Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review: Best phone accessory of 2017?

Galaxy S8 and S8+ Skins:
Samsung is including a pair of AKG earbuds in the box with ever Galaxy S8 sold. We’re big fans of premium audio options, so are these ear buds the best phone included phone accessory of 2017? Let’s take a listen!
Galaxy S8 Real Audio Review


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Johnny Wang says:

When you realize that it was 2 samsung galaxy s7 instead of 2 galaxy s8.

Kai-Zer Alcadias says:

@3:17 Really LG.. No headphones in G6 retail package. I mean how many ways are you trying to cut production costs… You’re using 2016 SOC, 2014 Gorilla Glass 3 and cheap IPS LCD technology

Daniel Bolivar says:

does someone know where can i get that phone stand at 2:08 ?

DT B says:

john doe says:

B&O’s earphones mentioned here appeared only in the US with the v20, in a separate box.

The ones that showed up in Asia were inside the box and not quite as good.

derick mcclure says:

Maybe I’m crazy but I thought they sounded awful with Hip-Hop and EDM and great with Rock and Metal.

Michael Cook says:

It sounds like he’s saying inner oral, not inner aural lol I have no idea what EDM music is though 🙂

Diego Andres De Oliveira Gutierrez says:

S8 Is Really good it’s one of the best phones I see at least for what I know it’s really a complete flagship phone At first I have that feeling about the battery or the sound(two never Good points about Samsung phones)but this is complete it’s not like a S5 with terrible battery(to my standards)Personally I’m going to the S8+ because I don’t know the battery of the S8 but if it’s good like the + I’m going for there


I tried them but I don’t like the sound at all.
Maybe because I used to listen to open-back headphones like philips shp9500s

one and a half gamer says:

Now i only have to be able to afford the s8…

Sergio Velasco says:

Christ Juan Carlos, ease up on the coffee, or whiten your teeth

aky19832001 says:

How can I get my voice to sound like yours??

William Davis says:

here’s a great app on the state of the battery wear

disciprine says:

piece of shit clickbait title

Joseph Martinez says:

but dose it have bass tho

Muggles3130 says:

My v20 didnt come with any headphones.:( just a 32″ led smart tv.

Howard Zhang says:

hi Juan how do you think the ear bud from mate 9, how much retail price do you think it worth? $50

XeniX The Gamer says:

I like Jack’s.

tigerfanman says:

are these good for listening to justin beiber?

aminedbgt says:

Are you saying that the Apple Earpods are bad ? Man, seriously ?

Nollan Dillavou says:

Using the s8 and the akgs to watch this video. It was meant to be

A J says:

These AKG headphone sounds average at best.. the mids and highs are OK, but absolutely no low frequency response… They are not comparable to B&O which came with LG V20, which was way better.. No clue how you came up with this review..

kopicha says:

you can get better earbuds than those from B&O in the similar price range. B&O were never really good when it comes to actual sound quality especially when comparing at a similar price range.

Duck says:

not too bad

Marcos Lessa says:

Great job, Samsung. Pay attention to audio is music to our ears.

Karpov Liam says:

The bass is worse than my 8 dollar headphones from Samsung. I wasn’t blown away by the sound quality. I was expecting better for 100 dollars.

Sana Jabeen says:

yayyy I’m waiting for my S8 plus

tigerfanman says:

i love the old white samsung ear phones

Tracy Barrett says:

I have the V20 with the B&O headphones and I tried both with the S8 and V20 the B&O sounds better and is louder on both phones. I also noticed they are better fitting in the ear. The AKG ear buds to me are not worth the supposed value of $100.00 Too bad the G6 didn’t come with headphones would be been a better value.

manu bali says:

Will stick to my apple ear pods with s8 plus.

gelatosamurai says:

Ok, Ive just plugged in these AKG’s into my new S8 and the disappointment is big! No bottom end what so ever.
I love my old iPhone buds and am using sennheiser MM30i’s that fit sooo much better and sound so much more balanced.
I am a mastering engineer, so sound is my game. The AKG earbuds supplied with my new samsung present only the top end information. Disappointed !!

Abdulai Bah says:

King of audio. Thanks.

davidcpd says:

Am I the only person who are destroyed more than 2 EarPods in 1 year peace of shit and lightning cable?

jan walter says:

how is the soundleakage? can i play music on full volume without people near me getting disturbed?

Capt. Christopher Taylor says:

If the braiding went all the way up, the nylon would iterate the wearer’ s skin. Rubber or soft plastic won’t rub on your skin and get that scratchy feeling like you would with the braided wire. With that being said, I am so glad they didn’t continue with the braided wire all the way to the ear buds…

Hitler is actually a cat says:

Can’t wait to try this on with my mojos

Bleach says:

I haven’t watched the vid yet is it better than the apple earbuds

davidcpd says:

You guys never see, how much possibilities it has with android in terms of functionalities so much easy and simply has more a lot, you can transfer all media stuff without itunes or third app for pc or mac and you don’t have to (pay for it), you don’t need the jailbreak for an android phone, you can share your screen to your smart tv, has nfc without lock not like iphone, you can change your icons font or whatever, it can charge without cables, fast charge one hour and half and on the other side 3 hours and a half (I have one), has more battery, beautiful screen edges and 4k resolution, one of the best camera and microphones, 64 gb with the cheapest one, unlimited backup with samsung.
What you guys more need…
Only stuff like apple be yourself, be marketing….
And 150 dollars earpods not comparable with iphone earpods and (durables) same as charger.

K says:

Don’t press 3 repeatedly lol

MS17A says:

your yellow teeth annoying me

Yashvin Vedanaparti says:

Why include such good earbuds and increase the cost of the phone? It would’ve been better if they gave me shitty ones and the phone was cheaper, and i could use my own earbuds.

Lawnmowerman Boxcutter says:

People are never satisfied and always find something to complain about

Emmanuel K. says:

u got hella yellow teeth

coolstay85 says:

Well, I got a $60 Samsung phone with nice samsung earbuds included.

Michael Wells says:

Is this reviewer actually high or something? I got my S8 today. These headphones are so shitty I can barely even hear anything without turning it up all the way.

Apple earbuds sound a million times better than these.

VeryDoge says:

In one word: Good
In two words: Very good
In more words: Let’s check (those were two words too.)

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