Audio Technica ATH-R70X Reference Headphone – (Multiple) First Impressions Review

3/3 agree, Audio Technica might have a winner!
ATH-AD1000x VS ATH-R70x:
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chai lee says:

Would you say they have more or less bass than the dt880?

Dustin Turner says:

I think the AD1000x’s still sound like the winner for me. I listen to a lot of bands with female vocals, and that and guitars are my main focus during listening.

Rohan Espada says:

You’re description of the R70x’s sound instantly reminded me of the HD800, or at least maybe a slightly leaner and tamer one. It sounds like a technically marvelous “soulless” headphone. That said, I’m really interested in demoing R70x. It’ll be particularly interesting considering I’m a great fan of the much maligned AD-series’ coloured sound.

isaiah.exe says:

How is the sound stage on these? And I know the last time you we’re undecided, but now that you’ve had them for a bit longer, would you prefer these or the K712’s? I can only get one, and I’m undecided. The headphone should be good all around but ill also be using it for gaming so your opinion is appreciated.

asdf says:

Do you think the O2 is well suited for these? Or do you think there are better alternatives in a similar price range?

Thanks in advance 😀

Ariush says:

pls, pls, pls
tell me which one is better for mixing and mastering K712 pro OR ATH-R70X ??

Adrian S says:

Please give them LOTS of burn-in time! Before your final review, that is.  They may achieve better bass when well burned in.

Guillaume Lemieux says:

What would be better a pair of ATH-AD1000X or these for competitive gaming? needs alot of soundstage, clear sounds, not too much bass? or would you recommend an other model?

kakashi hatake says:

“I made it in to the bloody end of role…..”

Thomas Hoang says:

Did you even tell your friends they were going to be in your video?  They seem super uncomfortable!

Dillon Amor says:

Lachlan, do you have any idea of the sound quality on the Philips SHP9500? :3

Andy Yoon says:

That new headband design looks awesome!

Jon Ma says:

Thomas’s playlist:
1. LiSA – L.Miranic
2. BiBi – Cutie Panther

Satyrua says:

What would you say about R70X in comparison with Sennheiser HD700?

flashxm1 says:

I have the AD900X and my ears ever so slightly touch the baffle but it’s never uncomfortable. How will I feel about the R70x? I’m guessing it’s shallower because the drivers are not angled but only the earpads are slightly angled however not to the degree of the AD1000x pads.

Ashutosh Dave says:

What is the difference between a reference headphone and monitor headphones?
Which one is good for music production? Are there any good reference closed back headphones?

Btw, very nice and detailed review!

Gana Dewanto says:

This or Fidelio X2?

oskarfahlstrom says:

Could you expand on why you found the fit and finish a little below par?

antunkatona says:

Hi Lachlan! Are these made in Japan?

ShearMeZ says:

I’ve been looking at AT products lately – I want something with fairly forward mids for some instrumental music. Already own HD650 and K612, but the 612’s treble is just a tad too forward to highlight cellos and trombones. Might the R70X be something to consider, or would I be better off getting a closed-back A900X?

Izanagi says:

I’m really glad you care about comfort as much as I do and always mention it. Wearing comfort seems to be an afterthought for a lot of headphone reviewers.

Hola Senor says:

I love clean sound and my ATH-AD900x, so they look so interesting. (☆_☆) But oh fuck the impedance 0_o

Muhammad Kharismawan says:

I am hunting down for a MA900, and been using the entry level MA100 for 2months its still the most comfortable headset I own (the other AT M40x and Grado SR60e) if people say its very good for movie I really will pool my money for one 🙂

Mario Mateo says:

Thanks! I will definitely check out the Sony MDR-MA900.

Roby Johan says:

give me an opinion about best portable amp DAC.. What i should looking for before buying it? I’m looking for fiio e10k or e11k.. Thanks

Mario Mateo says:

Lachlan, I own a pair of ATH-M50x’s, but I sort of want to upgrade to the next level with some open backs. The M50x’s are good for video editing and general everyday use, but recently I’ve been using them to watch movies from my Denon home theater reciever, and they’re good, but starting to get uncomfortable. Are the ATH-R70x’s my next logical step up from my m50x’s?  Thanks, in advance.

Taygun says:

Any idea on how well the Audioengine D1 would go with powering one these?

La Platti says:

What about bass…?! I listen a lot to dubstep and trapstep 😉
Are the sennheisers hd 600 better with that or what would you recommend?

10,000 Subs With No Videos says:

This or the AKG K712? I would have to purchase an amp if I bought these…

정종우 says:

LiSA and BIBI???

Jang Gwang says:

What are your thoughts on the rha ma750?

Akul Bhatt says:

Watching this video with an R70x 😛

Pyramid Never says:

Can you review more low end sennheiser headphones? Like the 400 series. I’d really appreciate it.

Antun Katona says:

Hi Lachlan! I am looking to get a pair of neutral open-back headphones and am now deciding between the K702 and R70X. I do a lot of analogue recordings so sometimes I need to verify what is being recorded on tape is as close to the source as possible. So neutrality is important. What would you recommend? Thanks! Antun

Rohan Espada says:

lel Cutie Pather

1bentley4ever says:

Your O2 isn’t a great choice for the R70x. The best choice for it would probably be an OTL tube amplifier since its power band is more in the range of high ohm headphones. I think Audio Technica made the R70x deliberately high impedance to allow it to be used with higher end equipment.

Gray Au says:

😀 your friends are weebs m8 that Japanese music playing made me happy 😀 are these burned in? We can’t have your friends and yourself making opinions without burn in.

rajesh kumar says:

does m50x good for consumer use without amp.?

Moar Desu says:

J-pop/K-pop playing in the background, hell yeah!

Unco Karaage says:

Would a Avid Mbox3 power the R70Xs?

Maciej Maciej says:

how do you compare them to hd600?

metal571 says:

I would love to put these against the HD 600 because it almost sounds exactly like I’d describe the Sennheisers as well.

Clement Hii says:

What is the soundstaging on this headphone like? I’m also looking for a headphone with a relatively forward soundstage, if you can recommend any.

Usagi Asagi says:

Based on quick look, the detachable cables look like 2.5mm ends that were also used on the m50x series.  Is that right?

Anyways, I’m looking forward to your comparison between the AD-1000x and R70x.  I currently have the AD-1000x and I’m thinking about picking a pair of R70x for monitoring/neutral eq listening.


can you review the ad 2000x

ManicMindTrick says:

When are you going down the e-stat route?

AstroGamerSteve says:

Lacking bass is not a downside. These are Audio Technicas reference range of headphones, designed for music creators not music consumers. As a creator you want a flat frequency response (this is what the music REALLY sounds like, and as a result will lack bass in comparison to consumer headphones in general which emphasise bass), so you can hear what you’re doing to the sound as accurately as possible, and will translate well to a set of music consumer headphones with a less accurate but more enjoyable frequency response. The frequency response of consumer headphones can be louder at some frequencies and quieter at others, but on average the consumer population will be hearing close enough to what you were hearing on your reference headphones, because the frequency response is always in the middle of those cheap consumer frequency response variations.

lmjpeter says:

How do these compare with ma900?
In terms of sound quality, sound stage and comfort.
Which do you prefer? And why?

Thank you so much for your review! 🙂

Cal Ward says:

SO excited for this review!

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