Creative H5 Gaming Review – Great Headphone! Terrible Headset?

Ever wonder why do most gaming headsets suck? The Creative H5 sound fantastic, are comfortable & affordable but one major flaw kills this as a gaming headset.
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Review unit provided free of charge by CreativeLabs. This video is sponsored by NZXT. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer.

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Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 –
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Mr Man says:

Everyone’s bitching about these compared to the clouds. Just cause someone mentions the resemblance don’t mean we gotta make a rant like a little bitch.

chiggins says:

Man you really look like Chris Pratt in Jurassic world

Ænigmatic Productions says:

Could you review the ATH-M50X

Aids says:

Hope you can find earcups that fit, creative refused to sell me new cups, citing ‘hygiene’. I’m as confused as you are.

malicalik 13 says:

a nice nockoff design of the cloud 2. and while I was talking about those, do any of you guys when they will disappear from amazon? I have one but I want to buy another one just in case mine gets broken etc.

HuHue says:


Ibn Askia says:

Once again great video – wonderfully done. I plan on getting either the H5’s or the H7’s and pairing them up with the Creative G5. I personally just want to be different than everyone else and most of my friends are either Turtlebeach or Astro fanboys. Once again great video and thanks for the review.

Abobaker Alshegifi says:

Anyone knows the music played in BG at 2:41

Amstaff 94 says:

I just want your hair style.

SilvehrFX says:

Are these have a better sound signature as the G933 and HyperX Cloud Core? I own both but I feel the Cloud Core have an overpowering bass while the G933 has other problems like slippering from my head which is annoying…

Dejf says:

HardwareCanucks is just so fucking beautiful. That B-roll is a piece of art. I don’t understand the “shooting” aspect of video at all, so I have no idea how do you do it, but continue. Soo good.

Though the 1 minute ad is fucking annoying, and having to skip it every time since I’ve seen it for the first time is pretty painful from the classical “lazy viewer” point of view, I understand why it’s there. It would be nice if you could somehow get to the point of putting shorter ads – shorter ads are better for the viewer (not “forced” to skip them), thus better for the advertiser (more reach yay), thus better for the creator in the long run (more money for my ass ton of work). The way LinusTechTips does it is pretty nice, non-intrusive, fast, getting the message across and different nearly every time (novelty – better for the viewer), though you aren’t on the LTT level quite yet. Keep going comrade.

Also, how many people are behind HardwareCanucks?

Logical Technology says:

these or hyperx cloud (only answer if you’ve actually tried both)

Bradley Comer says:

Thanks for the video as always 🙂

Shiku R says:

I cracked up at 3:22

Booghy2010 says:

ty Dimitri for finally making this review on Creative
Sound Blaster h5 and yes they are great in sound and comfort, the mic is ok for gaming with friends.

milk says:

I bought the h7. love it but spot on review

greekworld96 says:

i want to buy headset and use them r pc, phone , and wii u i really dont care really much about mic and i have sensitive ears which they are getting really warm easy what should i get h5 or hyperx cloud 2

Bob Fergisoon says:

Slap an MrSpeakers Alpha Pads and the sound stage, or at the very least the positional audio, should improve because of the extra caverns the deep pads create when sealed with your ears.

Cletus McScrungus says:

Should test soundstage with rainbow six siege.

Gunnar Nilsen says:

meh………..its 2016 and yet the mics are from 1999

HLSGaming says:

Can you give us a roundup of your best headsets in different pricepoints? Thanks.

Kenzil Baptiste says:

So which is better… the H5 or Hyper x sound wise
i sold my hyper x because i couldnt keep them on for more than 3 hours but besides that i loved them

malicalik 13 says:

a nice nockoff design of the cloud 2. and while I was talking about those, do any of you guys when they will disappear from amazon? I have one but I want to buy another one just in case mine gets broken etc.

neophoys says:

I have mixed feelings about this review..
Even though I totally agree with your statement that a product should be assessed based on its features and not the companies reputation, I got the impression that you were a little too harsh with your criticism here..
Some very positive points that could have been mentioned are the seemingly outstanding build-quality (I know you briefly mentioned it) in corelation to a really, really competitive price-point! I mean cmon 99 bucks?!
To me it sounds like you could buy the headset, toss the mic aside and still get very good headphones for the money..

Katwaizer says:

Go for the G35 from logitech , 7.1 sounds and good mic

Zach Goethel says:

… how about Apple EarPods

Jecci Clark says:

What sound editor did you use for your AntLion modmic? i have one myself but it doesn’t sound nearly as good as how you sound in the video?

SuperBigDog2U says:

I’ve never used the ModMic, but think that if the mic on this headset comes off, why couldn’t you just plug the ModMic into this port on the headset? I know the headset should come with a good mic, but using a different mic attached to the headset itself seems a possibility and maybe why they make it removable to swap out with something different.

Дмитрий Шерстянов says:

Какая в пиз*у винтеляция? Отверстия что бы не было избыточного давления внутри и не порвалась мембрана)

macrabregaming _ says:

LMAO no “Damn Good award” Still hyperX cloud

Matt W. says:

You should review the Beyerdynamic MMX300 if you want a good gaming headset with a great microphone. Albeit, no inline controls.

Tim Tuegaard says:

Name of the song i the background at 2:53

MrMelodyCold says:

as an audio engineer i like those for listen to music not gaming

Mikey Proctor says:

I’m pretty sure that thing you called ventilation is for the sound cancellation.

Bacender says:

Inline controls look like 2000 era Plantronics headsets (gross), and the fact that the microphone sucks basically invalidates the whole point of buying this headset… Another crappy “gaming” headset.

MrSuperbailey says:

anyone else think these are a lot like any cloud headset?

_ _ says:

can you kys?

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