Ever Tried Bone Conduction?

Aftershokz Bluez 2S Wireless Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones – http://amzn.to/20QzOWd

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Ryan Stone says:

SonicSoundz® Please By My Product in A Few Years!

Anthony Perez says:

I can finally play pokemart music in a store and still be aware of my surroundings

Tofast4ya1234 says:

Can you unbox Zungle Panthers bone conduction sunglasses?

Martin Castellon says:

youtube unsubscribed me from you and turned off notification???? what the hell

videogamefreak says:

you should try zungle, wonder how good they are, they work in a similar way

iPoop says:

6 hrs of battery life is not much.

Devin Alston says:

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who plays music in my head

Mikey Aviles says:

Oh I forgot to mention now I am actually considering on trying the wearable bass thing you showed one time just cuz of the aftershocks

Brooks Rownd says:

My dad had a Bone Fone radio in 1980. You draped it around your neck

rsxbulma says:

there’s a kickstater with glasses that use this

Rhein-Maincrafter says:

Listening to this video with my AfterShokz Trekz Platinum

Matt Byrne says:

Bone conduction basically means it’s sending the sound vibrations through your bones rather than through the air like the sound we typically hear. The three smallest bones in your body, which coincidentally are inside your ear behind your ear drum, actually use this method for your hearing to send the vibrations of your ear drum to your inner ear.

7mario6 says:

Next step is to bypass the ears and go directly into the brain.

Conner Meinke says:

Dude. You could give this to a deaf person

Jackie Yong says:

i am a heavy earphone user as i am on music every time. I never heard of this product b4 untill my sis brought it. at first i tout its gonna be another piece of crap.. once listening for few minutes.. I AM IMPRESSED!!! the bass.. clear vocal. damn…its so COMFORTABLE.. this shit is real. i gonna buy 1 for myself too. bye bye apple ear-pod..

Richard Savage says:

I have a BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) I was one of the first to benefit from this implant (like Cochlear implant) back in 1994 as in the ear hearing aids would not give me sound whereas BAHA allows amazing hearing 🙂 🙂 🙂

Frank Yoo says:

this guy is a such a douche

Telisto says:

are they waterproof?

Jason Mendez says:

would these be the headphones for deaf people?

Scott Hamm says:

I am profoundly deaf (Unable to hear ANYTHING except top fuel drag car going off in close proximity) and I find this headphone very useful. I now am able to play games more efficiently i.e. in garry’s mod, I am able to determine where shots came from (left or right) rather than subwoofer speaker (singular) making myself more competitive against my 2 sons! It changed my world!

Juan Vazquez says:

Officer exist domain scenario controversial intelligent painting.

☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠ says:

U S E L E S S, not worth half the price ..
the sound leaks out loudly and it’s hard to keep it in your ear to cover the sound leak/listening perfectly, it even gave me headache.
btw mine is the newest release of the product.”AS600″

My suggestion for everyone(all type of people) is to use a normal wireless headset.

208xx says:

behold…. background music in real life.
for those “moments”

GoTOBY28 says:


Dcdatruth85 says:

My own nano machines hmm.

Mikey Aviles says:

HEY MAN THANK YOU SOO MUCH I ordered them as soon as I finished watching your vid just got them today and it gave me such a different feel on music and even some what changed my taste of music just cuz of the bass awesome video thank

Nicolai Laursen says:

pls try Out the vue glasses when they come Out 🙂 would love to see your take on them

Buchanan Games says:

unbox and tryout zungle

eerereps says:

3:57 looks like a camera there…

Bruno Vespa says:

the deaf people can use they

DanComedy says:

Is it me or does he sound like kermit?

Louis Petitjean says:

Is it worth mentioning that he starting humming Vivaldi, not Mozart? xD I’m that classical guy :3

Cavsome says:

These aren’t for swimming, correct?

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