BIG SOUND! : JBL E45BT Wireless Headphone REVIEW

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So I have a love/hate relationship with JBL headphones. There have been plenty that I have liked but also plenty that I have not liked. So how does the new JBL E45BT sound? Are they worth the $99 price tag?

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toprakcem savas says:

dude ı dunno of you remember me or not I’m just hoping you do.:) you recommended me the wireless method but I got a Philips 7250 Bluetooth headset (on-ear) and it’s awesome. Hope you can make a review on it cause it’s a little old and can be considered cheap for that clearity. I’m just so happy with them but still, thanks for the suggestion(was gonna buy method if it was sold at my Country)

klaudiusz lewandowski says:

i was wondering if i should get these or the jabra move. i will be using it for gym. any opinions?

Fernando Vela says:

1st xD

DanIsAPotato says:

Nice video! I really like this headset

Tech Glory says:

This, Beats EP, or Beats Solo 2

Barak Lahav says:

looks like really awesome headphones to take with you on the go! btw your video are great i am watching them for a while and every video is just amazing!

greg cabig says:

Hey Kevin u ever thought about getting instagram ?

MyVincenzo67 says:

Good review, as always..! I owned the E55BT for a week (last week). I found very good how they sound, but a little lack in mids and a little bit of distorsion at the max volume.
The JBL E55 allows all the ambient noise coming through. They haven’t NC, but I was expecting better performances from an over-ear headphone. Also, I felt some discomfort wearing the JBL for a long session. Moreover I found the plastic on/off button cheap and not really reliable in long term.
That is why I returned the E55BT and bought the more expensive (sigh!) Bose QC35.
That being said, I think that the JBL can improve this headphone a little bit to make them the best choise to whom want a BT headset with a good balance between price and performance.

deezzy says:

hell yea

NP whateva says:

these are pretty popular in my school.

Shawn Orjiakor says:

Awesome review. I’m not a fan of on-ear headphones tho, but this look nice.

Yo, are you still going to review the Bluedio Victory?

ziad ahmed says:

great review … but I am really not a big fan of on ear headphones … but they seem compact ..
…. by the way congratulations for the new job …It will be hard at frist to balance between job and youtube but you will get used to It soon … I am verry happy to you for the job and I wish you like It and It is better than the old job

TheDasg2 says:

How do you charge them?
I bought one and there wasn’t the adapter, only the cable

Matthew Henry says:

do they leak at all

Jasper Latet says:

ive got a question do u know a headset on ps4 witha surround sound

dirt232323 says:

can i use this when working out? i tend to sweat a lot so im worried the earmuffs might wear down quickly. Nice review btw

DarKoStaTioN قريب قناة جديدة says:

how about bass this headphone ?? strong ?? coz now i want buy one only (solo3) or (e45)
i like (bass+loud+crystal clear sound)

Kevin Martin says:

I’ve just got this today, and they’ve got a lot of treble, and not quite a lot of bass. Maybe it’s my headphones, but they do distort if I go all the volume up. Compared this to my AKGY50, which both are by Harman. And I think I like the AKG better, although those aren’t Bluetooth.
Good review mate !! Cheers !!

Christian Harvey says:

Great video

Fernando Vela says:


kasper soutukorva says:

Awesome review as always keep up the good work man

ryan stovall says:

Great review, good to see you back

Deavin Arulappu says:

i have the JBL E55BT and it sounds amazing

Zack Still says:

Using them right now. I have the red edition and they look dope, sound dope, soo comfortable and they have so many functions. They’re just awesome to me and I wanted to hear others opinion.

Brian Evans says:

I didn’t like the E40 JBL’s I had bass was real weak to me

Marissa Bonilla says:


Red Falcon66 says:

Sup bro

Wisdom Agbabli says:

Congrats on the new job, plus great review!

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