Best over ear headphones to buy in 2015 – Expert Reviews

Our audio gurus have collected the best full size headphones to buy in 2015 and reviewed them all to help you choose. Here you will find reviews of the best hi-fi headphones for audiophile home listening, movies and gaming. From established brands like Audeze, Shure and Sennheiser, to new kids on the block like Oppo, below you can check out our best rated headphones from the year so far.

Our Full Written Reviews are listed below:

Lindy HF-110 / 100


Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO

SoundMAGIC HP150



Shure SRH-1840


Final Pandora Hope VI


Audeze EL-8


Sennheiser HD800




Audeze LCD-3

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raul trejo says:

What no beats by see????? Stupid imp lol

Nate G says:

Thanks M8

Farhan Tanvir says:

I am looking for a closed back headphone with great soundstage, natural sound, comfort and great bass within $150. Can you suggest a model ?

it’s better to put it this way. I am looking for the best allrounder headphone which will give me the best audio/sound experience while watching movies as well as provide complete music experience while listening to musics

David Marte says:

DuuuuDDDUEeeeEEE!!?!?!?? Hifiman 400i

sam park says:

Please, pardon my ignorance. Are these headphones used for TV?

J Mohd says:

How about Audeze LCD4 and Hifi man HE1000?

Stafa Thiam says:

Have you ever review the Sennheiser HD 650?

Stephen Spangenberg says:

Everybody’s got to stop with the Audeze Romance. Really. They simply do not compare to Sennheiser.

kathysoiio says:

what do you think about audio technica?

GetToasted says:

hey, Im looking for a good pair of headphones with a lot of bass and an all round great sounding experience. i would be using them for music, movies and gaming. what would you recommend for around $450?

and i also use a razer seiren as a mic and wanted to know if there is a good, cheap, amp that you would also recommend for it to be plugged into?

HiFi Headphones says:

You may have noticed we’ve featured OPPO heavily in our top 10.  They’ve come to the market with some truly excellent headphones and we’re very impressed.

Thought it might be interesting to share a video featuring the range in summary:

Darren Nicholas says:

The Audeze lcd 3 is damn expensive -_-

IScream says:

where is sony ? (MDR Z7)

Billy Chaplin says:

Man, the style of this video is like I’m watching a tutorial guide in a shooting game.

Rakesh Kumar says:

audio technica m50x

Armando Kina says:

What about Stax SR-009??

Bold List says:

This site has never steered me wrong before with headphone recommendations:

Izzy Corleone says:

What is your opinion about the Bose´s Quietcomfort 25 and the Harman Kardon´s Soho II NC??

Thanks a lot, I became fan of your channel!!

Joseph Norcott says:

I disagree as I feel the HD800’s are better then the Oppo’s and the Audeze as they are more comfortable, have reference sound and image better then either of those headphones by miles. Not to mention destroy those headphones in soundstage.

Alex Woolfman says:

I’m sorry for a bit of an off-top but I wonder what I get if I connect and run my beyerdynamic dt 770 pro on a portable device (without any amplifier)?

HiFi Headphones says:

Looking for the best full size headphones you can buy? Our audio gurus have collected the top rated full size headphones available in 2015 and reviewed them.

P.G. K says:

This isn’t a proper best of list without the Bowers and Wilkins P7.

Richard Penn says:

I have the Grado Rse1 and I am completely satisfied, can’t imagin anything sounding much better.

MrArbeter says:

Hi i have a very important question before i buy my new Hi fi headphones. Have you got any experience of the audio technica m50x. Because am really thinking of buying them or Lindy HF 110. But the m50s arent Hifi classified so this is a really difficult choice since the m50s are popular and lindy is not but its Hi fi capable.

Brunn Graggan says:

This ranking is a nice try and well-meant.
However, unfortunately:
– I agree with the many posts wholly disagreeing with this ranking, who do point out that the HD800 is clearly the best of those ten, and infinitely more so if you listen to High Res music (24 bit 96 or 192 KHz or even more fantastic: DSD.
– Also major cans are missing: the SR-009, the only one which may surpass the HD800, and the AKG K812, which I do not find as good as the HD800 but still is better that most of those listed.
– Extremely surprising is the inclusion of the PM-3 in this list : it is awfully dark and should definitely not have been included in this top-10.
The point is that this ranking and even the setting up of this list reflects only the opinion of a single person, and not of the majority of audiophiles. And the omission of the K812 and the inclusion of the PM-3 do not lend to credibility at all.
Hopefully the next time will be better.

TheFijianGuy says:

between the oppo pm 3 and the El 8 which headphone would you say is better? is the el8 worth the extra $300 from the oppo pm 3? or would you stick with the pm3?

phat nguyen says:

+HiFi Headphones
Hi, i am looking to buy a new headphone i am stuck between Audeze EL 8 and Final hope VI. I has Oppo HA 2. I like to have good mid and bass, treble is not important to me. Which one to you think is better suit for me? I have listen to Audeze EL 8 but not the Final hope Vi.

Renarchie Payumo says:

Great … thanks for the videos , i still love my V-moda M100

jon henri says:

nobody ever talks about the impedance of headphones and how it effects your sound . if your using a high power amp like a receiver of 100 watts you will toast a pair of low ohms headphones in no time, but on the other hand if you have a low power amplifier (phones or tablets)youll want a low ohm headphone to get the most of the audio signal.

Bas Ti says:

Thank you!

DJ101GAMING says:

HMMM. I went to 627 Broadway NY. I heard Seinheiser 800, Night Hawks, AUDEZE el8, PANDORA VI AND HIFIMAN1000. i went to AUDIOEXCHANE NY. THESE are the headphones I listened too. They did not have the OPPO. The phones i liked the best were the Seinheiser 800 and Pandora VI. Seinheiser 800 great sound stage and nice sound. LOVED the Pandora VI sound. I listened to WAV files through 4500 Mac amp. i listen to MUDDY WATERS, MARVIN GAYE, MILES DAVIS. I LISTENED TO THE SAME TRACKS on all the headphones. Those were my top two. THE Pandora can be found for as low as $500 closed back vs SEINHEISER open back $1500. Just what my EARS LIKED.

Antun Katona says:

PM1 before HD800? Not even LCD3 is that good.

fcfdroid says:

Love this video! Is it possible to use the S HD800 for ps4 gaming? and would it have a mic aswell?

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