Dolby Dimension Review: $600 headphones for your living room

The new Dolby Dimension headphones are $600 bluetooth headphones for your living room and are Dolby’s first branded product. Though the Dimensions are Bluetooth wireless headphones, they are quite different than the Sony and Bose headphones you might be used to. They use a new feature called Lifemix to mix in surrounding audio while you’re wearing the headphones.


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Ryan Parmelee says:

As an audiophile I think these headphones are extremely overpriced for what you get and aren’t worth it for the extra features. You can get some of the best sounding headphones under $100 for half the price of these. Just look into the Sennheiser HD 600 and HD 650.

Nishant Thakur says:

that’s what you call a real review ;D

VideoReborn says:

You are one of the best reviews for Dolby Dimensions especially the head tracking effect! Thank you!

Auburn7543 says:

The idea of home use doesn’t bother me and anyone talkin up the sony headset. If your looking for a mix of music and movies sony all the way but for movies and shows that are encoded with dolby software played back on a dolby device i can’t see how there is any compairing. The ability to have atmos snuggled up to my head would be amazing. I guess my only question is how will they hold up to lets say battlefield v or some other audio intense games

Fair The Gentlemen says:

Very good dude .. thanks

Keven Zhao says:

not for 600 lol

BestServedCold says:

If your going to spend $600 on headphones get a good pair of open back headphones. They will sound better, have a wider soundstage, and allow you to hear your surroundings.

yuvaraj putin says:

Sony MH-1000xM3 is way better!

Maher Shaarawe says:

Nope i will NOT buy it .

Optic G says:

I have Dobly Atmos built in my phone.

Moka says:

Will these work for the PS4? (for blu-rays. not for gaming/headset)

lucaboden says:

This is what I call a good unbiased review.

Richard Warner says:

If you want headphones you can’t wear outside, buy some really good open-backs for $600.

slydtsatmosman says:

I unfortunately stay home a lot (disabled), so this would be great for me, especially since I love Atmos sound. But what about DTS-X, & older 5.1, 4.0, and Mono, including VHS & Laserdisc sound mixes? I will work this thing out if I had it in my home.

Nat Serrano says:

I tested them today in NYC. THEY ARE THE MOST AMAZING HEADPHONES I EVER TRIED IN MY LIFE. I think in the future all of us will be wearing headphones all the time like these ones. This is the future

DSM Dallas says:


Obsidian17 says:

Mmmmm…that price point is just…a deal breaker 🙁

Desert Cheesecake says:

Great video but I suggest you compare them to something

Cafe Con Leche says:

Please explain how is this supposed to be used with game consoles, Chromecast, tv’s and other 5.1 sources without optical audio.

Ji 1 says:

design seem ok, but dolby failed in many aspects. price does not justify anything this company claims and lacks of.

SaberTooth says:

Dang this suits for fortnite. Just cant afford it.

Srikant Mahapatra says:

That binaural microphone test is what was missing from audio hardware reviews. Looking forward to more such reviews from The Verge. Thank you.

TeamElitePlatinum 100MDCM says:

my laptop is 6 years old and has dolby audio, when you did the test 4:14, it reacted as expected.. xD

Little Asian says:

First time watcher of your contents and I must say this is a great review.
I wished my brother had bought these since it frustrates the living hell out of me when he ask me a question and expects to hear my reply while hes wearing a noise cancelling headphones. I dislike yelling and he refuses to take them off of his head. He barely goes outside too and prefers wireless headphones so this seems to be made for him

Amit Lokhande says:

Oh yes, I want to spend $600 on an headphone and not even be able to wear it outside. I don’t see how anybody doesn’t wanna buy them.

Johnny Rivera says:

I’m waiting for Dolby earphones!

Hamza Jahangir says:

All I want to know is the name of the song he played……?

Lucas says:

Wow, love this guy! Great reviewer with thoughtful feedback.

Dan Kindstrand says:

doesn’t seem to be that much stopping you from using them outside of the home though, and the feature to let in some sound could be awesome if you’re walking in traffic and want to be aware of your surroundings

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