Bang & Olufsen Beoplay B&O H6 Headphone – REVIEW


Bang and Olufsen B&O Beoplay H6 Review




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Daniel Calle says:

How is the isolation ? I own a bose qc15, but I want to improve it. The ANC is amazing, but, Can this headphone isolate well ? Or expend 200 more and get the H8 ?

Jahmal Aika says:

Review the Beoplay h9 please!!

Philip Harris says:

are these the first or second version?

Chuck Norris says:

I love your reviews. Please do beoplay h7 thank you!

k1lls says:

is the base really good on these I listen to electronic and hip hop music..

Deadeyenumber2 says:

Hey Jimmy, HUGE fan of the show. You’re reviews have helped me make a purchase on my favorite headphones so far, the Sennheiser HD 598 do the trick for me. Only problem I have is that I love a little more bass than they offer. Other than that, they sound great. I was wondering if you can point out some headphones that I should check out. What I praise in headphones are comfort and sound, I don’t care how ugly they look. I like bass but not too much where it drown out the mids and highs

212flako says:

what is your favorite headphone at the moment

Pos Ki says:

Beoplay H7 review, please.

Syahrul Anwar Jamaludin says:

Hey jim, are you planning to do one for the new h4 this year?

Paolo Gilberto says:

how are they compared to the Sennheiser Momentums 2 ? I have the M2 and feel they are a bit veiled and a bit more bass than neutral for indoor listening , but excellent for outside …and the comfort is FABULOUS :)))

OgerRenzuken says:

These are Over-Ear, right?

Xintong Zhao says:


Russ Hogan says:

Hey, people. These are currently on my shopping list, but I’m in love with the cream coloured ones. Questions to those that know… are they going to get dirty/wrecked after long term use? Any replies would be appreciated ☺

Joanna Winfield says:

Great review thanks. So nice to see somebody actually wearing the headphones, so you can see what they look like on.

RivalBro says:

I tested these with 5 different genres and did not like them, Bose QC25 were much better imo

Stefan Thöni says:

Is this the second generation of beoplay h6?

Sanket Naik says:

Hey Jimmy!!!!! Great video as usual mate!!!!!! It would be great if you could test the Bowers and Wilkins P7. They are alsmost always mentioned in every post around the internet while searching for the H6.

Alex Gonzalez says:

Subscribed to since about November last year. Always high-class videos. Keep up the great work bro.

lewis Hussain says:

has he reviewed psb m4u2’s?

moonwalkman99 says:

Test the h6 second gen!

Rafael Sazo says:

Are these the 2nd gen ? If not,when are you doing the review?

Dranzer kai says:

Your reviews are jaw dropping!

Manuel Isco says:

Do the review of the Beoplay H5 Wireless please!

Harpreet Singh says:

can anyone pls tell me, which are the best headphones between beoplay H6 2nd generation and beoplay H7, i actually want to know which has got more bass and detailed sound???? i can’t decide which i should choose… help me

Eli Friedman says:

Hmmm. Overall beautifully shot and edited review, but not so accurate. I do have a pair of the plain black H6, which I adore, but they DO have a built-in mike that I use quite often with my iPhone for high quality conversations. Still, I do appreciate the production quality and beauty of your reviews. Cheers.

ACR2017 says:

beoplay H9 review please

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