Best Headphones Under $100? XiaoMi HiFi Headphones Review!

Looking to get fantastic sounding headphones for monitoring or listening to music? Well, Xiaomi has an amazing set you may want to check out! From the build quality, the amount of accessories that are included, and to the sound make sure you watch this video!

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caloyjp says:

i cannot wait to buy one!

Roscott Production says:

Since everyone asking about audio technica ATH-M50 I’ll give you brief insight on it.

ATH-M50 headphones
are designed especially for professional monitoring and mixing – so called ”monitors”. The term monitor implies that the speaker is designed to produce relatively flat (linear) phase and frequency responses. In other words, it exhibits minimal emphasis or de-emphasis of particular frequencies, the loudspeaker gives an accurate reproduction of the tonal qualities of the source audio. THEY SOUND FLAT. Don’t gen me wrong these are superb monitors but for listenin gmusic/gaming NOT.

Mi Headphones
have 50 mm BERYLLIUM speakers. Beryllium offers a unique combination of properties not found in any other acoustic material, and is available as domes and ribbons or as complete compression driver diaphragm assemblies and audiophile applications. When compared to other commercially-available materials, beryllium diaphragm assemblies undoubtedly yield the finest sounding tweeters, compression drivers, microphones, and transducers.

Tailslol says:

Nice review but wrong,xiaomi headphones have 3 button but volume up and down are android compatible only. Due to Apple proprietary button protocol…

mike van dalen says:

are these on or over ear????

skyler kim says:

the adapter with two points is for airplanes
some aiplanes use that type of adapters rather than the standard 3.5mm jack

hugo balder says:

you do headphone reviews and have never heared or seen the airplane adapter?

Anil Vettathu says:

How do you compare this with the all time fav ATH-M50X? I did not see you mention that in the review video.

Roi Amichay says:

wireless or one sided cable + silver instead of gold = profit

ThatMessyAsianDude says:

XiaoMi is a company famous for making knock offs. Not saying its bad, but I am just saying they are famous for making a super cheap version of everything mainstream that’s somewhat expensive. This includes iphones.

Sourav Roy says:

what about the lows and highs as it has max freq 20,000Hz ! and i use audio technica ath-m30x, then upgrade to mi headphone will be really effective? please suggest me

MadGjien says:

Dude I think the one you buy is actually fakeI buy that headphones from the actual website and all the instructions are in EnglishBtw if you want the website link

Hernan Bolio says:

can it be use with just one auxiliar cable?

TheRazers says:

they look like the grado sr325i

Rick Williams says:

These actually seem really cool! What does everyone prefer for quality, Bluetooth or wired?

Tim Coen says:

Are these a open back or closed back design? they look open back, but I’m not entirely sure.

Mehraaz Shaikh says:

Mi headphones or Sony MDR-XB450BV?? which one is better?

Gabriel says:

Those Xiaomi or ATH-M50x?

Harisan Jegatheesan says:

Should i get the ATHM50X or these headphones

Regg369 says:

How is the sound quality compared to ATH-M50x?

Haekalele says:

is that open back

Danilo Vargas says:

any idea where i could buy an earcup replacement?

HeadShot360IN says:

Do these Headphones leak sound?

The Fried Man, Mark Carter says:

how good is the microphone on these headphones?

cody Magness says:

Is this open back or closed back

Arvin G says:

airplane adaptor

Juan Zuluaga says:

man I’ve heard that these headphones leak quite a lot, is that true? i don’t really want everyone to hear what im listening to when im traveling on the metro or walking on street


audio technica still rocks the floor:-)

ghosttown says:

Are these open back or closed back

WhiteBoyWithAnIpod says:

Holy shit I might NEED TO GET THESE SOON!!!! Thanks btw you sound cool asf you like metal m/?

ItsJustZoey says:

I’ve been doing some research on some Bluetooth connectors and they usually connect to the 2.5/3.5mm on the headphones, but since there is 2 separate, do you happen to know how I would connect it?

Jan Peter van Irsel says:

These or house of marley liberate xlbt?

Ken W. Robinson says:

Xiaomi Headphones
Hmmmmm… Here it’s for 39.99 USD with coupon code: LHXMTD

giannis stavridis says:

what a nice video! Bravo!!!

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