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Today’s review is on the brand-new Mobius headphones from Audeze. The California based company has been known for their great sounding Planar magnetic headphones since their beginning in 2008 and the new Mobius is no different!

The Mobius is Audeze’s first Bluetooth Planar magnetic headphone and come loaded with features: 3D audio, 7.1 Surround sound, Wave NX, EQ adjustments, and more.

Audeze created the Mobius headphones with gamers in mind, knowing that audio equipment and headsets for video games are often low quality and lack high fidelity sound.

The Mobius is a larger sized (weighing 350 grams), closed-back headphone, coated in matte black scratch-resistant material, with two available accent colors Copper and Blue. The headband is constructed of durable, yet flexible rubber, with memory foam on the top for comfort and clicked based adjustability. Memory foam is used for the earpads intended to contour around your ears.

When you first try on the Mobius, they may feel a little tight, but after some wear they’ll break in and loosen up.

The left ear-cup houses the many controls and adjustments:
Volume Adjustment Wheel – Clicks to pair Bluetooth to previous devices, and change songs

Microphone Level Adjustment Wheel – Click to adjust EQs, and audio mode (stereo, HiFi, 7.1 Surround)

3D Sound Centering Button- Calibrates 3D emulation and toggles on/off

Detachable Microphone Input- Attaches included microphone

USB-C Charging and Audio Input- Connect included (USB-C to USB-C) or (USB-C to USB-A)

3.5mm Input- To use the included 3.5mm audio cable

On/Off Button- Toggles power and Bluetooth pairing

The multiple input options make these great for computers, cellphones, or your home stereo.

Audeze highlights 12 high-tech features on the new Mobius, which we cover in our written review on our website, but for the purpose of time in this video we are going to only cover two: 3D Emulation and the Planar Magnetic drivers

Audeze utilizes a technology called Waves Nx Technology to create a 3D soundscape. Once you engage the 3D setting, it will center your sound to the direction you’re facing. As you rotate your head, the sound still seems to be coming from the original direction using a “sound shadow”.
The 3D soundscape is made to help with accuracy of sound location inside of games, and it does a great job with that, but we have found that this versatile headphone performs well for many other uses such as movie watching. It’s almost as if your ears are registering the sound like it’s from a speaker.

The Planar Magnetic drivers give these headphones a HUGE advantage over most Bluetooth headphones and gaming headsets. While most headphone manufacturers use Dynamic drivers due to the cost, the increased expense of putting in Planar Magnetic Drivers is well worth it. You get a much cleaner, more defined sound, with less overall distortion.

When testing the Audeze Mobius, we were connected to a computer (via USB-C) streaming Tidal Hi Res, and looking at everything from sound-quality to comfort. To start the test, we put the headphones in standard stereo mode without 3D turned on. The sound was amazing, especially without the need for an external headphone amp (the Mobius actually have a built in amp): the closed-back design gave them a deep bass, while remaining detailed across each transition from high to low.

Overall, the Audeze Mobius is a fantastic headphone with detailed sound and multiple functionalities. Though it was designed with gamers in mind, it’s ideal for just about anyone looking for a high-quality headphone. We highly recommend this headphone for traveling, movies, and music (especially if you like bass). If you want a fun and portable headphone with a variety of features, look no further than the Audeze Mobius.

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Brooks Schneider says:

Microphone was so weak no one could hear me on PUBG, I could not even see my voice register. The Bluetooth would not pair with my PC Windows 10 even after I followed the instructions perfectly. It also would not pair with my PS4 with the Bluetooth either. I tried to download drivers but it told me I had to be admin on my PC which I thought was annoying. I did it anyway and it still would not let me download the drivers from the website. Sometimes it would occasionally disconnect from my PC. I returned them the next day.

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