Best over ear headphones to buy in 2016 – Expert Reviews

Our audio gurus have collected the best full size headphones to buy in 2016 with a quick review to help you choose. Here you will find reviews of the best hi-fi headphones for audiophile home listening, movies and gaming. From established brands like Audeze, Shure, Beyerdynamic, Pioneer and Sennheiser, to new kids on the block like Oppo, Master & Dynamic and MrSpeakers. Below you can check out our best rated headphones from the year so far.

Our Full Written Reviews are listed below:



Master & Dynamic MH40 – Review Coming Soon

Shure SRH1540 / SRH1840

SRH1540 Review:

SRH1840 Review:

Fostex TH-500 – Review Coming Soon

Final Sonorous VI (Previously Pandora Hope VI)


Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Gen) – Review Coming Soon

Sennheiser HD800S


Mr Speakers ETHER


Pioneer MASTER 1 – Review Coming Soon

Audeze LCD-XC


Audeze LCD-4 – Review Coming Soon


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jetski Dex says:

have you tried the audeze sine?

chinmay kamat says:

where are all the audio technica ath M series headphones? m70x is supposed to be very neutral, isn’t it?

craig sheets says:

Which of the two closed back do you recommend? I need headphones for gaming at night without waking others.

Austin Tolbert says:

BLUEDIO UFO PLUS are the best headphones!

Darth's Gaming Lounge says:

where would you fit in the HE-1000?

db Labs says:

I have been a headphone connoisseur for over 35 years of my life. Not that I have had the luxury to own very expensive ones. I always sought out a different method in achieving better use out of MOST general quality phones. As a kid, this was altering the internal workings of the amp or receiver, so that I could get what I wanted. What I’m explaining here, is not always the case, but the volume was always too low to begin with.

After years of trial and error, I figured out that part of the problem is simply a loss, of both volume and frequency response between the amp and actual drivers.

About a year ago, I made a proto-type of a design I came up with, to install a 24db op amp, inside the phones, with a li-ion battery, and USB charger. This allowed the signal coming into the headphones, to not be pulled down, or lost through that connection travel, and on top of that, kicked up the db 24, and gave a controlled load right at the phones. I even had to upgrade the wire to the right driver, as the dampening factor was an obvious problem with the upgrade. The results are that the natural frequency is maintained like never possible in the past, gain is very much available, and the overall response is mind-blowing.

I don’t make the actual physical phones, I just retro-fit them, and provide them. However parts typically take a couple months, and I’m typically sold out, before I have even made them.

Because of the high gain, most higher output equipment will either need to be adjusted, or an inline volume control on the removable Aux cord needs to be used, to stage them correctly. The highs are crisp, the vocals sound like they are standing next to you, and the bass when turned up, can tickle your ears. Myself, and some that review them say that they can actually make out words to music they were never able to in the past.

I actually have video reviews from people, after trying them out. Half the people I do this with, insist on testing them out for 20 to 30 minutes, and 80% of every one says they sound like the best headphones in the world.

JonJo says:

John mate you best not be telling me lies

Beefi says:

Awesome Video Thanks!
I dont have that much Money to spend on headphones….what good headphones are there under 100$? What about the Audio Technica M30X

Glen Gregory says:

Seriously? Have you guys ever heard of Grado? They at least should be in ANY top list. They deserve the recognition and have unbelievable value for rock music.

Mpamphs Kangourosaurous says:

No Focal No B&W ……. I really don’t get it I thought it was about the best headphones

Saki630 says:

Which headphones do I buy in the $150-350 price range? I need replacements for my 2nd pair of HD595’s that have broken sliders on the headstrap thing above the ears. I want HD650’s but since its the same built style, they will crack and break. I need something durable but just as good – if not better. I use a 3.5mm out from my sound card.

StarQuakeking says:

The Final Audio’s are gorgeous. Wow. Good to hear the audio quality matches the pretty.

Leanna says:

So for wireless I spent big on sennheiser momentum 2.0s because I love wireless headphones over the ear headphones for when I workout at the gym or roller blade. I saw a lot of reviews saying they are the best quality bluetooth headphones right now on the market, and sound quality is my biggest draw with the addition of acceptable noise cancelling headphones. I do like to feel like I am in my own world, and the senns should do a decent job. Noise cancelling would be my second concern, so I actually bought them over the new BoseQC35 in which that is their forte.

For wired, I purchased the Audio Technica m40x because I saw a lot of reviews on them being high quality underrated headphones that are cheap and under 100.

Ninjafrog84 says:

how do you find the B&O H6 ?

the missing link says:

Dislikes this video. You know why? Because you failed to find headphones at a reasonable price.

Lcd media digital signage advertising video screen display player says:

Hi, I want to know the price of TH-500RP, how much is it?

ARes13FOX says:

Sony MDR MA900

Mister Bounds says:

Thanks.Can I buy any of these in USA stores? Also,what are the cheapest headphones on this list as far as USA pricing is concerned?

mrbluelw88 says:

The cat toy on your mic is broken. Use something with a pop filter in future.

Stafa Thiam says:

Should review the Sennheiser HD 650 though.

Pvt Fluffy says:

Just bought a pair of sennheiser hd 558 is this a good entry level pair

Chirag Gupta says:

Is the Shure headphone wireless?

Sinegav says:

You really need a popfilter for those “p”s

sandydenny lives says:

You should make this a seasonal review, such is the pace of change

daghrb6 says:

Sennheiser Momentum 2 was better than both Bose QC 25, Sony
MDR-100AAP/ABN/1A, B&W P3/P5 and was even with Denon when I gave
some headphones a try in some stores! Review below!

The Sennheiser had pleasant warm sounding sound frequency response and very good detail across the range. They made music listening fun and the music felt alive.
They were not punchy in the bass like Sony or AKG or Koss but they were really fun to listen too and they had alot of bass but it was true to the recording and balanced and fun. I’ve never liked any Sennheiser headphone or in-ear bud before because I always found Sennheiser to be unengaging, flat and boring to listen to – Not these ones!

–Noise Cancelling–
Now for Noise cancelling I found them better than both Sony and Bose. I didn’t really measure how much sound they kept out or how much hizz/white noise they introduced. It’s just that the Sennheiser didn’t play music worse with it engaged. Furthermore I could not keep the Bose’s on for very long because the NC applied an air pressure to my eardrums so It felt like i was on a plane and needed to pop the negative pressure out of my ears, not very pleasant to have that sensation.

–Sound competition–
I have an B&W surround system at home and tried many headphones up towards 1 000$ range. I wanted to find a descent price for something that might get lost or broken so I settled for around USD.

The Bose QC-25 was very uncomfortable to listen to. It induced a air pressure from the NC that wasn’t comfortable. The sound quality was lousy. I loved these trying them on 2 years ago but not now. All songs I tried with them in 320Kbit made them sound like 128Kbit versions of the same song. It has some serious compression and detail problems. Besides all music sounding like digital jitter in comparison to the Senheiser, they feel like they try more than they can manage both in bassresponse and treble. It’s just like Bose’s other products “An underdimensioned speaker trying to sound larger” – It doesn’t work!

I can’t say I liked ANY of the Sony alternatives not the 100ABN 100AAP or 1A.
The bass was punchy and lossy.
The treble was so sharp It made my ears cringe of pain at even medium sound levels.
These Headphones have some of the sharpest treble responses I’ve ever heard and It did hurt – Just avoid!

The B&W P3 and P5 suck soo much. I can’t believe how disappointed I am with them but fine; if you like Marshall Major Headphones or Beats headphones then maybe :/

The B&W P7 however; wow It’s great. The bass was round, warm and felt a little bit undetailed. And actually that’s what I feel about my living room speakers aswell. B&W lacks differentiation and subtleties in the bass region. But they sound great with Classical and Rock music not so much modern music.

The B&W P9 I tried with Tidal, DAC and headphone amplifier. This is not where I would put my money. They sounded sooo detailed my brain had trouble processing the music when compared to today’s lousy YouTube and lossy Spotify formats. Think of It like having three people talk to you at once. That’s how the instruments and singer felt. Sooo much clarity!!

I also tried Denon AH- GC20 and they sounded as good If not better than the Sennheiser, so I would say this is the only alternative I found!
The Denon AH-MM400 was a more expensive version with exotic materials and I didn’t like the almost vacuum tight fit of the headphones around my ears, sound quality was very good but didn’t justify 100$ more for me.


i want them all. lol

Jassim Alali says:

hello need help from pro choosing over ear headphones my current setting is hdvd 800 hd 800 and ch 800s using it for 3 years now what should i aim for and if i have to buy dac or new amp plz help me with it and ill sub its quality review

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