Best Bass Headphones? Sony XB950BT Review!

Finally, my full review of the Sony XB950BT.

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Albert Toros says:

hey just wanted to ask… whats the best LOUD headphones u used ??? better than beats pro?

Unique Station says:

check out my first unboxing vodeo

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Liban Qasim says:

fake ass nigga roflmaooooo

Aaron Rose says:

What’s the sound leak like on these? Struggling to find headphones that aren’t really expensive that don’t leak a load of sound.

Shooter xF says:

Watching this review with my the Sonys on.

Mohammed Rashid says:

Which headphone is better for media consumption for a longer periods of time ?
Sony MDR-XB950BT
SkullCandy Crusher Wireless
Audio Technica ATH M50x

Jigs Perez says:

what brand is that metal hanger for headphone?

gAm3r Jo3 says:

I ten years old and I looooooooooooove bass will the injure my ears and are not for me?

Maninder Manny says:

i just got em ,, and they are aweseom after lil burnin ,, battery last for 18 to 20 hours,, i am very happy with these base cans .. .


they ok not as good as the candycrusher wireless.. just keep the bass at 10-20 percent slider and the mids and highs are not affected at all

༺Deep House Dealer༻ says:

Hi please can someone help me. Can you use it for PC? Can you connect it to pc, and use it for teamspeak skype… ? Or its only mobile compatible? Tnx for answer.

Wii Fitness says:

Hey average can u do more average consumer not many people have like 100-300 dollars to spend on head phones buddy

Fido Dido says:

Definitely buying these

Johannes S says:

Are these good for classical and rock music?

Tiparium says:

I’m torn between these or the Zoro II’s.

Will Gaming says:

I’m watching this video with the headphones

Turner says:

Noice, so i can listen to ear exploder 9000 better with bass boost

h1a8 says:

Please review Bluedio vinyl plus. I definitely want you to compare these to them.

MusicPlusTechVlogs says:

Can I use this to game on pc?

REapErZ Chee says:

I got the blue ones

CalBoy says:

Anyone know a UK supplier I can get these in red??

summitism karma says:

please compare 950bt with 100abn

Eashan Banerji says:

is it compatible with ps4? plzz tell!


these or sony h.ear??

xFaithkeeperx says:

blue jays!? hell yeah!!!

Landenn Marino says:

I got these headphones the are the boss

Nsnake says:

im searching it for 90 eu max

AwesomeCraft What ever you WANT!!? says:

lol An Xbox halo ad? With Sony headphones video

bfrancis21 _ says:

I just got mine an hour ago


i dont know what to do!! please help me, i like bassy headphones but i also want clarity for example the skull candy have insane bass but the clarity of sound is shit, and im afraid that these have the same problem so i dont know of but these or sony h.ear please help me

Alex Bankov says:

Btw, I found them at £109 on Argos

bluepeng889 says:

if you guys want really good sounding earphones check these out on amazon Shure SE846

Capture the moments for memories says:

So I can rewind or fast forward my calls? Mind blowing

abdul reeyas says:

these vs shure se 215 (noise isolation)

fatih kavcıoğlu says:

with these headphones you can even hear the bass in metallica’s and justice for all album. best buy ever!

Ahmad Sayyed says:

I love headphones which has bass heavy and comes with wire.

Skull Candy says:

hey guys, can you help me, I’m thinking if I should buy skullcandy crushers, sony xb950bt, sennseiher 4.40bt or to save up some more money for v moda m100 ?
I’m listening to edm the most,I’m looking for clear sound,a punchy bass and a good noise isolation which would you recommend?

GamerViking says:

How do you fast forward to previous song?

WySoup says:

I got them for 70 bucks today

Luca Mastrantonio says:

Where do you take the bag? lovely headphones, i will buy it soon 😀 thanks!

Anonymous Only says:

Fucking nerd

mehdi dirkson says:

nice headphones but the yoke beaks easly in my eyes. ive the 650bt and the yoke are cracking i think its the same here

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