Best DJ Headphone? Group review!

What is the best DJ headphone? Let’s find out!
Yeah this video is really long and probably kinda boring but I wanted to get it out of the way. More mixes coming up soon!

Ravine & Friends Club Night


Lady Indigo says:

i love your accent…good and informative videos

Mick Swagger says:

DR Dre headphones are pretty crap
shit plastic and i feel that they will break easy they are also really tight
have u worked overseas before

Calvin Bostic says:

should i get the hd25 light, or just the hd25?

gunnarsandberg1 says:

sony mdr v700 m/



MZ PL_UK says:

all I can say is to go for german RELOOP RHP-20…..I had a bunch of DJ headphones….Pioneers, Audiotechnica, Denon….but it’s all a plasticky crap and they will break sooner or later and it is impossible to wear them for a longer time without your ears hurting….Reloop though are made of aluminium, the design is just brilliant and are very very comfy (not to mention the frequency range: 30 Hz – 30 kHz) Powerfull base!

Arist Pioneer says:

LOL!! I have 20$, may you give me one?

Seemany gaming says:

the Pioneer HDJ-500 are 120.00$ on ebay 134-165 LOLOLOL
10/10 the beast

SramNaLewaka says:

Hey man…where is DENON DN HP1000 ? 😉

PhantomWizzrobe says:

Sennheiser HD8DJ *cough cough*

Dj GG says:

If I had to choose the best dj headphones, I would pick the Pioneer HDJ-1500.

djbuli26 says:

Sony and Stanton it’s the same ? You fucking kiddin me. You know nothing about dj’s headphones , learn kid…..


dude, no technics rp-dh1200? 🙂 toughest of them all and brilliant for mixing…

antunkatona says:

Only bad DJs don’t care about sound on their headšhones.

101hacker0037.Games and technology says:

By the way tiesto uses the K67 not K181

Vitor Augusto Secco PInheiro da Silva says:

very helpful, thanks

MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン says:

ROFL,I know how your friend feel,he must feel like my friend when he tried listening some FLAC with amp+my ATH m50 after buying a freakin Beats,and few months later his beats broke,which is quite amazing,lasting for few months,my ath? over 2 years old but still in perfect condition

alex stivers says:

dang man how are you not mad you broke 2 pairs of headphones i would have rage quit and would have broke all my other headphones

mcclanehallenbeck says:

Damnit those Sennheiser HD25 ii Adidas are sold out. I’m an Adidas fan and would love to have them.

Tryston Myers says:

beats pros and beats executives are really durable and beats pros don’t require batteries you should look at those

Mastik Groove DJ PRODUCER says:

audio technica ath-m40x vs pioneer hrm5?

Nicolás Croce says:

have u seen the AKG k 181 ultimate edition?? im about to buy them…, i once tasted a friend of mine´s hd25 adidas, and didnt reaaally liked the bass sound… im not shure if there where those ones particulary. But that time i leave them behind and continued usin a pair of stanton 3000, im really into bass sound, really helps me to beatmach techno. Especially, as u said, in club enviorment where sound its fkng loud. Thats the main reason im thinking about the akg, maybe i just might really take care of them and so…. hoping they made an improvement with the ultimate edition.
Greetings!! great review! thx!

Montez Harris says:

V-moda takes all of them lol

Dan Solo says:

Is anyone else Old School.? I don’t really think U’r a proper DJ using CD’s, DJ-ing/Mixing is done with Turntables, and Vinyl…

Dino Novak says:

as soon as I saw beats by dre on the pic, i switched to another video

ultralooter says:

I miss the V-moda’s

DJ LMNTL says:

Has anyone noticed in the movie we are your friends zac efron uses Stanton 3000″s

John Selles says:

I use beats pros and mixrs. I think they’re more solid than the aiaiai tmas. Just my opinion

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