Bose QC35: Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Bose QuietComfort 35: Premium noise cancelling headphones get a successor.

Bose QC35:
Bose QC25:

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Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee



Youtube Commenter says:

First time buying headphones. Can anyone recommend me a quality brand and model around $100?

Fayaz Sadat says:

MKBHD! Bose claims that it can last with 40 hours batterylife if you use it along with wired auxiliary cable so how can it use battery if we plug the wired cable into it? please illuminate it bro.

Aditya Mokkapati says:

is there a way to turn off the noise cancellation?

Rushabh Zaveri says:

Try sony MDR-1000X

DontJiveMe Suckah says:

clearly using my QC35’s watching this! end of the day, ‘best’ headphones always comes down to personal preference, but all bias aside, I’ve owned them all and these are, to date, top notch as far as portable/noise cancelling/comfortable hp’s go. apples and oranges though if you try to compare joints like these to the bigboy studio/at-home hp’s that are clearly superior in all aspects; superior…and expensive, and heavy, and best with cord – unfortunately impractical for every day use other than production or house-vibin. Super late props but..good non-biased review, man. Pointed out all the features I would have; and without hyping them up and shit. nice camera tho.

Jacob Buckhalter says:

Could you compare these headphones to the Sony MDR1000x

Marsh Mellow says:

Views on Bose Soundsport Wireless Plsssss

J Park says:

Can u do a review on Bose QC30?

Pramort Phonsakkhwa says:

got mine today because the beats studio hurts my ears, the bass is not as strong as the beats headphone though but I choose comfort over the bass any time.

TheTechFreak says:

Can you review the Sony mdr 100x

Jorden Young says:

Please review the Bose QC30s!!

Brian Landa says:

Can you use these to workout?

Muhammad Amin says:

Trust Me. It really took me a hard time to decide whether to buy the QC35 or not. I went to the shop to try it on! It just sounds amazing. Just for comparison i tried the Sennheiser PXC 550 and the Sony MDR 1000. Its not that impressive compared to Bose QC35. Now i own the QC35 and i am just glad i bought it. Even though its pricey, its worth the investment.

Nima Neyestani says:

can you use these headphones to just filter outside noise without listening to music?

Jesper Kaasing Johannesen says:

Good review man

stanpyrzanowski says:

wicked review dude. Thanks for that!

Talha Khawaja says:

Please review the Sony MDR1000X. Wanna see a good comparison against these too

Sam tomatosan says:

my bf has this and he hates it and said that he wanted to leave the thing somewhere, of course, I volunteered to have it instead 😀

Sachin Kumar says:

what about mdr1000 sony

Josh says:


jayesh patil says:

Do any avg skullcandy earphones sound better than apple earpods?

may encabo says:

senheiser hd 201 pleasssse

Ganidhsry says:

Anytime MDR 1000x review and comparison with these coming up???

LiNingAir says:

Won’t the battery in the wireless one start to lose charge after you put many cycles on it? Can you even replace the built-in battery?

Henry Black says:

Great replacement for my shitty beats studios! They’re great!!

MrDidaxi says:

Comprehensive review. Thanks.

addicted243 says:

I wish you are fair on brands and compare this to Sony Mdr1000x

LoneRenegade says:

Can you listen to music via bluetooth and charge them? I have a pair of JBL E50BT which I love, but because they use a special 2.5mm connector to charge (The same as the wired connector), it disables the headphones while they are charging.

Lo LOVER says:

Im not gay or white but first time I see a black guy with innocent looking ~

Oo2k10 says:

Can I use this Bluetooth headphones on my pc wirelessly? Or do I need to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter or use the cord provided and plug it in to use it? I don’t want to just use it for my mobile but for my laptop and desktop too. I never use a wireless headphones before, i’ve only been using a cord one my whole life. Recently my current headphones cord broke on me, this is my 4th headphones in the past 10 years that the cord broke. I want to try a wireless headphones for once.

MrBarcelona1000 says:

Does anyone know how big the differences is between QC 35 and QC 15?

Fahim Rafi says:

beats solo 3 or bose qc35 which one is better??

Pablo Vidal Peinado says:

I had them, they were insane. Right phone died, and I died a lil bit inside too haha Fuck my life.

Ari says:

I’m such a fan of bose ! I seriously can not go back to just any other earphones ! However I wish they were a little more stylish . But nothing compares to the sound quality

Hieno Nimi says:

When i tried those in store i was like: WAAAAUUUUU

mrjoeyb says:

Thanks poopy!

GamerSeven says:

cloud revolver > all

Nathan H says:

please compare it with the sony MDR-1000X!!

Hunter_Scars says:

every time i hear that opening sound i think my phone is going off.

Mr Sparky says:

This or the beast solo 3 wireless or studio 2.0


Are these good more music production? *Please someone answer*

GreyHoodieGuy says:

Question: which headphones has better quality sound, particularly bass oriented music

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