Beats By Dr. Dre Mixr Headphone Review & Alternatives: Ouch!

Bassy sounding portable headphones with big comfort issues.

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Nick J says:

Damn this girl is so passive aggressive.

kirito says:

does the beats mixr work with the samsung galaxy s4 mini ?

Mark Wu says:

unbox the beats pro

LamsterLou says:

Is it just me or does my hair get stuck between the adjusters?

King Bill says:

will it be good for listening to rock on?

Donnie Lein says:

Quit shaking my head phones bro…
Their headphones not a shake weight… Just kidding bro you’re cool anyway I’ve got these headphones they are sick

Joel Fridolfsson says:

Your ears will get sour the first week but after a while they will feel realy good and you wil never get sour.

KrishKrusher says:

3 years ago i thought Beats was the best headphone i could buy i used to hear they are the best headphone you could ever buy from my friends..then i started to check in online and saw these bad reviews so i started to read all these reviews and watching youtube reviews and finally understood what a piece of crap headphone is beats.But the fact is beats is responsible for me becoming an audiophile.

Amir Abdullah says:

Just seen these for $62.00 at Walmart on the discount table

James J says:

Cool review and get a haircut ya hippie!

Jordan Burkhead says:

If dre would take the design of the mixrs and add to the sound quality as much as he can stayi g within the same size and add cushining to the earcups they would be perfect

Jeremy Alviedo says:

If you use it for a month they will adjust to your head!!
Now its not hurting my ears but still it too tight if you just bought it

Jon Snow says:

I have the beats mixrs and I won’t recomend them. They r veeery uncomf. They r not worth the prize either

Zombie -Z says:

Are they ok with watching youtube?

Andres Rey says:

Will the headphine jack fit into phones with cases on

The Amazing PoopyFace says:

Do the beats Pro please

alexobeatdj says:

Too much bass but I love them! Also I got a pair of hd 25 sennheiser.

JellyJolie says:

these or audio-technica ath m40/50x?

SVY says:

Not of my opinion about quality, but I agree about comfort and design.
Disclaimer: I am not an audiophile!

Federico Beretta says:

this or the beats solo 2? just for the sound quality

hankm16 ' says:

which is better the mixr or solo 2

Tibuleac Leonard says:

Lachalan what do you think about Razer kraken pro?Anyone please I need some comments about it.

Jordan Alston says:

I’ve been a Dj for going on 8 years now , and Djs famous , or amature do not use sennheisers or audio techna they use beats , the noise canceling is the best and the bass is what’s needed for beat matching I almost never in my life seen a Dj wear audio technica or sennheisers if anything they would use Sony , pioneer or numark headphones if not beats , Beats are a Dj headphone as well as for hip hop of you like rock buy other things but for people that listen to hip hop you can’t argue with them because bass is what drives the music and beats lead in that of course you can hear voices highs mid Ect but people who listen to hip hop rnb Ect want bass that beats provide beats just aren’t aimed towards rock because hip hop is the best trending music in this century that’s it people wake up and stop complaining.

chelsea mhandu says:

My pair broke crap quality

PsychoShadowI says:

Great review!

Toxic Frost says:

Dude I saw that lapfox Trax on your computer have to say nice way of saying your a furry without saying it lol

Arthur Watts says:

Lachlan, I hear what you’re saying about Beats reshaping the public’s perception of what a consumer headphone ‘should’ cost, but if I take that to its logical extension we should be auditioning everything from Apple, B&O, Bose and the other lifestyle brands where you are paying as much – or more – for form over function. I appreciated what Tyll had to say in his balanced review of the Beats Solo 2 HD, but seeing row after row of Beats fakes (priced accordingly, but fakes nonetheless) in different parts of Asia makes me cringe when I consider what it would be like if we had the same situation with Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and the other established headphone brands. 3 of the 6 or so vids that YT threw up next to yours are dedicated to separating real Beats from fake – I’m much happier not having to make the distinction at all. Thanks for the vid.

Hulk Buster says:

Hey guys, I have something to tell you about the Beats Mixrs. It is a DJ headphone, created in conjuction with David Guetta. So, you guys say that the Beats Mixrs are uncomfortable after a long time because the clamping force is too high. Well, do YOU GUYS even watch David Guetta’s live performance? Do YOU GUYS know that David Guetta doesn’t wear the headphones for long periods but takes off the headphones after wearing them for like a few minutes? Do YOU GUYS know that David Guetta personally wanted the Beats Mixrs to be so tight on HIS head? Well I guess YOU GUYS don’t know about any of these FACTS. So, please don’t say Beats Mixrs are uncomfortable just because you guys don’t know about why these headphones are made for. No offense tho. Just want you guys to know why the Mixrs are uncomfortable after a long period of time. Thx. Nice Day.

SVY says:

I bought the mixr (fashion victim) and I hate it!
Sounds like shit!

Tony_yeung says:

hey,i want a pair of beat ,beat mixr and new studio,which should I choose ?

MrPenguin30 says:

Would these work for rock or hard rock

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