Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Headphone Review

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Today I review one of the most popular headphones among youtubers; the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. After the rave surrounding these things, I was expecting them to be the best headphones I had ever used, or be some kind of world changing experience. After 2 weeks of using these headphones, I honestly just don’t understand the hype.

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00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Price / Testing Parameters
00:58 – What’s in the Box
01:21 – Build Quality
01:59 – Specifications
02:16 – Overall Sound
02:42 – Sound Test Link
02:52 – Pros & Cons
03:30 – Outro

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Maškov Production says:

Try msr7.. They re miles better than m50x.. I have both..

oooppiikkk says:

cough m40x, cough

NW says:

The M50Xs are good but not great headphones; the dt770 80 ohm are a much better sounding set if you can get them for the same price.

RomanAbloSir says:


DragoFTW says:

I think the logo on the headphones sick af.

Hazzard 123 says:


Jm says:

random question, how do you find wearing glasses with headphones. I wear glasses sometimes but always hate how they feel if I try them on while using headphones

Coffee House Media says:

Lol that’s my kind of lawyer

supertree08 says:

Was thinking about getting these to upgrade from my HyperX Cloud II, but I don’t know anymore; I’m probably going to keep researching.

lonk says:

I’d love to see a comparison with the m40x. I hear that it’s a more natural sound and good for studio purposes, but less bass.

gamergutt 18 says:

Is the Knox dynamic microphone or the Samson Q2U better? Plz answer

Recchi Sexy says:

I’m disappointed that you advertise the modmic instead of the vmoda boompro.


Can you test old microphone
Audio technica 3525

YouTube Channel says:

one day podcastage should make a channel with only the good stuff on review.

Darkangle says:

Yessss, Andrew! You found the right format for headsets. *proud*.

Can I request a review? If so, ISK HD9999 Are my top 1 to 10 requests ^^. I still think they even outperform the Sennheiser 650’s. Whish makes the price incredibly cheap, compared to.

reggiep75 says:

Nice ‘phones and a very desirable purchase

I’ve still got some 17 year old Sony DJ peasant ‘phones that are a tad bass heavy but have a nice airy treble, so a nice sound, but they nip your head like a lobster with a bad idea of a head massage and 45-60 mins wear is all I risk and risk is the operative word!

They did only cos £20 tho hahaha.

Electronics For Fun says:

why is bandrew not a youtube tech authority yet? come on guys smash that subscribe button!!!!

YourMomsBoyFriend says:

Add the ATH-M40X’s and Status Audio CB 1 =)

Fvu31 says:

Overrated headphones that blast you with lows and bass.

Simon Trevallion says:

Thanks for this Bandrew 🙂 as a kid I hated those tinny headphones you’d get with a passion, the kind that cost £1 and you ran thru your Walkman … These day’s I’ve got a few pairs of fairly decent cans, I won Beats Solo 2’s from McDonalds ! But … they’re so bassy they’re as muddy as mud so I get where you’re coming from with your review … there needs to be a balance, good bass responce but clear highs & balanced mids … I’ve yet to find great cans but the Sennheiser HD20’s (cheap) that I used to have were pretty good, as were a pair of ear buds from them … Apple earpods are VERY good also, but that’s another subject !

Walter White says:

Review microphone Hsr3.2 Pls

YouTube Channel says:

only buy these if you have never used good speakers or headphones before and you need something to listen with when riding in the backseat of moms minivan. tldr this channel is for the children. children dont have quality standards. therefore buy this and call of duty and impress your poor 12 year old friends.

Nasser Dhaghriri says:

I dunno why, but I always find myself smiling while I’m watching your videos. I support you with all I have. Keep up the good work

DuhAshun says:

After watching this review turns out I wasn’t alone on this, I bought an M40X last year based off of forums saying it has better highs and a flatter signature than the M50X’s with a sacrifice on bass. They weren’t lying. Albeit that sacrifice is remedied by having a good sound card and/or Dac. It pretty much replaced my AG1X for gaming as well

مها بلوق Mhablg says:

I like it but it’s tight on the head .. im looking for something else

James P says:

Dude, congrats on sponsor. Well earned from the high quality videos you put out. Hope all goes well looking forward.

Gatsu says:

I love my ATH-m50x and have been using them for years. Only complaint is the pads aren’t the most comfy and they start to flake after a while.

To anyone who’s due for a change of pads, try the Shure HPAEC84. Doesn’t change the audio signature and is way comfyer.

Nice video as always btw @Podcastage 😀

music_ Seeker says:

Yep, I agree over hyped and not great sounding. The little brothers of the m50x the m40x sound better imo.

StringStorm ‌ says:

Funny thing, I call these the “If you wanna go deaf” headphones because the treble on this thing is just too much. Having sonarworks reference doesn’t redeem its sound quality.

If you ask me, skip the m50x and m70x. Stick with the m40x.

NOOBandBRO says:

that ad tho lol

majik fam says:

Don’t really write comments and I’ve been lurking this channel for the past few weeks trying to find a good microphone that would suit my needs and you are by far the best reviewer with comparisons and easy explanations. Happy to see that you have gotten a sponsor 🙂 congratulations!

alexis herbert says:

You should compare them with another headphones, like the sennheiser 598 or another of the same price range

Zander Clucas says:

Add the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro to the poll!

oranebeast says:

If headphones are subjective in opinion, what’s something that’s a concrete representation of headphones for most users? I’m looking for a relatively cheap pair of headphones to allow me to do some basic audio work; what would you recommend?

Robbie Gordon says:

What are your go to headphones?

Stefan Abad says:

Try the Shure SRH 840.

Paulo Parreira says:

That’s why i bought the M40x.

Kevin Williams says:

I didn’t like the M50x either. For me the bass was way too much and the trebble too harsh. It starts out ok at low volumes but the louder it goes the more V shaped it got. And nice job on that mod-mic ad!

Simon Skåreborn says:

I would like to see bandrew try out the Astro a40 tr headset

NOOBandBRO says:

fan of h3 and idubbbz hm?

Graydon Sims says:

I would personally recommend the M40x headphones rather than the m50x. The bass is less intense, and the highs are a lot sharper because of it. They are my headphones of choice and one of my favourite purchases ever

Feroze gaming54HD says:

Bandrew i had the BM 800 but it does not work anymore i have some new options i want to know which one you recommend which connects dierectly to laptop on windows or with usb sound card my options: sf922b , neewer 300e , pyle PDMIC78 , or any other usb/dyanamic mic that you recommend which cheap under 20 pounds or dollars

Anastasios Stanislav says:

So much excitement because most people don’t know anything about audio, don’t care enough to be picky. (Or just don’t notice a difference) Personally I think the ATH-M50X are overpriced/over-hyped. I’d much rather get myself some nice Beyerdynamic cans… However that too is subjective… (Obviously)

24 hour if only royale? says:

I have voted for it so many times!! Can you please do a review on the blue bluebird?

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