EXO Headphone Review w/ NVX XPT100 Studio Monitor Headphones | High Quality & Comfortable Sound

Reviewing my new headphones from NVX Audio! I absolutely love these XPT100’s! Click The Links Below To Help Support These Videos! http://www.sonicelectronix.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=youtube&utm_campaign=nvxexo

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NVX Audio XPT100 Headphones
Frequency Response: 10 – 26000 Hz
Sensitivity: 100 dB
Driver Size: 42 mm Neodymium
Driver Type: Dynamic
Impedance: 64 ohms
Headphone Connection: Corded 3.5mm with 1/4″ Stereo Jack Adapter
ComfortMax Ear Cushions

Background Music By: Cultivata Beats

Bassheads Unite 2015


jason snyder says:

Be careful!

Durrant Miller says:

They are down to $80 on amazon now and it seems to be holding

zebgorah48 says:

You should look into the v-moda m100

Devvan Sharp says:

i grabbed a pair very nice/comfortable…

Nathan Schrader says:

Hey +EXOcontralto would these be good for music production?
PS the other day I was in school and thought my earbuds were in but no, “hay there youtubulus” came on at max volume over my speakers just had to look confused and hope nobody saw that it was me.

patk2 says:

I a bass head just not like bruce the bass seems more powerful to me when the bass is equal with the mids and treble

Bruce Lavarta says:

I have a question for you. I have finished my custom system (pushing 8000 watt)-(4500 rms) but my windshield has broken twice now any tip of preventing this?

ps says:

Love your vids exo, but why do you shoot with a potato? Would love to see some MKBHD qualiy vids.

PSE Mentalist says:

Yo Exo great review my basshead brother I’m most definitely considering trashing my old headphones for a pair of those btw my wife told me to tell you hi she remembers meeting you at SBN 2013 🙂

B leathel says:

Awesome review I gotta get me a pair now

Razon35 says:

What about DRE BEATZ??

jylp4u says:

I’m not going to wait for my current headphones to fail before I buy these lol. I just have to wait until I have the extra coin. Thanks for yet another honest review =) and as always, keep it loud!

Im Nexah says:

You should try astro a40s they 7.1 surround soundand they come with a mix amp

Thadeus Coffin says:

Might have to get a set. Peace n quiet and I can let the kid play a video game…

Mista Godsoldier says:

Your face looks like the Punisher and showing some random drunk on a bench to hold your headphones……LMAO

Гендольф Серый says:

отписываюсь от этого бородатого.

iTz_DaNiiLo says:

I wonder how these compare to the Audio Technica M50X

EXOcontralto says:

+pranshavs Dang mang, could it be your viewing settings? I filmed this with a DSLR @ 1080p 48mbs, along with a camcorder @ 1080p 24mbs – Try restarting your browser, does it still look shitty?

Rafael Molina says:

What happened to lady Exo bro?

SkettiTacos says:

They should make a pair with a gaming mic on it

Uriel Salgado says:

Anybody noticed that the controller was off in the intro

dbcarinstall says:

i feel like this is a biased review. NVX paying for this promo? Cuz i know you did the nvx subs before. Or sonicelectronics cuz they always promotes nvx stuff.

al alex D2 says:

i got a question,is there any weird thumping sound when the cord hits anything?

Justin Fox says:

+EXOcontralto BROTHER great video and great review. I’m thinking about buying me a pair actually. I’m really into music and I like a good sound quality headphones

Marco C says:

Son XB1000

Max Hallsten says:

But, will it blend? 😉

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