Bose Soundsport Free – TRULY Wireless Earphones – REVIEW

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Bose Soundsport Free REVIEW


Nothing Sounds Like an 808 - says:

Great review, Jim. I was seriously going to buy these, but, I never would have realised that they are so chunky and stick out when in the ears! they are rather massive! not discreet looking, at all – also, they aren’t noise cancelling – thanks for letting me know about that – I am used to the noise cancelling with the Bose headphones, being able to be completely immersed in music. Well, I’m now in 2 minds about these ear pods 🙁

stopdropandroll says:

i cant hear shit

The Dominus says:

i want these, but they stick out too much, so nvm

Lucas Mosher says:

Just a PSA, the audio delay in youtube is mostly fixed with the new firmware update available in the bose connect app.

Bacchin Pictures Entertainment says:

audio sounds great, looking everything is great, but the delay problems on Youtube App, Facebook app and Instagram app on Iphone, the score drops from 9 to 6!

juan carlos garzon hernandez says:

Which one do you recommend?, These or the Bose sound sport wireless?, Thanks

Throbbing Woodii says:

I didn’t know they stuck out this much. Now I’m stuck with them and I look like Frankenstein with bolts sticking out the head.

Miguel Prera says:

Bought mine last week after watching several reviews and reviews from my friends. I did buy them for indoor cycling and waking my dog… listening music. I really like them, buttons are hard to press and recognize that they are not multipurpose so I have a pair of Sony MDR1000 for traveling (noise cancelling) or watching videos.

Thunder says:

They are almost as big as his ear. Might as well just strap your phone onto your ear.

Vivek Arunachalam says:

Not worth… The audio breaks inbetween… One of the buds stops inbetween and song cud be heard only on one ear… The wired is better than this… Bose is spoiling the brand name with such poor durable products.

Face The North says:


Frostywrath c says:

Donnie Yen lol. Good review btw!

jangojatt1 says:

Great buds for music and video listening. Terrible for phone calls and if you lose an earbud, cannot buy a replacement. Get the jabras if losing a bud and phone calls concern you. Music from Bose is heaven, too bad that is all they focused on.

ThoughtfulBuy says:

These are really amazing,

The Brown Tickler says:

Just so you know these cost $170 before Christmas 2018

Jobinson Thomas says:

You’re the king buddy!

lightningandcloud says:

if only they were smaller like other truly wireless earphones. i got the normal wired bose soundsport without mic controls its the only ear tip shape i like and the plantronics backfit beat headphones in grey thats similar to bose ear tip style i dont like as much but does the job alot better than traditional bullet tips i hate none of them fit except for the foam ones but they degrade and feel yucky after a while and i dont see it being worth buying multiple packs. maybe the bose ones will come in the size of apple ear pods one day i hope or maybe i should just get the apple ear pods and get the wing tip 3rd party attachment even though they wont fit in the case and will be annoying to take off every time idk anymore

Geek Verve says:

“a second or two delay” when watching videos?? That pretty much rules them out for that use.

JINHOJ10 says:

They switch off in direct sunlight just going for a walk! If you live somewhere warm, this will piss you off. On the sides, the rubber slips and is not durable – eventually they split and because the controls are there, you are pretty screwed as you can’t control and it’s exposed to weather. For the cost – criminal low quality from Bose

Xanthia Gonzales says:

One of the earbuds Im looking at for the gym

Cameron Blazek says:

Huge fan of the channel! Could you review the Raycon true wireless x90????

joshua villa says:


The CrazyBishop says:

Hey Jim
Would you recommend these for 5K to 10K running, I hear reviewers talking about crazy wind noise when running, something I hate about many headphones I used when running. I also plan on using them with a fitness smartwatch, hopefully, there won’t cause a drop in the Bluetooth connection – Great review btw!

StunSF85 says:

I think they work slightly better on a Samsung than other phones.

Paul Michael says:

Netflix and Youtube need to step up their game and allow audio delay adjustments like VLC allows 😡

Robb Macon says:

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones *30% OFF* here: *vdigital. info*

Dougy doug says:

You listen to EDM … AND retrowave?…. So you listen the shit music and awesome music at the same time wtf?

BroMark hhc says:

Love the Klipsch speakers behind you on your video. Good job!

theodora4 says:

I’m thinking of getting those for €139! Do you think it is a good deal? I need noise cancellation though! The Sony WF 1000X have it! What do you guys think? Which ones should I get? Thank you in advance! 🙂

TalsVids says:

I’ve had nothing but trouble with these. Countless replacements, always made sure the firmware was up to date. But despite this, the left earbud keeps dropping out sound or disconnects. There’s loads of complaints online with this issue, and as of now, Bose haven’t fixed the issue. I think the main reason with the poor connectivity, is that Bose used the older Bluetooth 4 technology, rather than the newer Bluetooth 5 technology. All in all these are a heap of shit, and it will certainly be the last piece of Bose tech I will be buying.

Jim, RHA have just released a new totally wireless earphone. A friend of mine just got a pair of the RHA and loaned me them for a day. They are very impressive and suffer none of the issues the Bose Soundsport Free suffer from.

Lucas Herring says:

I am going to buy it. They look so cool!!!

Nawaz Jim says:

Sir your sound is low can you please increase the volume of your video.

John Mooring says:

Do phone calls come through both buds?

J Nix says:

I bought mine last week and apparently the sinking issue is gone cause I don’t have that problem while watching videos. I love good music and these things are superb in audio quality.

David Lato says:

Thanks again Jim. I’ve made purchases based on your reviews of many electronics I’ve been interested in for years. Good reviews. R/S

BigBoss777 says:

Jim! Thanks to your reviews between this and the soundsport wireless, i went for wireless and have been happy since purchase! Keep up the good work


its great pair of earphones but if you dont want to spen such high value i had on amazon which is brilliant

Charles R. Reynolds II says:

Out of the wireless head phones you’ve tested, what are your favorite?

Chris Taylor says:

just got mine for 169.99 and I like them a lot. Kinda big and stick out yes, but I don’t mind because of the good sound.

Ravin Galgotia says:

Great Review Jim. Thanks.
Curious, how would you compare the audio of these to the Jaybird Tarah Pro’s? Will you be reviewing those?

Ester Plavan says:

I don’t think this is genuine and complete review. These bose ear buds have atleast 0.5 to 1 sec lag in sound reception. Try that with typing something and you will know the lag of keypad sound.
Second point is that only right earpiece works while on call.

satyaban samal says:

Within a week of buying this earbud the left earbud stopped working.
sent the set to Bose service center two times now and every time getting it back saying “software was not updated” which they have done it now.

The very next day having the same problem again..
struggling for a refund or replacement but they don’t care!!

with Iphone – sometimes it works, sometimes Not
with Garmin Vivo active 3 music watch- not working completely


John Dsouza says:

bought it and i must say it sounds freaking amazing and so far ive only got disconnected once. So far ive used this for 2 days

Ed Shap says:

Is no one worried they act as a microwave for your brain?


Just ordered mine.

Doug Robinson says:

As always, great review and truly helps my decision.

Francisco Salgado says:

audio of video sucks donkey butt…

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