close to powerful enough. Criminally, they desperately lack dynamics and character. Lots of good detail, and serviceable sound-staging, but those qualities are present in ‘phones way, way, further down the price scale. Sent them back after a day. I am a self confessed audiophile, and have listened to and owned hundreds of headphones over the years. These are amongst the most unremarkable. My daughter’s £30 Phillips cans are actually BETTER sounding in some respects. The technology is tremendously exciting. These earphones are not.

Carlos Catalan says:

More advanced ideas are dragging this world to leave more junk, all in one, there is a saying that applies in many fields, “never to have all the eggs in one basket or container”, you can not recharge the battery and listen music to Same time, these guys come up with stupid ideas every day, they force you to buy adapters or other elements to use it really well, besides that all current electronic equipment can not be repaired in full, you have to buy another new one and you keep filling The world of garbage day by day …..
Perhaps they make life easier or comfortable, but at the cost of the sacrifice of impoverishing or deteriorating the ecosystem of our already deteriorated land…….

Ideas más avanzadas está arrastrando este mundo a dejar más basura, todo en uno sólo, hay un dicho que se aplica en muchos campos, “nunca tener todos los huevos en una misma canasta o envase”, no puedes recargar la bateria y eschuchar música al mismo tiempo, a estos tipos se les ocurren más estúpidas ideas cada día, te obligan a comprar adaptadores u otros elementos para usarlo bien realmente, además que todo equipo electrónico actual no se pueden reparar en su totalidad, tienes que comprarte otro nuevo y sigues llenando el mundo de basura día a día…..
Quizás nos hacen más fácil o comoda la vida, pero a cuesta del sacrificio de empobrecer o deteriorar el ecosistema de nuestro ya deteriorada tierra…….

MaddXav says:

Apple will always sacrifice functionality over design. That is what makes them “special”.

MrWhite says:

Great headphones! The only demerit is what they cost FUCKING 450 BUCKS.

KK89 says:

Let Jack go to the locker and there shall be no sequel for anyone to rescue him. I mean it..

Gilgamesh_The_God says:

Linus I know I am late but how do these compare with the hd8 dj

Blake Savage says:

can someone key brandon to be somewhere hilarious?

Justin Tapp says:

Them metal spudgers tho

Vapemaster 92 says:

ill agree im still getting used to not having a audio jack anymore 🙁 but I got one off ebay for  2.99 and it works just fine even got it in a red metallic color because I like red and black there not that expensive and before everyone says ohh its gana crap out in like a month so what it was 3 dollars im not gana cry over 3 bucks on a 3.5mm adapter that iv used for 2 days for at least 13 hours while im at work cause im not using my skullcandy hesh2.0s those are for home I use the skullcandy Titans and there not Bluetooth hints why I bought the adapter off ebay and 100 bucks will get you a decent pair of headphones that are Bluetooth and also the air pods are not worth 160 bucks they sound just like the 30 doller pair you get in the box there just wireless and will fall out of your ears! i almost lost them the day i got my iPhone sold them on letgo there useless so buyers beware! save 160 bucks for a way better pair of Bluetooth headphones or whatever you want 160 bucks for and they are NOT BOSE drivers ither they sounded exactly the same as the headphones that come in the box with the cable

Hayden Marsh says:

“…Few ugly ports, look beautiful…” Good Job Linus…

Charles Stevenson says:

Or, just buy a ZTE Axon 7 with a pair of high quality DACs built-in.

Braŭljo says:

Am I the only one that is disturbed more by Linus’s earrings than his socks?

coolbuddydude1 says:

So headphones that are just compatible with iPhones ?
We’re taking a step backwards.

Ânderson Peroty says:

Like the video
dislike the product

Ashmeed Mohammed says:

its a headphone with a built in sound card…

Hydroxical says:

“So sury”

toufu 96 says:

what’s the name of the other headphone brand he mentioned in the video

SeenCreaTive says:

Isn’t the lighting adapter and lighting ear pods not digital anyways? So Apple got rid of the analog jack, to use their digital jack as an analog jack?

Mike Bercik says:

The biggest move of “Cut your nose off to spite your face” I have ever seen. What’s even better? This move doesn’t change the bit rate quality when you stream. Services like Tidal (I think that’s the name) circumvent this, however, the average user is going to be streaming their music, wondering why it doesn’t sound any different. They honestly deserve no less than what they paid for: A constricting user experience, filled with side grades and disappointments.

Pyroslav x says:

Is there a just a regular analog signal going out of lightning connector going directly to headphone “speaker” coil or is there some active circuit/amplifier in headphones (and adapters to 3,5mm jack)?

Slay says:

So basically iPhones are even cheaper to make now.

Difference Engine (DE) says:

Linus, you didn’t mention the biggest problem. You are locked down Apple’s proprietary jack and thus stuck with using only Apple devices. This could also be said to a lesser extent about USB C since more devices will use it. The 3.5mm audio jack was and is universal. Sacrificing choice in where and how to use my headphones is the most upsetting issue. I am skipping iPhone 7 this generation until there is a better method. And yes, the bundled lightning to audio jack converter is highly ridiculous idea just like beats headphones. Choice should always be King and I hate how Apple always think that they know best what people want and force changes at their customer’s expense.

Jayme Capurso says:

This video makes apple look like a bunch of fools trying to make money of even bigger fools… I like it 🙂

Such clear no bs info about vague full of bs from corporate, please their share holders apple…

johnnycat500 says:

Review the pxc 550’s

Sam Kibby says:

How do you use these with the Oppo HA-2?

Cooper Makhijani says:

brandon was awesome 😀

Lois Blanc says:

I m not keen on having the DAC on the headphones. It will certainly inflate the price even for the mid segment. Also I have 0 trust in Apple connectors “standards” on the medium term and ever less on the long term, they just make too much money through accessories direct sale and licensing to OEM.

Callum Harper says:

qualify firm depend return.

nlmaster98 says:

Its like Religion: They deliver the solution to a problem they did create themselfs, to make a better living off of you.

The Curious Noob says:

There are tons of things in life that use proprietary parts/connectors so I personally don’t really care about Apple’s decision about removing the 3.5mm jack. That decision is a deal breaker to me personally but that is my choice to make. It isn’t like Apple is attempting to force this kind of audio setup on to every manufacturer’s devices.
Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. The market will decide if it’s a significant issue or not just like anything else. Ain’t choice grand?

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