Bose Soundlink 2 Wireless Headphones – REVIEW


Bose QC25’s :
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 :

Bose Soundlink 2 Wireless Headphones
Bose Soundlink 2 Headphone Review




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You “know” to get your own fucking ideas.


Omar kmt says:

how do you compare the noise isolation in this to noise cancelling in qc 35 i know ANC is better in general but i need perspective .

name says:

watching this as i just got them!

Bruno Masi says:

Between this and the JBL Everest 700?

Georg Schmidt says:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not using Blootooth (using Aux) NONE of the controls, not even Volume +- are functional which is pretty poor for a 200€ headset. It is weigh too loud then, screaming like hell, even slightly distorting the source signal.MAKE SURE TO LOWER MASTER OUTPUT OR PREAMP FIRST BEFORE PLAYING MUSIC @ your device. (possible ear damage!).I’ll try it again when i got my bluetooth stick for PC and see if everything is working then but if not, it’s not recommendable for PC at all. Cheers!

Code Hacker says:

these headphones are better then qc25 because there wireless but qc35 is better cause they have noise cancelling and wireless

Fitness Extremist says:

Great review, thank you.

John Lacos says:

Does it have noise canceling?

Carter Owen says:

Love the video Jimmy. How good is the passive noise cancellation on these? Choosing between buying them or spending $120 more for the QC35s. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

GhaniySS says:

Do they have ANC ?

Carlos McMartin says:

Hey Jimmy, have you tried the Bose SoundTrue 2 ? If so, do they sound as good as the Soundlinks 2 ? Thanks

freedomofabird says:

Great review, helped me a lot. Thanks

Max88 Channel says:

I’m thinking of getting QC25s – is the sound quality better than these?

geo van says:

Never seen a reviewer like you
Awesome and keep up the good work

DankVlogs says:

Imma get these to take to the gym

Keep the faith 1 says:

Thanks for the upload. My first blue tooth over ear headphones. Excellent review, excellent headphones. Thanks

Ahmad Alkh says:

is that water resistance for rain?

WhiteBoyWithAnIpod says:

Why pay the full price? Just ask the company for them to review or look around

Jack G says:

are these loud?? thanks guys

ujwalagarwal199 says:

i love your videos and all but the stress tests are really painful to watch…

HighIntensityLI says:

Soundlink 2 or QC 35 for working out?

Tiggles says:

Ohh! I cringed so hard when you stressed tested them! Do they need charging if you have the wire plugged in?

Mr La says:

Man I love how you do the stress test. Many other more popular reviewers are so afraid to bend it, yet say it feels weak and breakable without knowing how durable it really is.

Deadeyenumber2 says:

The vocals sounded amazing to me. I was trying these out and as soon as I tried some vocals I was like…..woah.

jyexe525 says:

What about the parrot zik 3 ?

Lincoln Lion says:

How is the noise cancellation. I need these for studying. Or should I get the qc35s for more money.

RyqarST says:

Got a pair of these for free and not overly impressed, especially when I looked up the MSRP. at the time ($229).

Dennis Johnson says:

Great Job, very useful

CosAnime AU says:

watching on qc35

Isaac Greff says:


birthdaybrian says:

15 minutes of charging gives you 2 hours of usage is damn astonishing! I am defiantly wishing to get those for Christmas! 😀

Farrukh says:

How do these compare to the Bose QC35?

mark martinez says:

hey could someone please help me out I bought headphones that look exactly like this and connect through Bluetooth but they have a charging cable with a USB that is unatachable?? what model would I have??

Luke6204 says:

Does this come with a chord

mohammedosman88 says:

bought this one month back, having issues with the comfort, its pressing hard on my jaws 🙁 other than that, nice choice

Not Existed says:

i’d feel enjoy watch this

Teddy Shapiro says:

Amazing Review

Adil Ahmed says:

This is the best YouTube channel i have watched a video of so far !!!

mohammedosman88 says:

I’m really torn now, shall I go for this or the QC35 ? Is noise cancellation that important ?

Wesley Austin says:

nice video, your advertising at the beginning is annoying.

malthus101 says:

Shame the colours available are both so fugly – black and blue looks like a bruise – BOSE… charcoal grey will never go out of fashion, stick to simplicity dumbasses

Quinn Joseph says:

Ok so , im seriously torn between these and the QC 35 , they look the same , but i would totally love to save 100 dolars buying these , but which do you think i should get?

pranay forever says:

hey jimmy, I’m looking for a headphone with good bass and call quality. can you suggest a few please?

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