Best Value Gaming Headphone? – Redragon Siren 2 Review


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mrperecz says:

It looks cool, but the mic issue is a big problem unfrotunately for me. I’ve found another great thing it’s called Sades A60. It has vibration too and looks cool. If you would do a review from it…?:) But just check it if you have time. Thanks for the recommendation! Take care! Keep it going!

Biscu Fantoma says:

The volume can be down in settings of audio. Nice and old video =))

sentinalism says:

hey man i just bought these thanks to your review.. i subscribed!! Also i am a south african gaming channel if you guys keen to check it out i would appreciate it 🙂

Thegan Govender says:

Redragon SCYLLA Gaming Headset (PC) on Takealot looks promising, wanna know how it stacks up to the siren 2.

xX_SiLΞNT_SOUL_Xx says:

Does this have audio playback because the mic is so close to the earcups?

rocketeer101 says:

hello, what do you think should I get the usb or the analogue redragon siren? my mobo is H81M-DS2 and I think the sound chip is
Realtek ALC887 (I don’t really know) thanks 🙂

Bi0tiCX says:

Is there any software I can use to reduce background noise for the Siren’s?

or any Windows settings?

zyclonenuz says:

subscribed! still deciding weather to get Sharkoon Sharkzone H10 or this one (Redragon Siren 2) but i think i’m liking this one better. thanks for the video reviews ! really helped a lot. cheers !

Steven Nunes says:

#ZA bruuu

ßoing ™ says:

Red Dragon is like the only fucking Brand I see here in South Africa besides Logitech here and there…

Zero says:

nice review bro

Bwamo says:

Hey, i’ve been looking for a new headset lately and I saw that there is also the Redragon CETO and SCYLLA. Not sure if they are new or not but do you have any impressions on them if you have used them? (I’m mainly looking for just sound as I already have a standalone mic)

Atmaj Mokal says:

should i buy it

Azor Ahai says:

is that mic test really legit?

Nicolette van Bresies says:

I am a SouthAfrican

Artis Lv says:

Good for csgo?

Envax _LV says:

2.47 “yeah just tapping on my leg ” sure xD probobly masturbating

Sensei Gwindor says:


Vyonne Davids says:

Hey, does the headset have a 3.5mm audio jack? Takealot states that it does but i am doubting the info based on what i’m seeing online : “Braided 3.5mm universal connector. Audio jack is compatible with all sound card slots.”

Michael Butoi says:

Hey can I get your discord

eVoconKO16 eVOconKO16 says:

Siren 2 or Talos ? Thanks !

William Petersen says:

Subscribed now. Proudly South African

stefan vlogs says:

ek luister die op die die red dragon

Acolyte says:

Thanks man, I think I will pick ’em up.

Saliem Matthews says:

Awesome video sir, I am a fellow SA YouTuber just getting started. I am looking for a good headset with mic as I do not have a mic setup yet. I subscribed to your channel to support you, I would appreciate it if you could do the same. Keep up the amazing videos sir.

Jukebox Jonker says:

Bra, do a video in Afrikaans

John Jessean Olivares says:

Why does mine buzzes when I record audio using the voice recorder. It picks up sound poorly too

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