First Look! Beats by Dre EP Headphone REVIEW

Ok, so there are some new Beats by Dre out and I know you are curious to if they are any good or not and are they worth the retail price of $129? Here is my review and if you guy have any questions feel free to ask. I am also debating on doing a comparison with these and the Beats Solo 2. Enjoy!
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MrjavoiThe says:

These or the sennheiser 4.30 ? I tried the 4.30 but they didn’t convinced me, the lack of highs is so annoying to listen, That’s not the case with some other bassy headphones i’ve owned. So i want to know if these are any better on that department?

Carys Robson says:

Are they comfortable?

On A studentbudget says:

wonderful review! concise, and well articulated! i was debating on getting a pair as well to review for my channel, im still think beats should have targetted the $100 entry price range. But its nice to see your objectivity shown through

KinG.R0nZ says:

thanks for the great deal! only 85 for brand new beats

You Toober says:


I was looking to get some good headphones to listen to music and videos on my computer. Would the beats ep headphones be a good choice?

Htet Myat Aung says:

Can the ep work on android

Future Home PVD says:

That’s just bullshit hwo wants that. Apple shouldn’t do beats like if you agree

Zi Yi Tan says:

Yes please do a comparison!! 😀

Victor Alvarez says:

Damn, good review man thanks for the video

dEvisions holly says:

I was wondering should I buy solo2 or EP? If price dosent really matter …

Sameer Shaheed says:


Юргис Мачюлайтис says:

This review is really nice! For Beats by Dre price is much lower than other models. However, I’m affraid that the cable will break and I’ll have to throw this headphones away. A couple of years ago I bought Solo HD, and once the cable broke. But I bought another one and continued to use them. This is the only thing that stops me to buy them. What do you think?

Kayson Mao says:

If you’re wearing glasses…….rip

Louis Virtusio says:

it does sound good…

Patrick S. says:

Going to buy them for only 48€ tomorrow. My first beats. I have many studio headphones but I wanted to try something different 🙂

Nic Montero says:

at least they’re better than skullcandy

McPotatoe : says:

They look too small for the price

Antonio Espinoza says:

Either I’m starting to like beats or I just really like that blue and grey design.

Bruce Wayne says:

Suicide Squad is trash

Zacha Mayes says:

i like the solo 2s

OJ Green says:

I just wanted you to know that because of your great and straight to the point review I went out and purchased these headphones for just what you said they where for; Listening to music. I must say that I love these much better then the Beats studios and the Beats Mixr.

Brent Porter says:

hey gamesky can you do a review of the beats solo 3 wireless? and also nick cannon has some new headphones out exclusively with radioshack review those too ncredible one wireless

Braedons Rants & MORE says:

how would these compairing to the bose sound ture ll headphones which has better over all sound I thank Bose sound amazing but I am wondering if beats ep are any better like are mids and highs good on beats or this bad no mids and highs this bass

Zacha Mayes says:

can you do a beats solo 2 vs sms on ear

Shawn Orjiakor says:

Beats EP headphones look good for an affordable price.

Sameer Shaheed says:

I love these can I please have one

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