Audio Technica ATH-M70X Review!

M50x now has a big brother: ATH-M70x!

Audio Technica ATH-M70X:

Audio Technica ATH-M50X:

ATH-M50X Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



John says:

Both these and the M50x are shit.

Felix Jonathan Tjuatja says:

m40x is the best

Gibran Ramadhani says:

are this headphone wireless?

CGX4 says:

Hey guys, I’m getting the m40x and I was wondering if I’m able to get a shorter cable for day to day use?

Brandon Rodriguez says:

sennheiser hd 598 or ATH-M50x which one would you recommend

Bacho Pacho says:

€150 for headphones is now considered cheap?! Some people work a whole month for that amount of money.

Chengeer Lee says:

Damn….best reviewer in Youtube)) Amazing job! Bravo!

Sensei Dekkers says:

T o o M u c h T r e b l e

Rohith Rohstar says:

How did you get the red color?! M50x?

Daisy Ortiz says:

I just bought the M50’s can’t wait till they come in!

MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン says:

4:52 that surprised me,i thought it was showing different graph for both headphone but nope it was Beats graph ,I almost died choking from laughter

Harshvardhan Pratap Singh says:

i think your tips really help

Andika Hartawan says:

Hi Marques! I need your help/expertise please!

Just want to ask, does the left side of your M50x sound a bit louder than your right side? The guy at the store said its because the cable comes from the left so it will sound a little louder because the signal will need more time/power to power the right side. I want to claim the warranty on my M50x because I don’t think its suppose to be slightly imbalance. I can’t find any info online, please help?? If you could shed some light on this I would GREATLY appreciate it

Pablo Andrez Campoverde says:

Marques Please do a review on the new Skullcandy Crusher wirless

Payro Berat Pala says:

Focal Spirit Professional
Mix and Mastering Which is best good?

Alex Bankov says:

His Video Gear is only 19 000$. Nothing, huh?

Elias Fed says:

I’m just salty that my MSR7 didn’t come with a case, just a bag…

Mr.RickyBobby says:

m40x master race

★_Vizualize_★ says:

I have the M20x pretty sweet, not bad compared to my Beats EP which sucks.

Vract Here says:

Ive used my m50x’s for 2 years for editing, as of right now I’m looking for a new pair of headphones, any suggestions?

John says:

Also that M50x vs M70x freq chart is fucking retarded. Stop spewing shit please.

TyeMaiShuPLEASE says:

noice review 😀

Avtar Rai says:

are these the sand size as the m50x?

Lee Cason says:

How much better are these than the m50xs? I mean coming from someone who isn’t MKBHD (I love him but I want more than one opinion)

Serpathy says:

So the M50x sounds better than the M70x?

MrNwn007 says:

4:50 so beats have more bass? or?

Stanzin Yontan says:

u explain really nicely…helped me a lot

James Roy says:

That’s a good looking niga 😀

Lucas Music is power says:

I’m wearing the ATH m50x right now, they rock, fuck you haters.

Addison Kwong says:

These are not for casual listening at all. It has waaaay boosted treble, and decent bass, with little midrange, making it extremely harsh on your ears. To me, I’m still a youngster so I can hear very minute changes in sound, the treble and detail is pushed into your face unapologetically, and is so sharp I feel like my ears are getting raped. get the m40xs, the 50x have really boosted bass, kind of like beats but still a ton better XD

Alex S says:

dude, you are good and honest, you care. Love ALL your reviews. Thanks for all your hard work.

Patriks Stabulnieks says:

Are they better than Bose

LucidityTruth says:

If you’re spending $300+ and not getting the Sennheiser HD600, you’re doing it wrong.

Rooftop Gaming says:

I have the same audio interface

UPRIZE says:

Some people said these are trash due to high treble, some others praises it. Can anyone help me out whether to get these or not? (For music production)

B Down says:

Are these good for gaming / long hours of using?
I have bigger ears, don’t like tight headphones, as for gaming comfort is priority

omri cabaza says:

whats the company name of your speakers back there? they look good

Avtar Rai says:

hey guys do you think grado sr80es are good editing headphones

Jorge Pérez says:

Great video!!!! Someone may know…Can you “fix” the lack of bass using an equalization app that adds lower? In fact it is better to have a real flat sound and then with an equalization app adjust the values ​​and put you lower.

Benjamin Malave says:

4:56 Is that real?

Ren_Pres says:

The treble in this pair are so high

yousif alabbasi says:

we want a video review of audio technica ath msr7…

Devin Beverage says:

Are these still the best at this price point or has their been an update to the series?

Jef Gulickx says:

The graph was very informative! Thank you so much for that 😀

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