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Beats Solo 3 Review
Beats Solo 3 vs Solo 2

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Gussamuel says:

Watching using my solo 3’s!

Charlie Finnamore says:

Do they fit anyone’s head?

Alex Meza says:

Who else cringes when he does the stress test

Leandro Cayao says:

what color are these?

Simen Vedvik says:

Is they better then jbl everest elite 700?

Kyle Sussey-Perry says:

can I charge these with a 2 amp charger or should I use 1a

EmbryonicMean 68 says:

I dont know if other people have this problem but I wear glasses and those can sometimes get in the way but not like this see when wear on ear headphones not over ear headphones after awhile my ear feel sore and that sucks because now i have to pat money for headphones that are comfortable and that dont make you sore after awhile. If anyone has this problem please comment below hopefully im not the only one.

Doosal Navarro says:


Josh Elliott says:

did you happen to try the beats studio wireless? trying to decided between these solo3, studio wireless, and jbl 700 elite. all are relatively close in price right now. I do some air travel as well. any input is appreciated.

eli parker says:

Your channel is by far the best on YouTube with MKBHD!

FC Orange says:

Honestly I just asked for the solo 2s for Christmas it’s not worth the extra monwy

I'm a Johnson says:

I hate stress tests

Innate says:

Every time I see Jim perform a stress test on headphones I feel so uncomfortable

MrLibye says:

Impeccable review.

GigglesGreene says:

Awesome reviews… was looking to see what a call sounds like in these… next time?

Milos Galic says:

I’m just getting the solo2

Andrei Uson says:

jimsreveiwroom compare beat solo2 vs beat solo3 make a vidio


Great review. Picked these up today from the Apple Store and fell in love with them for the sound and watching movies. Super comfortable as well.

The Goose says:

Jim do you live in Charlotte, NC

koolenboer says:

Hi, im still in doubt about the Beats Solo 3 vs Bose QC35. Which would you recommend?

Jelly Berry94 says:

i love how you filmed this video the lighting and everything it’s great!

TheMaw365 says:

I have beats studios, yeah they don’t flex like this one. The hinge does have metal in it, but it is only in the hinge joint and slider. The connection between the hinge and the band is a piece of inflexible plastic. It broke. Its a pretty shit design tbh. The fake leather ear cups got stripped of their coating pretty easy with daily use and after that leaked sound like the titanic. The heat build up was insane, the pressure (until the hinge joints bent out a bit, probably not a feature) was unbearable even for short periods. The sound was terrible, not tinny, just mushed by the bass, bass is great but when it utterly destroys everything else its kinda pointless. On ear bass is strictly a no go, not the way I wanted to learn that, better off with a portable bass pounder. Beats are dead to me, the design and sound hasn’t changed I like the style, I’ll give them that but everything else was just wrong and they don’t look like they have learned anything. Don’t buy this shit, monster elements look just as good and sound better, not that they are without their own flaws, being formerly with beats probably led to some poor design overlap.

MC Chiang says:

your videos are amazing oh my lord

Justin Tyler says:

Are these pretty good against sweat?

Faust_One says:

In your opinion, better these or Studio Wireless? Thx

Jorge Adriano says:

Also, I wanted to ask you how do the solo 3 work in noisy places since they don´t have noise cancellation. Thanks

Vincent Pihlblad says:

0:26 Why did you put the Urbanites as a “notable competitor” and not the Sennheiser Momentum 2s?

David Godal says:

Love ur vids! Would love to see a comparison between these and the monster isport freedom v.2 🙂 Keep up the good work!

Robin Neumann says:

2:08 that hurt

Iyana Evans says:

I like your intro music could you tell me the song

r3load says:

can anybody tell me if those headphone will drain a lot of my iphone 7 plus battery when used with bluetooth?

Brown BearTV says:

Like was for the intro music

Jorge Adriano says:

Hi Jim, i wanted to ask you if these headphones are compatible with samsung celphones, and if the battery life last the same with those celphones as well as the bluetooth range.. Mine is a samsung mini III. Thank you.

Charlie Finnamore says:

This was very helpful thanks

Kendric thegamer says:

Do the skullcandy crusher wireless… Appreciate it

I'm a Johnson says:

I got mines coming on Saturday btw I got the gold color

Keene Saul Crescini says:

Awesome reviews! How’s the call quality on it?

NLC_Productions says:

Luong? We got the same last name. Are you Chinese or Vietnamese?

BlondeBoyWonder says:

I was on the edge of getting the Solo 3’s; however, you’re review helped me realize that I probably do not need to and my solo 2’s will do just fine. Maybe when the solo 4’s come out..

JP Ag08 says:

So funny when people hate on Beats. News Flash: they are made for hip-hop listeners. Not like being made by Dr. Dre would give that fact away or anything. So if you are into classical music or something why would you buy headphones backed by a hip-hop artist?

Big Russian says:

Did you work for buzzfeed ?

J G says:

Nah I’m not gunna upgrade

Ahsen Ali Javed says:

Studio wireless or Solo 3 wireless ? 😀

Tyler Duchesne says:

What beats ever made has the best sounding quality?!

danielxmiller says:

Thank you! Great quality on your videos!

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