Forget the Headphone Jack… Sennheiser In-Ear Wireless Review

Is it time to ditch the headphone jack? We certainly don’t think so but having quality wireless headphones available to fill that market space is needed. This is where the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless come in… but let’s see what’s the catch!

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T. K. says:

can i use this for gaming on PC? thx and cheers 🙂

Infidel Gastro says:

I quite like them but if they’re not recommended for working out then they’re rather pointless to me because the only time I’d ever wear earphones is while I’m working out.

Redbeard Y says:

I can’t stand anything in my ear’s.

bigbadassmusician says:

The ‘+’ volume button is higher than the ‘-‘ when you wear the headset, doesn’t that make sense?

Harsh Vardhan says:

Get Symphonized wraith 2

JonnyTeronni says:

Hated the product idea. Loved the video. Cheers.

Bit-Sense says:

Forget the Headphone jack? Best joke this month, incl. the first day of april.

Joshua Keys says:

I personally put similar headphones that I have under my collar and Dmitry you have Hollywood editing skills

Slayer1111111111able says:

I hate how most of these neckband headphone’s dont have magnetic bits for the drivers and or retractable cables. LG has the design right but the quality sucks

Aditya IGN Bagus says:

it look like the lg in ear wireless

EliainEN says:

i dont think wireless in ear headphones are very good. they have small drivers, low battery, low power and usually are badly designed, like seen here.

akmal daffa says:

hi i wanted to ask for your opinion, im going to build a new pc with i5 7500, the problem i dont know which motherboard to get. should i go for the asus strix b250f or asrock z270 gaming k4? and im not into overclocking.

_bj4rne_ says:

airpods are just 180$

Phil Cyr says:

You state this is the only in ear headset with a vibration motor but LG Tone headphones have offered that for a while.

Manji And Dori Kingzz says:

How about a Review of that G-SHOCK u wearing ^^

Макс Мотоман says:

hello Dmitriy. How often do you get a question: Are you russian? You have very russian name – Dmitriy Novoselov. Or it’s just a coincidence?

Xednyc says:

What indoor plant is that? I have to know!

Agent Orange says:

Looks better with the collar than just a shirt.

Marck Munoz says:

Great value Iron fist

Gabe M says:

can you please review thermaltakes the view 31 case. pretty please dmitri

DeClaris says:

will just stick to my old monk earbud and xDuoo x3
not all cheap stuff is bad
trust your ear lads~

zen fu says:

thanx for this review, always looking forward for your new video.

Peter Strobl says:

I like my x2s. Personally I think jaybird’s decision is much better

Si Lulu says:

I got to wonder why you look like the main character in Marvel’s Iron fist

Koto Nizna says:

wireless my ass

Ghost says:

If the earphones wires both came from the center back, they’d look absolutely fine. Oversight

Lee Pettigrew says:

May I suggest b&w p7 wireless, I,also have some iconx much much smaller tha sennheisers, Audio is awful but much more descreet and better looking than air pods

Law Hansel says:

This feels like a first attempt. The sound is fine from your words, but as a wireless headphone it is less polished. Feel like a second generation and they will smooth out those minor flaws.

Winnie Blue says:

Okay I’ve forgotten the i5 and the airpods, anything else?

Wilson Tai says:

ugly af..

gnarledfork says:

the lg 910 is a better product than this. better fit and design. these look real bad. with no way to stow the wires they’re not going to last long

Team Red Tech says:

girls can use it as a headband

Shaun Mabote says:

im sorry but airpods are a little bit more convenient and i cant believe im saying this, but cheaper too

tobias dawn says:

And that for 200€ in germany xD

Lewis D says:

I use Bose Soundsport wireless In-ears and they’re super good for every kind of use. Had the jaybird x3’s too but the battery died randomly

neophoys says:

Really nice review! This is actually one of the few wireless headphones I would consider buying! I personally don’t see a point in buying full-size over-ear headphones with a wireless feature because with that much bulk a cable hardly makes a difference to me. These seem really well thought out, like pretty much everything Sennheiser designs and brilliantly capture what wireless-audio should be for me personally. The price is steep but I am sure that you get what you pay for. Thanks again Dimitri, have a good one! 🙂

Useless taste says:

Still expensive 🙁

999CATZ says:

seems LG insh

Jose Rodriguez says:

totally not worth it (no matter how good they sound)

daniel velez says:

its also housing a battery

Zub Air says:


Robbie Franklin says:

still looks terrible though….

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