AUDIO BLISS! : Audiofly AF240 Headphone REVIEW

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So I was intrigued to see what Audiofly could do with a pair of over the ear headphones seeing how they’ve mastered the in-ear headphones…… how did they do?

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jayboOgZ55 says:

omg those looks real nice i might get these just so ppl can say what da hell are those lol

Dojo Games says:

what do you think about amo? I got an Bluetooth receiver and it amplifier The áudio,and man that is damm amazing! I loved it,i turn my mdr7506 into bluetooth,but of course ps4 dont Works with it.


How do you hear about these obscure headphone brands

dimitrios007 says:

whats your top 3 gaming headsets on ps4?

94MrSJ says:

I really like the bgm, what’s it called?

Kayden Zoller says:

These look so cool! I want a pair, can’t spend $250 on them though… great review


Is the cable required? Or can you use like a v-moda mic?

GrumpyKitten says:

I dislike reviews like these. Barely mentioning negatives of the product and in case they do, it is regarded as a non-issue.
Also, do you get a financial kickback when someone uses that 10%-off code?
If that is the case then please do not tag this video as a “review”. Instead you may use the word “advertisement” or atleast give an annotation in the description.

Silly_Wabbit_98 #GreenWall says:

once I get paid I will be getting these thnx for reviewing and like always great video

Kayden Zoller says:

I finally got the kicker vapor headphones and wow these things sound incredible!!! I can’t believe I got them so cheap! I love them

kasper soutukorva says:


blake berg says:

do they leak sound?

House Smash says:

Good review xD Never heard of that company, never used it but looks pleasing 🙂 And i like the idea of how the headphones actually adjust on your head. No one had ever done that before so it is a plus for me xD

SamCovert says:

Based on your impressions, these may sound like my Audiotechnica IM50. Warm bass with upfront vocals and rolled off/recessed treble with a wide soundstage. Can turn these up quite loud without hurting my ears

matthew shove says:

Lol, I always thought it was pronounced Game Sky

ahmed nader says:


RKADE101 says:

Hey GameSky, have you ever done a review on the FIIL Diva Wireless?

Also Great review, as allways!
I do like those headphones, they look sleek!

ryan stovall says:

I love the slide adjusting feature, it’s quite genius

Barak Lahav says:

wow! those headphones just look premium! I never heard of audio fly but those headphones are great! one day I will buy my self a 200$ headphones… one day… XD great video btw

Anthony Martinez says:

great video man and very great quality review

Vault Boy DSO says:

expensive tho

keenan herwansyah says:

never heard of them but seems legit mate. have you review the steelseries arctis 7 wireless i see you review the 5 one

Crazy Genius says:

ikr… this is really awesome headphone!

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