Bowers & Wilkins PX – Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – REVIEW

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Transparency and to avoid legal bull:
Bowers & Wilkins sent these over for review. No monetary compensation. I had 100% control over my review/assessment.

Bowers and Wilkins PX Review

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Perc says:

Just picked up QC35 ii’s last week based on your review and now these came out! Are these better?!

Ryan Cooper says:

A great great review, lots of structure, great editing with lots of overlays for all the info, as well as video of you listening in the different environments testing the modes and effectiveness of them.

Solid review Jim, class leading testing and honesty too for letting us know when you are sent units and when you choose to buy.


Edgar Harris says:

Jim, Great video..!!!  Thank you.  (Also great lighting, do you have a video were you discuss your equipment and technics..?)

Budi Anduk says:

i am still curious with this, i can’t find PX in Japan. so i bought WX1000XM2
BW is a legend in audio world

Kwangho Lee says:

@10:06 hi Jim, for the sound signature testings, are the ANC on or off? I would assume that it would be off, but just want to double check here! 🙂 thanks

Stephen Bobola says:

You should review the Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphones. I’ve been looking into these but they lack reviews. Thanks!!

Alex Dykes says:

Literally cannot wait for the Top 5 ANC headphone rundown… It’s gonna be super interesting to see who comes out on top.

J AT says:

Incredible review! I noticed you didn’t mention if the PX’s will work for movies? I want to buy these to watch movies on my projector mainly.

nitesh nair says:

Hey Jim, need your help in picking out a NC Headphones. Which one do you recommend?

Wild Racoons says:

gotta love your room!!!! awesome colours and design!!!!!

Bharat Dhillon says:

Best tech vids on YouTube. Love seeing the subscriber count rising

Sam Tan says:

My arrived about 2 weeks ago and since breaking the drivers in… they truly sound awesome and have a clarity and subtle sounds I have not heard in my other headphones comes out so well defined that I am re listening to some of my favorites music to see what else I was missing. Best headphone I have ever owned in a long time. The almost 2 month waiting for it to arrive after paying a for them up front was worth it.

Nico Roman says:

Sorry I’m brand new here but what camera do you use !? It looks so cool

Bill Talbert says:

Great review def getting these .

John James says:

They look really cool but I’m so confused what is the best to buy, I keep changing my mind lol. I’m getting the QC 35 for travelling, but everyday I really don’t know now

buntyji11 says:

MKBHD can learn a thing or two from this guy, especially on presentation.

GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) says:

type c

Kinam Yun says:

Very nice review super helpful~

Max Butera says:

Hey Jimmy can you please do a review on the JBL E65BTNC Headphones. I want to pick them up but I am not sure. Your videos are great keep up the good work.

SikaoNet says:

the production value of your reviews are rocket high!!

hak sovannarith says:

Really cool bro, pls review plantronics backbeat pro 2. I want to see.

Spicy Panda says:

Did Jim look like a secret agent at 3:27 or was it just me

Eldo Jacob says:

Wow this Idrees gud..i mean so goooddd

libranpal says:

Does anyone know how comfortable PX is for the people who wear glasses?

Brawl says:

I had to return mine as they were just too painful after long periods of time. When I retuned them the cashier said someone else returned them that same day for the same reason. Oh well, they are the best looking headphones out there at the moment

Will Dixon says:

Can you give me the names and artist used in the sound test.

Fabio Biffo says:

240 feet is around 70 meters in normal international unit

Mark Duvall says:

Jim, your production quality is fantastic after watching a few videos, and you’re very informative. It’s also fun to watch you walking around Charlotte. I live and work in uptown.

Nurul Frieska says:

cant wait for the comparison

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