Beats Studio 3 Wireless – REVIEW

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Beats Studio 3 Wireless REVIEW

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Kiki Abe says:


Cayetano Tirado says:

You just talk too fast!

javier19932011 says:


Henry Alvarez says:

what are the songs used for the testing?

snoozi says:

3:21 when you physically connect the headphones, does it charge it as well or it will still lose battery?

Sai Weeks says:

The stretching test gives me anxiety

Josiah Duvall says:

Between the studio 3.0 and beats pros, what headphone do you think has better sound quality & bass?

Cherry says:

6:00 asmr

O.W Productions says:

His review vids are neat

andrewthacollector says:

I like them the noise reduce is awesome,my wife is talking to me and I can’t hear anything and it’s on the low

yaboi Roy says:

only person i’ve watched to have presented the ANC like that, so well done !

Ultimate Gamer says:

beats’ time is over

StealthBubble says:

I brought a studio 3 wireless and the hinges got really loose after 3 days. Poor quality but high market price for the brand

user102030400 says:

A friend bought the Nuraphones and the sound was insane, how they compare to the Beats? anyone tried both?

Raffy Abo-abo says:

Hi. Do you know why my beats studio 3 keeps on disconecting after a while? I dont know if my headphone have a problem. Hope you read this msssage. Thanks

Alain Picard says:

Hello, I have a pair of Beats Studio Wireless v2 , and I like it. So, I bought a pair of Bose QC35 II instead of the Beats Studio Wireless v3… For me, the sounds of the Bose sucks big time… Should I go with the Sony or the beats v3?

MutantDerpling ! says:

My right side always slips does that happen to anyone else

Himash Marcar says:

Guys I need your help
I am thinking of getting either the Beats Studio 3 or JBL E55BT. I realize that the price gap between do is roughly 20k.
But I want to know is the Beats Studio 3 really worth the extra 20k. Oh I also own an iPhone.

c mack says:

basically its all hype all these clueless uneducated millennials see a celebrity wearing these which are getting paid to wear them so they think its good just like mumble rap…bose doesnt advertise there headphone theres no need they know theres product is great–only mediocre products are advertised so the clueless brainwashed kids will buy them

Dat.Nigga says:

Using beats while watching this video

Angad Veer says:

Can they connect with andriod

Abdullaev Iskandar says:

I think they lack a lot of bass for $349!

Apple Alshenar says:

My ears sometimes hurt after wearing them for some time
There are better options

Necruz 2006 says:

Rn they are on sale for $280

SwingerHD says:

i looove my mdr x1000 by sony but it doesn’t have any bass. so i finna buy this as well! thanks for the review!

Luca Tedesco says:

well, they worked for about a year. Today, I walked to school in 12-degree Fahrenheit weather. I went to take them off, both of the arms ripped from the top bar. It might have been the cold but I am PISSED!

Aironas says:


박근우 says:

Lol, every single beats product that I have bought ended up getting defective, while my even older products from Bose are still running well. My Beats Studio Wireless 2.0 broke by itself and literally had to extensively argue to get a replacement. My brother broke the hook of the Powerbeats Wireless 3 and Apple support tells me to get a replacement for “139.99 EUR” which is basically the MSRP lol. My Beats Pill 2.0 battery is draining 30000 times faster than before, and yeah the story goes on… don’t even bother considering their products unless you are a type of guy who spends over 300 bucks on audio products every year and only care about flexing.

Harry Jerry says:

I’ve been meaning to ask whether you could probably get a video up about the beats studio 2 since however many years since they were released

Seven says:

This was the most unrealistic test. You really ‘beat’ those beats

疯狂的大眼萌 says:

If there is a beats headphone without speakers inside, I will buy it. That way it will be light enough. Also, the unimportant part for beats headphone, which is the sound, is gone.

Emily Verbitskiy says:


donte dupree says:

My main complaint with the beats studio 3 is the fact that is doesn’t pair with 2 devices at the same time. USB C would have been great and an EQ. I have so many headphones and variety is the spice of life. One last thing I wish I didn’t purchase black everyone has black.

Embient XXVII says:

I have Sony MDR-XB950N1 with NC (Noice canceling) and I don’t use it as much and I still enjoy it

Retribute says:

wait a minute, you’re from NC?

Devin Brown says:

Great review. I went with the Sony 1000 M3s

James Lin Music says:

purchased the beats decade studio 3s. the volume is loud and sound is balanced. just sad they used microUSB and has no passive mode, no charge and no cable renders this useless. but overall still good and the perfect iOS wireless overear headphones

Kingfish 85 says:

I have solos from 2016. Since today theys till work fine, bluetooth connects, batterys are fine. Earcups are starting to show their ware for sure. Starting to tear. They have held up to many times of throwing them off in anger and frustration from online gaming lol and also they do not breath as well. I mean when you workout with them on.

Bang Barang says:

Hi Jim! Between solo3 and studio 3 which one is better by your opinion?

jivenjc says:

This or m50x??

たっくん says:

I like the part when he points to the camera

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