Does It Suck? – Cheap Wireless Headphones

Photive BTH3 Bluetooth Headphones –

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Bjørn Stavang says:

Ahh. It feels good coming back to this video with a new pair of headphones on 😉

rama das says:

so it sound sgreat but the right side fell off so i use glue and stick it on ,the next side break so i use glue
the volume control only raising for no reason which it not cool so i cannot use it any more :{……..i have it for like 2 years

What's my name? says:

Try bluedio t2s headphones. They cost like $30.

Mohammad Reda says:

do they have a microphone

Yi Liu says:

looks like Bose QC35

Islam Adibul says:

39$ aint cheap wtf -_-

Kpop Addict says:

Can you review the JAM 50 dollar Bluetooth headphones??


my wireless headphones is jvc and its on charge but it will take 3 hours to full charge and a 17 battery life

Master Yi says:

100$ now ? wtf

EXTREME Dude says:

pls unbox the sony mdr-xb750bt pls

What's my name? says:

Try bluedio t2s. It cost around $30

Scott Halvorson says:

why does he come off as such a douche bag to me

Omar Yasser says:

At 1:45 you can hear jack say NO JACK IS REAL SHIT

Random Stuff By Andrew says:

Do they bleed?

XxLeGTxBeAsTxGoMLxX says:

@Unbox Therapy is there anything as good or better and cheaper than this now???

king johnny says:

Was wondering have you tried the 20.00 Tranya Stereo Wireless Headphones ? they look like Munitio P40 ‘s but wireless , well reviewed but haven’t tried them.

The Zilvers says:

where is ur hat

filozof71 says:

Try not to monkey, just be yourself.

Gregory Lazatin says:

my dad’s left ear speaker and such fell off lol

Kowshik Saha says:

Please do a review of the Microlab T1. please!!

Ricardo xx says:

Try the marshall major II

Camizer says:

I have the headphones, and it suck. good sound but it broken in a month. well 40us $

Carsan Pritch says:

I just ordered one from amazion 17:98 it was on the sale

Claudiu Lucian says:

bluetooth headphones for everyone lol, Lu’s ending that saves the weird videos :))))

moofymoo says:

Philips SHP2000 best cheapo-headphones. I have like 5 of them, one in office, couple at home, one at parents house, and one still unopened in box.

Mohammad Reda says:

can I charge them in a laptop

Jonathan Fernandez says:

I bought for my bro 3xmas ago and they work still and he abuses those things

Mutty Dayz says:

i saw cheap and i was thinking lower then 30

MrSawlong says:

Just ordered Bluetooth ANC Headphones for 33 €

Amit das says:

yesterday i ordered a i ball Bluetooth headphones for 830 rupees (12$) from amazon the cheapest on the earth i think


he looks like a serial killer

JustSayin' says:

Can i use these on my PC?

renz ventura says:

can you do a top 5 cheap headphones or earphones ?
or top BT headphones.

tryintokill says:

they cost $140 in my country, daaaamn

Juan Vazquez says:

only con about it is the weird fit that pops out from the sides from the head band

Joseph Codina says:

Has anyone figured out the song at 3:45

dittocopys says:

These headphones vs the 20 dollar ones?

Mimikyu says:

I Ve got city style headphones there like this and there a bit weird ok now here’s my question is there music in the backround
Never mind it’s because the cord comes out and they were upside down sorry I’m an idiot

Reddblue says:

I got them for $9..

Lexi Palmer says:

i got 10$ wireless headphones and they are AMAZING

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