Audio Technica ATH-M20X Headphone Review – BEST Budget Friendly Headphones?

My Audio Technia ATH-M20X review covers everything from comfort to sound quality [Links Below]

Best Price for ATH-M20x headphones
Best Price in UK
Best Price in Canada

Head to head comparison of the ATH-M20X, ATH-M30x, ATH-M40x and ATH-M50X Video

Audio Technica ATH-M20X Review Video

Audio Technica ATH-M30X Review Video

Audio Technica ATH-M40X Headphone Review Video

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphone Review Video

Audio Technica MSR7 Review

In this review I also compare the ATHM20x to the previous model the ATHM20 in order to point out some of the differences.

These headphones sound very similar to the ATH-M50’s (though not quite as nice). You can hear the detail in your music and there’s a wonderful balance of the lows, mids and highs. For anyone looking for a budget friendly pair of DJ headphones or something they can use at home to enjoy any genre of music with, the ATHM20X headphones would be an excellent choice!

On a side note, I get a lot of messages from people asking about how I can afford to buy all these headphones and have time to make all these videos so I wanted to share the answer here. It basically is the result of learning how to effectively do drop shipping (basically buying and selling products for a profit) and setting up your own online ecommerce store. I stumbled and fumbled around with this process for a quite a while before finally becoming successful as a result of finally having a simple to follow course. I wrote a review about the course I used if you’re interested:

And then I also wrote a review about the wholesale directory I use to find all these great wholesale suppliers:

Or you can watch the Salehoo review I did to get a behind the scenes look

Then if you have additional questions you can just post those in the comment section and I’ll be happy to answer any questions I can. Hope that helps 🙂

Original Audio Technica ATHM20 Review Video


Abhishek Gupta says:

are they foldable?

herman stokbrood says:

I’m wondering if the m20x is a bether choice than let’s say a Bluedio t4s which seems to have more to offer.
Overall I prefer a comfortable good sounding headphone over a wireless, accessories etc.

Seif Ben Mansour says:

is the cable detachable ?

เดอะ Thammada says:

These or the Akg k52?

Sir Artorias says:

These or the Audiotechnica m20x?

(status hd one have are foldable and detachable cables but im not sure about sound quality, which of these 2 sound better?)

Renegade Notehead says:

Really nice review. I feel comfortable ordering a pair after watching it. Thanks.

XtremeConditions says:

I have this weird problem with my new M20x I got today… It almost sounds like the instrumentals are close, and the vocals are almost “far away”, almost muffled, though I’m not sure that’s the correct term. Is my pair defective, or is that just how the songs themselves actually sound and lower-end headphones misrepresent the true sound? Kind of bothering me tbh…

Laura Sanchez says:

Is this better than the Sennheiser HD 205? I have those right now and they have great sound but not very durable…

JAPK06 says:

Alternatives for this that I can fold it up?

Cyberslug1 says:

Hate these headphones, worst I have ever had and the most expensive I have owned. Clamps too hard on my head, the SQ is not very good, staging and imaging is not even worth mentioning !! My Monoprice 16150, 13191 and my Spider PowerForce sounds much much better. The Spider PowerForce are $50 cans but I got them for $19.99 at fry’s 2 years ago

R D says:

is this is good for monitoring?

micah ballard says:

Where i am once you ad shipping into it walmart is cheaper by about 13 bucks

Mattia Pagliaro says:

Is this good for electronic drums?

Reon Strike says:

These have no base :/

wessen666 says:

Отличный обзор, keep it up 🙂

Luck says:

Are these good for mixing

Charles O'Connor says:

15Hz not kHz silly :p

Cole Bender says:

How is the bass on these? I will primarily listen to music with these and I like a little bass.

Ankit Solanki says:

Can i connect it to my keyboard it has 1/4 jack pls tell fast

Ritesh Hasija says:

philips shp9500 shits on these

Mozart Gates says:

Are these headphones good for music production ?

Md. Shamim Rahman says:

good reviewer.

Shy Potato says:

Is it just me, or he used a potato to record this?

Victory Arrow says:

Comfort & Comfort & Comfort Then i don’t care about any thing else

TheJarrad says:

Really like these reviews. Little tricky to discern the sound leak test though.

StarTrek123456 says:

These or panasonic rp-hx550?

tcook052 says:

Really informative!

Hifi Heaven says:

Audio Technica ATH-M20X Review is Live. Feel free to like/share if you enjoy! 🙂

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Tacanacy says:

This might have very good clarity, detailing and separation, but when you mention games, please talk about soundstage and imaging.

Philix Philip says:

Ath m20x or presonus hd7???

Josh Hansen says:

i could’ent even hear at 100% volume xD

EthanMcomedy says:

i have these, the cord is too long though

Clorox Bleach says:

some1 describe how is the bass ?

TheHarshprasad says:

is this for metal music

Green Llama says:

Literally everywhere I skipped I heard “DJ” I just want to know how good to headphones are, not how they wear around the neck XD

Hugh Mungus says:

2:07 boobies

DanielXD says:

Any good for editing?

Tushar Sadhwani says:

Wait, what? They only go down to 15kHz? Pretty sure a mistake there 😛

GD Cheese says:

these are NOT dj headphone. these are studio monitoring or proffesional headphones

SquidSquirtHD says:

an somebody tell me if these are good for gamiong

zapole says:

Are they loud ?

AllenArtz™ says:

hows the bass?

Rohan Bhalerao says:

Its really hard to choose should i get m20x or brainways hm2 both r preety good plss help guys

Vanaraj says:

thanks sir

Saitej Amonkar says:

Are these good to use with mobile phones?
and are the wires coming out from the bands durable?

Vallisha B M says:

the video was v long… could have contained it to 5 min or so

Harrison Crutcher says:

DJ? Well these are good for any type of recording and mixing and setting eq in recordings

Josephine Elise says:

using these for studio, would they have good sound quality when it comes to bass and higher pitches?

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