B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen H6 Over-Ear Headphone Review

A review of the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Over-Ear headphones!

Get it here: http://amzn.to/1apEte1

Check them out at: http://www.beoplay.com

Great Deals on Tech! – http://amzn.to/18XUEcc

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ixidor says:

Is this Gen 1 or Gen 2?

Daan Inhox says:

Het Justin! What camera do you use for your video’s? Your video’s are super Sharp and professional!

srt10acrx says:

Ronald McDonald makes headphones now?

Musaddiq Ali says:

“Best headphones in the game.” – DJ Khaleed.

maddengod 99 says:

good on dj khaled for not falling for that beats bullshit

John Smith says:

please review the BeoPlay H7 😀

Dj CashMoney 767 says:

there Audio cards are GREAT!!

Cyril Rebusquillo says:

Giveaway that work-of-art….

Mael Lorach says:

They look like they were designed by McDonalds

Vinnie J says:

Someone should tell tony stark people are stealing his swagger!

Sevy Fresh Videos says:

DJ Khaled headphones ??

iLikeNapkins says:


Pal says:

when are you gonna annouce the giveaway which you put on twitter instagram?

WeedDuck says:

bose sounds slightly better although a great headphone for a flashy look I don’t know wtf dj khaled is on as they aren’t

Napz says:

the dj khaled version have more bass than the normal one

Ignacio Vargas says:

say may name!!

The Last Greatest - The Only Greatest says:


hizzle gd says:

May i know does it sound the same compared to the standard edition???

jong lee says:

Thank You!

Beau Edwards says:

Are these the best headphones in the game?

Suhayl Mahomed says:

You smart , you loyal , u chose these headphones , here go buy yo mama a house… $10

Džejkob says:

Wich is always great, wich is always great, wich is always great…

AIO Factory says:

Nice video man, really dig this colorway

The Truth says:

are these better then beats studio?

Luka Pitkänen says:

looks awesome but no way I’m gonna spend 399€/$ to a headphone…

Isaiah Jones says:

Dj khal , boys

Fidel Guevara says:

we tha bessss


Iron man would love it

Steven Jeffers says:

*The sound is very acriate*

LLIMIT says:

Below 301!

Dank memes and laser beams says:

DJ khaled is disgusting.
And ew. leather.

John Tarango says:

another one

Adarsh Venkat says:

Bro, where did you get the little mac on your desk from?

e owens says:

I had a pair of these and they are very nice build and sound is first class!
But there is not a better headphone out here for the money and that headphone is Fostex T50RP mk3 these headphones blow away ANYTHING out there all the way up to $1000! And the beauty of it is for $200 yes I just said $200 even at that price you are getting superior sound reproduction and these are PLANER MAGNETIC drivers ! Ever sense I got these I can even listen to my other headphones including the B&O H6
These headphones are like crack for your ears..beware though once you hear them you CANOT listen to anything else

Filip Spataru says:

B&O Tony Stark Edition. Comes with a simple version of Jarvis to help you choose the music that suits your need. Id come for this

VEEMOD says:

These sound better because they have the prayers of DJ Khaled. WE DE BESSSSS

kzwj says:

dj khaled killed dr dre by teaming with B&O.

Mountain Summiter says:

I have these they are amazing

Andrew Ho says:

anotha 1

Martin Duprey says:

look like Iron Man Avenger Editon head phones

Anita Avila says:

So are beats headphones better ?

Green Cunt says:

why do you keep mentioning the color?

MarkosGeorgiou Photography says:

i want these but iam broke af

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