B&W P9 Signature Headphone Review

New from Bowers & Wilkins – the P9 Signature is now their flagship headphone. Giving the best of both worlds – a high end portable headphone and a luxurious full size home listening headphone. The B&W P9 Signature is semi open which delivers a punchy, well controlled, crisp and spacious sound – taken from their reference 800 series of speakers.

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Audiognome says:

Are these the best sealed headphones?

jetski Dex says:

awesome review!!

Bobby Ifeobu says:

Hey great review, how does the sound quality compare to the oppo pm1 and audeze el 8 open back? Who you say it sounds better?

Zombysz says:

Do you think the P9 signature is a worthy upgrade over my P7s?

Chris Notyourbusines says:

rlly ugly compared to p7`s imho.

Akash Gupta says:

can you do a review of the wired pair of Sony h.ear on??/ the Sony MDR -100aap ???

useful0idiot says:

How does the sound quality compare to P7?

Lone Star says:

Great Review John, how would you rate it against beyerdynamic T5P 1st generation I have a option to buy either but cant audition both at same time hence looking for some reference, preference is punchy bass, detailed mid range and good treble energy. thanks

Darkthrone111 says:

Great review, having both the p5 and p7, i’m looking forward for mine to arrive on the 17th so I can compare how they’ve been improved upon.

l. oliveira says:

this vs the p7? like what exactly is the difference dont just say one sounds better…

TheFijianGuy says:

When are you reviewing the Focal elear and eutopia?

Goku Black says:

I have these why my p7 sound way better

j ch says:

Compare with senheiser hd 700 , how is the best. Soundstage and clarity?? .. ( from Lima -Peru )

MMX2 says:

These or hd800?

Tony Tran says:

Nice review. Interested in purchasing these. Would you say these headphones sound exciting? Does the treble sound airy and not recessed?

Robert Jelly says:

900$ no fucken way !!!!

Steven Gonzalez says:

This headphone vs Focal Elear?

Ju-eun Yang says:

p9 vs edition8 what will you choose for outdoor?

A5 Kobe says:

the brown colour is bit of a disaster

herve bere says:

J aimerais comparer avec le p7 la différence de prix est importante!!

Mr2pint says:

I tried these today and although nice sounding the design I think is bordering on bland. The p7 is beautiful with I could say the same for these.

Malin says:

I got p7 and p9 are way too ugly to upgrade too…

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