Best $30 Bluetooth Headphones? Bluedio Turbine T2 Review

Bluedio Turbine T2 – Black (Amazon):

Looking for the best Bluetooth wireless headphones under $50? Well look no further than the Bluedio Turbine T2s. Here’s my honest review of the $30 Bluedio headphones.

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Teg nkush says:

Let me tell you about these headphones, I have TWO (amazon error) and let me tell you. I got them in the box, used them, went to colombia, used them on the entire plane ride.. got to colombia. listened to music and watched videos in bed.. came back after 1 month and back on the plane with these .. they still had power.. they must run on your thoughts because the battery power is AMAZING. Sound quality is fantastic too, there is tons of bass. make sure to put the volume up on the headphones

Link says:

“I mean, seriously. This thing looks like it came with a happy meal.”

oh. Literally the only reason I clicked on this video was because I thought they looked cool. .-.

Cb4S 619 says:

are they comfortable to wear after hours of gaming?

Braka Phone Repair says:

Nice video and presentation

Pascal Gruenberger says:

Crazy to think that they have 57mm drivers in a on-ear design!

TheDJBANGA says:

Any Bluedios that are not made out of plastic? I had ones that were small and fragile, yet they were $20 and the sound was amazing.

Arvydas Klusas says:

sudu sudas nepraejo svaite korposas peeluzo o kai susitvarkiau usb susikniso


hiii is there any sound leakage?

Erick me too says:

can it play flac format

DVendy says:

Is it over ear?

Barra Raph says:

Just recently bought mine but for a reason I don’t know it can connect to my Iphone 6S
Anybody know why???

Eskap 04 says:

I got these headphones for Christmas and they work great!

Joe TechNerd says:

0:17 those expensive stuff be like
*how is tht blue shit has sound quality almost similar to us?? this is not happening*

Ryker Moore says:


THE G. says:

found some for 5 euro, must be piece of shit,states its T2 😀

pranav kushare says:

after using for an hour is it comfortable on ears?

Rob Alston says:

I bought them today thinking they’ll do until I can afford something a tad better later, but I was really surprised about how good they sound. For $30…they’re frigging awesome

adnane ouahabi says:

on wish i can find them for 20 dollar? how?

RageMC - MineCraft & More!! says:

The highs are muddy on pc (can’t even hear the lyrics of a song ,can only listen the lows, basically music ) can anyone help me,plz

MITkiwi says:

Does this have noise cancelling?

Benito Fernandez says:

Does it support IOS? I have an iPhone 7plus. Thank you for your very insightful videos.

Ivan Kisaragi says:

have you tried the avantree pros? do you think maybe you could try them? here’s a link:.

Prince Mononoke says:

I liked mine but the durability is poop. They’re currently being held together with scrap metal and LOTS of duct tape.

tucson tech lab says:

I have em to

Mikael Sakari says:

not muddy good price bass heavy very good sound quality

MegatronSean says:

I have them and I LOVE them. I wear them for working out in mostly. Cant beat it

Monster Madness says:

is it useable for big head people?

Crystian Iriarte says:

Fits on big heads?

lol awesome says:

can i use it when i am playing with a console

Carson Stephens says:

Got my current set of Bluetooth headphones(skull candy) for $50

Mohammed Aljohany says:

does it have a great volume??

Airsbin Onthelookout says:

You should review the Zealots b21.

Ender200 says:

The black color is $20 im getting these (;

sushant ahuja says:

they are very good headphones no doubt sound quality is awesome base is awesome but they are very uncomfortable you can not wear them for more than 15to 30 minutes and build quality is also very poor what’s the meaning of spending 30$on some Chinese shit when you can’t wear them

Aviva Domasian says:

This is on sale on Amazon. Does it have a mic? I’m trying to decide between this and HyperX Cloud Stinger. I want an all-around headphone for music, movies, and gaming.

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