Do Beats Headphones Still SUCK?

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We try on 4 of the most popular noise canceling over-ear headphones in the $350 range and decide which ones we think are the best.

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Jo says:

When did people start hating beats

Christoffer De La Fuente says:

Ehm. B&O H9i.

Marshal Does Stuff says:

“These are just terrible”
– Linus Sebastian, 2019

I Am Egg says:

Apparently Beats cost like 14 quid to make lol

Keypi.00000 says:

The foul smell of roasted Beats…

Adraeic says:

By the way on beats the leather cushions and the headband cushion will come off because ive experience this happening with my solo 3s so take it with a grain of salt

CopperWhopper67 says:

Redo this review with a pair of STAX in the mix and get ready to toss all of those.

Øyvind Nyborg Film says:

What about bang & Olufsen?

Jacob Smith says:

Hey Samsung still has the headphone Jack so take that caveman statement back

Cody Schlenker says:

Take note. Linus daily phone is the Note 9. That’s how good that phone is.

Lightnin kay says:

’14:07 given that most people are fine with earpods…’

*me watching this after having to return my Sennheisers..Beats and now Bose headphones*

Hung Dao says:

all the virgins just bought the beats, thanks other guy.

Tim Irvine says:

They’re not in this video but I love my Sennheiser PXC-550’s. Well worth the money.

Tobias says:

Beats are produced by monster audio. They’re cheap.

Robertmontemayor0316 says:

For the beats you just double press the on button to turn on and off the noise cancelling

Bob Klarquist says:

When I take overseas flights everything has to fight to get into my carry on. I love my Bose but they’re kinda bulky. Great sound though.

Patrik Vidovič says:

Buy airpods and have no problemos

Sheesh says:

Design lifestyle choice: beats
Sound choice: audio technica

Pretentious, rich contrarians choice: bose

T Dog says:

I liked this style of video. Thumbs up

Bboy_duck says:

they all suc !
Sony xb500 are the best headphone on earth

Sheesh says:

The Microsoft’s make the noise worse, the beats intentionally don’t filter high pitch, cause it fucks the sound up (yes it does)
-> place Microsoft above beats ahahahaha

The Microsoft’s clearly lost in the headbang test. BIASED

Packaging also def not last place lol. Microsoft looks like 10$ china sheet

iLoveTheseRemoras says:

7:50 I knew Linus rocks Pink Friday!

kriptonis says:

16:57 – trigger warning.

Your Mom says:

Did fail to include the senheiser

RuyGTR says:

If it’s free, you’re the product.

Stefan Burnand says:

damn they really just did my beats like that

Vivian Nguyen says:

I have beats and they work pretty good. But that’s just my opinion pls no attack

hotwill100 says:

I’m over here with my anker soundcore space NC for less than $100 laughing at them trying higher range headseta

Diana Dovgopolaya says:


Nao Kimaji says:

Watching with my Skullcandy Hesh ORIGINAL. That’s right bois we using wires up in here

Joseph Zins says:

The reason this unboxing was epic was that Linus didn’t drop anything.

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