Best Over Ear Headphones to buy in 2017

Our audio gurus have collected together our best full size headphones to buy in 2017 with a quick review to help you choose. Here you will find reviews of the best hi-fi headphones for audiophile home listening, movies and gaming. From established brands like Audeze, OPPO, Beyerdynamic, B&W, Fostex and Sennheiser, to new kids on the block like Final and MrSpeakers. Below you can check out our best rated headphones from the year so far.

Our Full Written Reviews are listed below:

Final Sonorous III

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Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless

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Beyerdynamic DT1770

More Info:

Fostex TH-610

More Info:

Bowers & Wilkins P9 (B&W)


Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Gen)

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Sennheiser HD800S


Audeze LCD-X

More Info:

MrSpeakers Ether



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marvinc88 says:

Are “over the ear” headphones the same that “around the ear”?

canman 1971 loves music says:

LCD-X my endgame

Coeurdelion says:

Damn your voice is so charismatic

Re sotto la Montagna says:

Someone knows the name of the song that starts from the begin of this video ?

Amir Chawarpatil says:

I listen to house and edm, so Bose QC 35 or Vmoda crossfade wireless?

JC-130 says:

2017 just started when you posted this tho…

Chayan Mitra says:

name of background music ?

Joe Norris says:

no Sony z1r?

Olaf Piedras says:

Best over-ear headphones under 1000£ – 4000£ to buy in 2017???

Joshua Goh says:

Where’s philips shp9500?

Alexander McInerny says:

Please review Master & Dynamic MW60.

Robert says:

OPPO PM -3. Wanted a portable closed back headphone, but no Holiday/Black Friday sales so I bought the Hifiman 400i’s for $249.00. Couldn’t pass that up. Can Jam NYC and OPPO isn’t in attendance. Audio 46 in Mahattan doesn’t carry OPPO.

Andrew says:

I see you pick the momentum wireless. Is it better to get it rather then pxc 550 bose qc 35 or sony mdr1000x?

Leelhrsf0 says:

Love your videos but I have to disagree with the momentum 2 wireless, I bought that along with parrot Zik 3 and some Sony headphone and for me the parrot Zik 3 was fantastic. (Once tweaked via the app) The momentum 2 was shockingly poor considering how expensive they are.

Essential EDM says:

Stax beats all these…

Big Jay says:

my bluedio victory make the momentum 2 wireless sound like a toy. the bluedio are also wireless which is what I was in the market for. did an a/b comparison and not even close. that’s the problem with headphones, there are just too many companies. would bet you never even heard of these Victory’s. I sure hadn’t. they are almost a third, yes a third the price of the Momentum’s. peace!

HiFi Headphones says:

Here’s our pick of the best Over Ear Headphones so far in 2017… what do you think? Would you add any more to the list? 🙂

Adrian Ravikumar says:

How much amplifier headphone do i need for 300 omhs (sennheiser hd 800s). i dont no what is that means but i am audiophile:)

Gil Silva says:

Hey i dont know what to buy, can u ppl help ? I just want soundquality at an affordable price, my options are: superlux 668b with new pads, audiotechnica ATH m30x or akg k240 studio. will really apreciate the help.

Shah Muhammad says:

All the Prices are under your Channel Logo. Kindly Change the place of Logo or Price.

formerviking says:

Happy to see mention of the TH-610’s. Underrated and seldom reviewed, probably due to all the attention the TH-900’s garner. I have both and love them both even though (or maybe because of) they don’t sound much alike.

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