Bang & Olufsen E8 – TRULY WIRELESS Earphones – REVIEW

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Bang & Olufsen E8 Truly Wireless Earphones Review

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Bogdan Verbenets says:

OMG its 2018 and they are not USB type-C

Ian Ching says:

Earin M2 or B&O E8 which is better?

Michael Madsen says:

How much?

Avoice says:

Loved your content. Might be nitpicking but ur speech volume fluctuates too much. Wish you’d work on a more stable speech clarity and tone.

Spaceman 7 says:

i have had them for 24 hours so far and here is what i think..
– pairing is really a nightmare and very very frustrating
– i have first paired them to my iPhone, it showed they were connected but no sound was coming out of them..
– then decided to pair them to my apple watch, same nightmare but you will have to switch your iPhone bluetooth off before you go through the frustrating pairing and finally they worked.
later on i wanted to listen to music on my iPhone but again they wouldn’t connect so i had to switch my apple watch totally off before i could connect them to my iPhone and again, there was no sound coming out of them and when i looked at the setting in my iphone it was showing they were not connected! where on the app it was showing there WERE connected!!!
then i thought maybe i could use my apple watch to listen to music since they wont connect to my iPhone but again, they wouldn’t connect to my apple watch!!

when they worked, in the beginning, they stayed in my ears while i was running.
the volume is very low but acceptable. connection drops every now and then..
they do look and feel extremely sold but for the above mentioned problems, not worth the money..
the experience has been more frustrating than anything else..
i will be bringing them back!!

dwayne reavis says:

Does anybody at else have connection issues

Dary David says:

I like your info very much and I am considering on a purchase for Jabra Elite Active 65t in the near future

Lloyd Vargas says:

Hi, I was just wondering how is the phone pairing on these? Like is it easy to pair to the phone or somewhat tedious?

Haroldo Fiuza Neto says:

7:21 music????

Viktoriya Pavl says:

Ur great…..!!!!!! Thanks for this video……

Monsta F1sh says:

What do you mean by fatigue your ears??

Mark Elliott says:

Hi I’m wondering what you think are the best wireless pods for taking calls and ft? I heard that the sound sport free by bose only play audio through one earbud during phone calls. Could you confirm that please. Thanks

Mr. Raj says:

Hello Sir…
I always enjoying ur video’s very much…
Sir plz suggest me a pair of truly wireless earphone which has similar sound Like RHA T20i.
Current i am using RHA T20i And T20i is my favorite pair of earphone.


AL24 says:

For that price, u should get at least 3 pairs of foam tips

Elfin4 says:

I had two of these and both failed eventually returned for a refund. Not good given the price.

pilot7791 says:

I brought this ears Bt b&o e8 my opinion is bullshit sound very poor ear plug uncomfortable and caller Can not hear you , and also heavy

MuayThaiBora says:

Donnie yen!!

EnVaZe says:

I know ill sound like a health nerd but I have to ask, do they push back ear wax? I have Bose ear buds that are sport but they aren’t marshmallow shaped yet they still pushed back wax in my right ear enough for it to get the sensation of ear fullness

Yokim Bonggotgetsakul says:

Your reviews are super fair! I love how you are unbiased and at the same time not trying to bash other companies like other reviewers! keep up the good work! subscribed!

Angel Barajas says:

Can you review the song xb50bs, wf-sp700n, and the sp600n

Oleksa Zobkiv says:

Just watched this review on my beoplay e8

Camping Elitist says:

I never watch the video. I read the comments.

Binh Nguyen says:

Very nice video, Jim. Thanks!

T-DO says:

Any one else here from there BBY Accommodation???

Rick G says:

I’m currently comparing the E8’s to the Bose soundsport. Fresh out the box I feel the Bose have more prominent deep bass. Bass is near non existent on the E8’s. However, I’ve heard the E8’s have a burn in period and bass improves. Have you witnessed this?

MorAlity Records says:

Hi Jim great videos! What would you recommend for me as far as wireless in ears… I want to use them fro running and more general use and listen mainly to quite full on trance music mostly! Please tell me what you you would go for?

Bryan Hunt says:

How can you give a review on Bang and Olufsen speakers if we can’t hear their full audio quality through our speakers?

Sereno Dominguez says:

make sure u take a whiff here

Keisar Nevananda says:

I watch this using the beoplay e8 :v

Michael Douglas says:

Makes you look like Frankenstein though

Cubing With A Twist says:

Hey Jim, just came back to this vid, but hopeing everything is ok, haven’t seen you at all in a while, missing the content!

TuanyKeyz says:

Are you related to Donnie Yen IP man? Or yall just know each other?

Ekta Maru says:

Hi Jimmy jus wanna ask overall which 1 u prefer bang & olufsen/ bose / sony??

Juan Bonilla says:

Can u do a review on jbl free

P H says:

Hi Jimmy, thanks for the amazing and informative content. I am in the process of deciding between the Jabra Elite, Bose Sound Sport and B&O E8. I really like the Bose just not sure about the fit they stick out quite a bit. If it were your money which one would you purchase? Your advise would be greatly appreciate. Regards Perino

Smellavision says:

I’m not sold on the concept of truly wireless earbuds. The absence of a wire creates more problems than it solves. Less battery life. An extra piece of hardware to carry around (the charging case). They are easily lost/separated. Where do you put them when you just want to take them off for a minute? And they’re generally way more expensive.

Diego Schwartz says:

One question, do you hear calls on both headphones or just one like the bose free sport??

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