Best Headphones of 2016

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Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2.0:
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x:
V-Moda Crossfade M-100:
Samson Z25:
Sony MDR-1000x:
CB3 Hush:
Audeze El-8:
HiFiMan HE-400i:
Bose QC35:
Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2:

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riseuplight says:

Are the Hushes any good, like for real?

Ben Cannon says:

I’m listening on my beats

Ray McCarthy says:

Dam son, I’ve had the V-Moda Crossfade M-100’s since 2013 and only just upgraded. I received a pair of 550’s 4 days ago, for an excellent price $450 AUD. I have tried the QC35’s as a few of my uni mates have them, I did not like the sound signature. For me it seemed too flat and not enough fun for these crazy priced headphones! The appeal for the 550’s was that the Sennheiser’s app can switch up the the 550’s sound, its like a new pair of headphones when you play with the settings. The QC35’s have much better noise cancling and a better build quality. Although the Sennheiser’s NC is still great and I cant hear all of my friends bullshit when we are studying so long as there is some music coming from the 550’s.

Arjun YoMan says:

great video!

Soccer 7Films says:

MDR-1000x is the best….. nobody can beat it…..

Wisdom King says:

The v moda will pinch your head . After a while it hurts so bad you want to replace them .

Nob1e Hunter says:

You forgot beats!

The God Pug says:

HAHAHAHA He said Beats….

TJ CEE says:

there’s only one spec to check with bluetooth headphones or speakers:
aptX codec support = major sound quality boost for audio over bluetooth wireless
– it’s not supported by f-apple (cos Steve couldn’t buy/own it)
– most Android devices & windows PC’s can deliver aptX support
– don’t get distracted by buttons, ANC, features . . . waste of money without aptX
– Sony, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Masters&Dynamic, B&W all have aptX
– 2017 aptX HD is launching to rival Sony’s LDAC
the British finally sold aptX to Qualcomm – so its American now 😉

Bruh! says:

Has anyone an idea ?
i want headphones for around 100€ that are not HUGE to walk out in public and no one would be able to listen my music no matter how high volume i have.
i would like if they had isolation for when i study.

Lucio Pantoja III says:

Who is watching in 2017

Junglist82 says:

Turned this off as soon as you said the Sen Momentum are the best.

NGC_1277 says:

I don’t know what the hell to get.. I’m from New Zealand by the way.
My max price is like 200$ . I was thinking of the sony MR xb950’s but they have iffy reviews

Rewiring Now says:

Nice beard bro.

gabie dubin says:

i used the boze qc35 in a store and honestly i don’t think they’re that good , they are not worth the money if you ask me.

מיטל אגרוורקר says:

Bluedio T3 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1
the best headphons at the best price enjoy

rayhan Suvo says:

v moda m100 or sennhiser momentrum 2.0

resonance voices says:

I need a new pair of bluetooth headphones and I was wondering if anybody can tell me what kind of headphones should I get? (Doesn’t matter about price, also which one gives me verstile sound quality and great noice cancelation, I am currently deciding between the Sony MDR-1000X, the Bose QC35 or the Wearhaus arc
Thanks :))

Edmund52 says:

Best headphones in my opinion are the OPPO PM3

Tony StarX says:

For 16$ this are amazing @

lonegamer1717 says:

I have a zte axon 7 with great audio output, a sub $300 dollar budget, and listen to classic rock, edm, pop, and relatively bass heavy songs. I care more about sound than comfort and i already own the v moda m-100 wired. so does anyone know a pair of cans that fit the picture in a wired or wireless format?

Colm Farrel says:

what are the best headphones for a Basehead? I listen to alot of rap and house music

sorcereh1 says:

What about the ATH MSR7?
If ATH M50X is on the list, why isn’t the MSR7? Lmao

Dr23rippa says:


jjgonchar says:

mdr 1000x noise cancelling pretty disappointing honestly. Yes it’s very good at blocking outside sound but people are saying it’s better than the qc35’s. This is NOT the case. Comparing them side by side without music the bose pretty much just silences everything while the sonys have some white noise caused by the noise cancelling in the headphones. To be clear, overall the sonys are better and are my main pair of headphones, I just felt like it had t be said that bose still has better ANC since no one else seems to agree for some reason

Samuel Park says:

Stopped watching the video when he said M50xs have a balanced sound. They KNOWN for having a “fun” V-shaped curve compared to competitors instead of the usual balanced sound.

grady jr says:

Top headphones of 2016 without any mention of Beyer Dynamics, Grado,ect. ? Right, if you have a taste for low in sound. Listing Bose was a dead give-a-way.

Putra Wibowo says:

I think your view of bang-for-the-buck is broken

HeyImRed says:

One word. Beats


ChillSebastian says:

*top 10 headphones you can’t afford of 2016!

전현준 says:

bluedio victory

VapeNation says:

people who bitch about beats are the ones who cant afford them smh

Victor Jønsson says:

How is the bass in the m50x ?

Marco Garcia says:

What should I get if I want to a good pair of wired headphones for using with Vox amplugs for guitar?

Holacom says:

god, the mic quallity is shit

CADesigner says:

What about high impedance headphones? I would like to buy ones between 150-600 ohms for less than $200.

JackRyanFox says:

M50x are not comfortable but sound great

boom shakalaka says:

he400i vs fostex t50rp mk3?

FigK7 says:

I’m looking to buy a good pair of over-ear headphones for in and around €100. I would stretch my budget to around €140 if the headphones were worth it. Any recommendations? My preference is over-ear, preferably wired, not too chunky as I want to be able to use them on the go, and durability, as my last ones snapped.

Jojo Dodo says:

that sennheiser momentum really hurt my ears

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