Beyerdynamic T51P Portable Headphone Review

My new favourite portable headphone!
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T51P vs. Sennheiser Amperior, Beats Solo2, V-Moda XS

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mosincredible says:

Do you EQ these? The comfort is great but I found it a little too warm. Opening the sound up a bit, they became the perfect on-ear for me. They respond to eq extremely well. I struggled to find a comfortable, portable, neutral, closed headphone and this headphone with EQ fit the bill.

juan luis Quiroz guevara says:

Among the t51p and amperior, which has better soundstage/imaging???

jctrevi89 says:

Great review. Any idea where I could find those bobble heads in the back?

123dog says:

beyerdynamics really hate detachable cables don’t they – __ –

Peter Hyatt says:

What would you prefer, the 51s or Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 ohm for all types of music? thanks!

Lemon Lemonation says:

hi! I love your review. have you tried the Beyerdynamic Custom Street? I’m between the 51p and the Custom Street..which one would you buy? thanks!

iTjers Music says:

I want that shirt cool headphones nice reviews bud!

Chia Dai says:

You mentioned it’s the most comfortable on ear. How do these compare against Bose sound true on ear you reviewed on your channel? Comfort and portability are really important, if not the most important, factors to me. Therefore, I’m also considering IEM vs On-ear if you have any recommendation in both areas.

Subi_fan says:

Beyer 4life

Jordz Van 6299 says:

Could you recommend a decent tube amplifier and DAC for me?

dashen says:

I have a Beyerdynamic DT1350 and I love it.  What is the sound signature on the T51i/p compared to the DT1350?  I heard it is a bit more warm.  Which sound do you prefer?

Sir Sebastian says:

Lachlan, awesome video as usual! 😀

One thing: Where did you get those awesome bobbling head figures in your background? I need them in my life.

Seung Jae Lee says:

Can you review the moxpad x6? Thanks

Arslan Valentine says:

Hey Lachlan, i think you should really check out the Bowers and wilkins P5 S2! I never got to listen to the beyerdynamic t51 but many reviewers on headfi say that the p5s are a lot better. I got to test drive the p5s in an apple store and BOYY are they amazing! Built quality is incredible, they come with a 2 year warranty, they are super comfy, they isolate well and most of all they have this super fun, non-fatiguing sound that I love (I’m very sensitive to treble.) I bought them from amazon the second i got home! I would love if you checked em out. I really think you’d love them. Also, I was wondering how good the noise isolation on the t51 is.. is it as good as an iem like the shure se215? I could still return the p5s and that’s why i was wondering

Adrian S says:

I am not a fan of “on-ear” headphones, especially in the $300 range, but I am glad you enjoy the T51P! Now where is the promised ATH-R70X detailed review??? Thanks!

CDXXIX says:

i have the beyerdynamic t51i and they are amazing

Robusta Vabre says:

Hi, very nice review and very professional!! I am considering a portable headphone. Hesitating between the beyerdynamic t51p et the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 on ear. The beyerdynamic seems to have a better noise cancellation capability which i appreciate, Is the beyerdynamic good fit for sport practice? Thanks, and keep the good work! R

Jung Woo Cho says:

Thumbs up for the head banging.

Billy Castaneda says:

Which woul you prefer the T51p or the audio technica ath m70x?

Иван Иванов says:

These or Bang & Olufsen H2?

Graham Dorrian says:

Thanks Lachlan. Bought these after your review. Compared them with the front runner which was the HD25 and these just sounded richer, felt more comfortable, and isolated better. Bass is a bit much for me, but I am adapting. Less of an issue outside. And the nice small size means I don’t feel like an idiot wearing them on the street.

Techie Dreyn says:

Hello Lachlan, very nice review. This headphone looks very appealing. Does it leak sound a lot when you go to higher volumes? I often use headphones in quieter places like the library and workplace. Also I don’t like it when people can identify the music I am listening to.
I hope that sound leakage would be something you can include in your future videos.
Keep up the good work! 🙂

Adrian S says:

Thanks, Lachlan! Where is your in-depth review of the ATH-R70X?

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

I want these so bad just hate that it has a non removable cable which is crazy. If the cables are damaged the headphones are done

Lachie Frost says:

do they leak much sound

Mitch McCann says:

theres a place called minidisc?

Stefan Jovanovic says:

When you said that cable is not detachable it was end for me, that expensive headphones dont have detachable cable?? and they are portable. Mine cable headphones always get destroyed couse of cable and i really liked this beyer:(((

Magnetorheological says:

Listening to this review on T51s purchased on your recommendation…Making me spend so much money just like that!! hahaha xD

Sawyer McKay says:

Speaking of on-ear headphones, he hasn’t reviewed any of the Grado line has he? I’d definitely like to see a review of the SR80e and maybe the rest of the Prestige series.

Nightfall says:

Can you review the munitio pro40

coolaid710 says:

Great headphones but the double entry wires are so annoying

Minh Cong Bui says:

hey lachlan how does this headphone compair to the beyerdynamic dt1350?

Tony Montana says:

Reviews of cans can be informative but ultimately useless for the average consumer. The choice of can IMO is 100% a subjective decision. Ive owned almost very possible can out there including this model and thought this was one of the worst of the high end ones

I David says:

Hi Lachlan, Great review!
Where did you get these two bobble headed thingies in the back?

houou100 says:

Hey Lachlan nice review. Are these more comfortable than the KEF M500s?

usvc1 says:

give the ghostek sodrop bluetooth over ears headphones. they’re very affordable, look good and sound amazingggg. I think you’ll really like them!

Noel F says:

Hey Lachlan. I’m looking forward to see you review the RHA T10i. I’m really interested in them, but want to see you opinion. Do you think they’ll be a good enough replacement for the Shure SE215?

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