Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Headphone Review

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Today I review the little brother to the most popular headphones on youtube, the Audio Technica ATH-M40x. These are very similar to the M50x, but with a flatter frequency response. The only complaints I have about these would be that they get warm over long periods of time, the cable system has a proprietary mount, and the mid frequencies seem to have a slight cut to them. Other than that they are relatively neutral and a decent option if you’re looking for a set of studio headphones.

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00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Price / Testing Parameters
00:59 – What’s in the Box
01:18 – Build Quality
02:32 – Specifications
02:46 – Overall Sound
03:52 – Pros & Cons
05:04 – Outro

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Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Monitor Headphones


Joris 1 says:

Did you find replacement cables ?

andriup says:

Thumbs up for that sponsor clip! XD

Metzger100 says:

Hey Bandrew,

Can you test some wireless Microphone systems. If it is possible, please some condensor mics for chorals. It would be great if the system costs more than 500$ Dollar. Is this possible?

Greatings from Bavaria!

walid seddiki says:


Tom says:

can you do a video for the 7506? I know there’s already thousands of reviews out there for it but we like yours!

Gustavo Murillo Vega says:

Review the 7506, compare them to other headphones. I think they are the best closed at 150 dollars range. And I doubt something with more money will sound that much better. The M40X sound congested, I didn’t like them at all, and even though they have a smaller coiled cable, is more fragile and the headphones themselves even though the earcups are the same size, the headphones themselve are way bigger. I though you could fold them flat, but is not that flat, I prefer to fold as a ball my 7506, is less space. I could sure buy a smaller cable for the m40s but if I don’t like the sound nor the comfort what’s the point.

Πέτρος Τραγουστής says:

yo @podcastage, is it worth to spend 50$ more for the m50x instead of buying the m40x?

czdaniel1 says:

2:26 — Oh, damn. That’s what I suspected. Great review. I cannot believe the number of YouTube reviewers that completely FAIL to mention a proprietary connection. I’m sorry my V-Moda Boompro + AT-m50x (or m40x) plans just fell through.

Murdoch says:



Please review the Focal Utopia Circum-Aural Open Back Headphones next. Looking forward to it.

MrHamit64 says:

Hmmmmm 24 KHZ is good. They should be pretty good. I’ve heard Audio-Technica phones before and they are pretty crisp.

Lovro Sabljak says:

I first wanted to buy the m40x but I decided to buy the m50x insted because of the better build quality and the slightly cleaner high frequencies 🙂 Good video 🙂 Can you please review m20x and m30x soon? 🙂

Planet Tyro says:

oh shit son – we made this exact purchase a few weeks back… agreed very decent.. not outstanding but very decent – worth the price in our book – good review

Lainer says:

This might be me, but I dont think your audio sounds that good.

Sheikh Ji Technical says:

Plz sir talk to me why diffrent roland quad vs duo capture plz

Hreniuc Iulian says:

2:27 What do you mean? Can’t I replace the cable with a normal 2.5 to 3.5 if it breaks or something? Because if this is the case then it’s a deal breaker.

moraed52 says:

how are the highs on these?

SlowFox says:

Had these for 2 years. They’re Great! Had to buy a third party chord though. The ones that came with them were to long for everyday use, like listening to music from a phone, or listening to YouTube while at Starbucks.

Zipo214 says:

Audiotechnica 990x all the way…

reggiep75 says:

I thought my brain was broken as there was rattling in the audio near the end and I’ve just spent the last 3 hours having epileptic fits. Damn I thought my brain was well and truly broken hahaha

HeyItsMeSam says:

Would love to see you review the Senheiser HDR 160, almost nobody has put out a review for them and being someone who can’t stand headphone cables, i think they are the best wireless headphones under $200.

Wyatt Edgecomb says:

I have a pair of these, and my roommate has the m50x’s and having compared them extensively, I agree with what he said about the mids. The m50s also sound a bit smoother overall, and I would prefer them for media consumption, the difference in preference is almost negligible for me (and I have Reinkus Heinz 15″ mainspeakers in my living room.)

Mxdanger Gaming says:

No usb-c? That’s disappointing I would expect they would chose the professional option…

Myrmidon says:

Why did ModMic make you dress up like Dwight from The Office for the promo spot?

Trevor Luke Gaming says:

Cyber acoustics cvl 2004

Gustavo Murillo Vega says:

review the 7506s! I love them

NOOBandBRO says:

lol, your memes are on point

Try Hard says:

Sennheiser HD 598 Cs or Audio-Technica ATH-M40x?

sɴᴇᴅᴅᴏ / ᴊᴀᴄᴋ says:

only me that gets weird pop sounds when pausing a video with the m40x, please respond m40x users.

doctor frost says:

Tbh I can’t comprehend the lack of versatility for these types of headphones. All proprietary cable work with literally no in-line remote or mic options being sold by audio-technica. Kind of a bummer because it means you need after-market solutions if you want to do something as basic as answer a phone call.

That isn’t acceptable to me. You can’t be a company that makes high-end microphones, high-end headphones, and somehow lack the ability to combine the two at a reasonable price. Amazing headphones for studio use that could also be great headphones for everyday use, but a simple cable remote is what separates it from being just that.

Cameron Chauvaux says:

I’ve got these and couldn’t stand the regular earpads. I got these to replace them.

Brainwavz Hybrids:

Strawhat Jaber says:

I want to put a shorter detachable cable for casual listening. Can I buy any kind without affecting the sound quality? Does Audio-Tech make smaller cables?

Daniel Hrvatin says:

how would these go when traveling on a plane ?

Durgesh Kshirsagar says:

Which one would you recommend for long session and comfort. I am confused between Sony MDR 7506 and Audio Technica M40X. Audio quality is not my priority. Comfort is my main focus for long sessions. Thank you in advance!

Sanji ASMR says:

The only reason , I avoid buying them is because of the leather pads, I hate lather pads
The make my ears hot and sweaty , I wish MX40 came with a velour padding!!!

Thomas Lane says:

Just bought these price matched at my local guitar center for 79.99 (Sweetwater had the sale) best 80 bucks I’ve ever spent.

Noah Kramer says:

Now $80 on Amazon

Trevor Luke Gaming says:

cyber acoustic’s cvl 2004

Chicken Man says:

DO NOT BUY THESE they have a weak point at the hinge me and my brother got a pair they both broke!

darth_rich says:

You’re really finding your stride now… the channel is going to blow up! <3 Marina

Jonathan says:

I’d get these to keep my ears warm

Beats and Speaks says:

Are you using a PR40 as the mic in this video?

Syed Sarfaraj Amed says:

Awasome video . Thanks for the review. I’m confused which one to chose Audio-Technica ATH-M40x or Sennheiser HD 598 CS Closed Back . May you suggest me which one is better in the same price?

John Doe says:

Hey, thanks for the review. Could you go into a little more detail as to why you perfer mixing with the MDR 7506’s? I’m looking travel and record/edit music on the way. Would you suggest the MDR 7506’s over the m-40x? Thanks again!

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