Beats EP On-Ear Headphones Review

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The Beats EP on-ear headphones deliver solid sound with a top notch build quality. If you prefer headphones that lean more towards heavy bass, you won’t be disappointed with the way these sound.

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Mohit Tandel says:

is this ep connect with android ?

Idgil Clavio says:

which one is better sound quality? the beats dr. dre or this beats EP?

YouaremyeverythingBIGBANG says:

I was so close to buying them then I read reviews on amazon. Everyone was saying the sound is great and the quality overall was great but after 3 months or so one side stopped working, or the sound became imbalanced.

The BBQ Jerk says:

Looks like I’m off to buy some Beats. The plastic on my Skull Candy simply snapped when I took them off my head. Junk.

Lumen Roy says:

What color should I get them in?

SteelGolem says:

This was a very detailed review. I liked it a lot!

Sophia Garrett says:

What is funny is that I am listening to this with this exact kind and color.

Alex Kintop says:

Do they work (with the volume buttons) on the galaxy s8?

Shawie chow chow says:

Is your beats ep still working? thank you for answering in advance

MurdochHailey says:

just bought these pieces of trash with a gift card

Gurkaran Singh says:

Listening this on beats ep

Angela Frazier says:

I bought a pair of these and had to replace them already. The cord is not very durable. It got pulled out from the jack by accident and broke so I was able to replace these. I love how they sound but I wish the cord was more sturdy. I am scared the new ones I have will break too . I have been extra careful with these. besides the cord , I love these headphones. Sound good and comfortable for long periods of time. Just wanted you guys to know…be careful with the cord. It seems to break easy if not careful. I have had so many headphones…and the jack has been yanked out by accident but have never broke this easy. Usually it would be the headband part that breaks on other headphones. Headband is sturdy on these. Just not the cord.

Hillel F says:

Great review!

YezzyKing123 says:

Will the volume rock work on iPhone 6S?

mark davison says:

My only complaint so far is that the cord length is too short. I plug them in to my desktop, and I find that I can’t sit very far back from my monitor

BlingBlingBoy 3B says:

Bruh the fuck are you talking about these headphones have noise cancellation

Simon Haley says:

Would this be better than solo hd?

Aimless says:

Is it usable on android

Cris Mejeli says:

I just bought them today I thought I was going to regret them but their pretty good

Yasin Ranjbar says:

great review. would love to hear more about the sound, since this is the primary reason about buying headphones

pepe the frog says:

can i use this to honor 7?

Zavier The Great says:

Omg it’s Nick Crompton

Mohit Tandel says:

i like your re.v.u

JDR 235 says:

Standard cord instead of a aux cord? I’ll pass

Ravinder2220 says:

Nice review

Akib Ansari says:

Can someone please suggest which color I should buy? I am not able to decide whether black or red ?

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