Beats EP Headphone Live Unboxing + First Impressions Review

Cheap Beats? Unboxing the new $129 USD Beats EP.
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So far, after an hour of listening and comparing to the Solo 2, I can say that for about half the price, the EP actually sounds very similar to the Solo 2. It has maybe a bit more bass, and is slightly less clear in the high frequency details than the Solo 2. But it still has the same basic profile: big, rich but controlled bass, vibrant mids and chesty vocals, not particularly detailed in high frequencies and compressed in the soundstage. But at the end of the day it’s a fun and enjoyable sound. I think the EP sounds a lot better than some other cheaper on-ears that I have heard.

The main differences with the Solo 2 seem to be more in the design. The EP
1) Doesn’t fold up
2) Has a flimsy and non-detachable flat cable compared to the nice, chunky and detachable cable on the Solo 2.
3) Has a sliding headband that uses friction rather than clicking into adjustment points
4) Slightly less clamping force, meaning its more comfortable than the Solo 2 while remaining stable on the head

Apart from these differences, it is a otherwise well designed and well finished headphone. It looks to be a decent choice for a bassy headphone under $150.


surgeon gamerz says:

cheoc out my video

Tyler Wolters says:

I got these today

Robz Sarmy says:

Its currently on sale on amazon

Veronica Reyes says:

r they good

Dezmar Gilbert Jr. says:

These not fake. because the people at my school just mad they can’t afford them


I just got these beats today can someone tell me if they are good or not

Sean Griffin says:

How much did you pay for them

RichThugVEVO says:

i have then in the rap and box infront of me i got it yesterday for my bday nit the ones i wanted so my dad order the ones i wanted

張棨泰 says:

Is this good? I’m going to buy,but l don’t how’s it use. If my sentence is wrong because I’m a Taiwanese.

Odin says:

79,00€ in germany

李川 says:

Hi sir. Could you please give me a reply . We just want let you make review of our products. Please give us an offer

Ifteharul Haque says:

Time travelling transgender Italian mobster……ooooookayyyy

ATVwayoflive says:

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H2 or this?

Kameron Jergenson says:

I just bought them for 110$

Ruthless says:

The speakers start crackling after awhile…

Tech Tax says:

I got it for $90 and I will do an unbox and review

The Sheepster says:

Just how loud did these go at max volume? Could you handle it?
(I have a thing for extremely loud headphones) Describe how it felt at 100% as best as you can. Thanks!

lucolucas says:

Boiiiiii you got ripped off

The Android Rec says:

Which one looks better Black or White??

So Randøm with King says:

Would you recommend these headphones??

Anđela Kulušić says:

Can i use them on samsung phone or its only for apple?

Kyleigh Mcclain says:

These arnt bad I use them mostly for gaming on PS4 I recommend them !

Michael Riga says:

I like to know urbeats earbuds last long

BuckMarley says:

This plus Aukey = cheap wireless headphones. I can use these with an iPhone 7. Take that Apple

Jesse Drieling says:

He bought fake beats

Jimmy Mike says:

so beats solo 2 is better?

You Toober says:


I was looking to get some good headphones to listen to music and videos on my computer. Would the beats ep headphones be a good choice?

Parish Drumgoole says:

Best beats to buy: Solo 2’s and 3’s and studios, the rest are terrible

DEV Gamer says:

jet black

Jimmy Mike says:

Also what does wooly sound mean?

bobbley Greenorangesalatjam says:

are they still alive?

Ruthvik Saravanan says:

does it sound bcoz i want to get 1 so

Anthony Tressic says:

the sound is aswame

Ruhama says:

These earphones have the worst noise isolation it’s literally like a speaker when the volume is not even high

That_Nice_Guy_From_Holland says:

Could it be that Apple is actually really improving the overall quality of the Beats products? It kind of seems like it…

Frog Holding Machine Gun says:

This man put on Grimes lol

Karina Asher says:

grimes!!! love it! i did not know that’s what kill v maim was about. good to know!

Ugg Ooga says:

published on my b-day!

GalaxyTrash says:

I got these for my Iphone 6 and you can still hear music without the headphones on even at 20% vol. These are genuine beats from the store aswell, Any Idea on why its doing this?

burns0100 says:

These would of been awesome headphones if the cable was detachable and the headphone band on top was also a cushion. I mean they sound ok, i found them to be really nice once burnt in and they felt good on my head. I like the direction Beats is going, they are getting to the point i might buy more.

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