Audeze Mobius Wireless REVIEW : Head Tracking 3D Audio Headphones!

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So I am going to start this by saying I have never experienced anything like these headphones before. They truly do bring something new to the table with 3D audio and head tracking technology! But are they worth the $400 price tag?

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Brandon Breuer says:

I have to say I disagree with the way this guy is gushing over these headphones. I had these headphones for a short period of time before I decided to sell them
1) They aren’t particularly comfortable to wear, the clamping is too tight for me, the earpads are fake leather that trap heat, they are heavy.
2) To me the “3d headtracking” is a gimmick simply because when I am gaming I am almost always looking straight ahead at my screen, so it doesn’t really matter if the sound changes when I move my head because I basically don’t move my head.
3) You can find better sounding headphones for $400

Josh Jones says:

I’d like to see a comparison between the moebius and the vokyl erupts. Both audiophile grade/kinda gaming cans. Both will be 400 when the erupts officially launch.

Sathu says:

So they’re closed back but feel open?

fx exile says:

one simple question. if you use them wireless via bluetooth on pc , is there any lag or delay in the audio?

H2OSoarin says:

I just put on a pair of these 20 minutes ago, this is incredible.

GAzcona says:

How do I connect this to my computer if I don’t have Bluetooth device in my PC? Can I use the provided usb cable? Or do I have to buy a Bluetooth adapter?

sidmarc chu says:

my friend form ireland already have those and got reported because his opponents thought he was wallhacking lol. i can’t wait to have those and hopefully it will become available here in the philippines.

Victor A says:

a lot of good features but not $440 worth it to me and the review is good.

Michael H says:

I waited for the day this idea would come to life

Playing On EZ says:

The mic has no bass!!!

Shawn Orjiakor says:

Amazing review. I can hear the excitement can and passion out of your voice lol. I going to try them.

Dibbendu Koley says:

non braided cables lol

fidelcrisis says:

Hey Gamesky. Which one do you think is the BEST among these? Sony WH-1000XM2, Sennheiser PXC550 and this (Audeze Mobius). Considering ANC is absent in Audeze Mobius.

Sea Panther says:

$400 and no noise canceling or case!? Pass!

Josh Jones says:

I think for shooters I would prefer stereo sound to be moving with my camera/mouse and not my head movement AND camera/mouse. Actually I only really move my eyes with a 27 inch monitor anyway. That part of the headphone seems confusing and gimmicky to me.

From The North says:

$400 is a steal for these headphones. Audeze makes some of the very best headphones in the world: The LCD-4 & LCD-4z for 10X more ($4000). $400 puts you in the Bose QC35II or Sony WH1000X MK3 price range and these DESTROY those headphones!!!!!!

Aman says:

The thing I should tell you all, who are thinking to buy this headphone for gaming, which I learned after spending nearly $200. The most important thing, the wireless mode of this headphone is running on Bluetooth.
Now the problem using Bluetooth headphone in communication is that while using communication mode which means using microphone and listening response, no operating system (Windows, Linux) run the audio in stereo mode. Now this means you will be getting “MONO” audio while using your microphone and being honest, mono audio is garbage.
So for music, movies or games which you do not want communication, you will get “STEREO” sound.
You can verify this on Google. So many people have posted articles about it explaining all the technical things about this.
I bought Bluetooth headphone and found out later. That is why gaming headsets, which are made for communication, always uses “2.4 GHz wireless connection”.
So I suggest you to consider this crucial point, before buying any Bluetooth headphone. 🙂

jincuteguy says:

So you can only order these headphones from Audeze website right now? Where are they shipping from? US? China? thx

Non Zamfir says:

Love your vids, I have a pair of these myself! Got them for a much discounted price with Indigogo.

Only critique I have for you is that you should stop looking at your camera display, the eye shifts are pretty distracting and very noticeable.

Little Critique for the critic, please don’t hate 🙂

Dear Kuya says:

Ok ive had these for a while so to add to the review.
1. Simplest way to explain the 3d mode is its like placing speakers in a virtual space. You press the 3d button to define the “center”. A cool thing I do is when im working on my laptop and have my phone beside it playing a video or song i center on that and it has this immersive effect like the sound is coming from the phone.
2. The 8/7 channel mode is active only when plugged in through the usb cable to the pc, you also charge it while plugged in.
3. It has a windows software that helps you define how far/near the virtual speakers are.

I know describing them as “virtual” sounds gimmicky but they do sound very immersive or a better description is it fools your ears like how vr fools your eyes. Sound quality is excellent as expected from audeze. My only nitpicks are the cables do get in the way of your view when gaming and the power button is like 5 seconds interval lol. Mic is also average.

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

DAMNIT just got HyperX Cloud Flights this summer. I might have to try these out

MFHRaptor says:

This is my take on my Mobius:
Build: Clunky
Weight: Light
Comfort: Poor padding (on ears and vertex)
Controls: Cluttered

Sound (With internal DAC on; because I couldn’t get it to work without it):
• 7.1 mode: Gives fair “Out of Your Head” experience, but it’s all IN FRONT OF YOU. There’s no rear channels rendered BEHIND YOU. Which is a new way of listening to “3D music” (that isn’t a purist’s way). Good for movies. Mixed bag with video games (Shooters & Adventure are good. Sports games like FIFA isn’t as good as my Sennheiser GSX 1000 + Philips Fidelio X2).
• 2 Channels mode: Practical, although very similar to 7.1 mode.
• High Res mode: suitable for pure music listening for audiophiles. Overall the frequency range is not bad, but isn’t that coherent: A little subdued bass. Scooped lower mids. On point upper mids. Uneven treble.

Head tracking feature is nice to listen to in regards to music, but for games it is not that defined to be useful, especially for competitive gaming.

Adrian Silesian says:

I think you have to listen to LCDX 🙂 then you will put away these mobius toys 😉

JME says:

Probably have the same driver failure rate as the rest of the Audeze range…

Christoffer Olofsson says:

Can the head tracking be used in games like a controller? (like TrackIR, FreeTrack, e.t.c.)

Bao Chen says:

Great Video Review on this Headphone. Just want to point out that you can actually switch audio Mode (not EQ) By long press Microphone volume, it has Hi Res Mode, 7.1 mode, and 2.0 mode… so if you want to listen to some Flac or DSD you definitely need to change it to that mode!!

Bashar Ammer says:

In my opinion you shouldn’t go for high tech headphones they always have problems, and it modifies and the sound a lot, keep it simple with beoplay h6 and h9, Senhieser hd600, hd 500 and audio technia mx50 or mx70 the flatter the sound is better

Roger Diking says:

2 bad i kickstarter ossicsx pos

Asad Khan says:

Would you recommend getting the carrying case when it is as durable as shown in the video for using as wireless headphones when travelling and commuting (mainly on bus and train)? Also how is the comfort compared to something like the sony 1000xm2?

Wiener Schnitzel says:

Why do people keep asking for a comparison of the Nura and Mobius? There completely different headphones.

Shahariar Md. Khurshid says:

@Gamesky – can I add these cans to my iPhone via cable?
Would I be getting all the feats that these cans are offering if I play via Bluetooth?

BOUTCH001 says:

Do they work on ps4?

Spicy Cock says:

Using this vr probably would be pretty crazy, although don’t know if these would with a headset on

ryan011193 says:

You did a great job of this review dude. I have had the pleasure of listening to these at Canjam London and they truly are a phenominal headphones. It is a really cheesy advertising slogan to say they give you an experience but they really do. They sound excellent for all types of media whether your listening to music, watching a film or playing video games. For reference the demo at Canjam let you listen to them for music and then you could watch a ten minute clip featuring sections of films and games. All game audio was binaural as far as I can remember.

Sathu says:

Should test these in r6s

Paul Cathcart says:

I’m sold. Great review. Awesome to hear a reviewer being so excited.

Aforgamon says:

I had an order of these (plus the case) for $250 via the indiegogo. I refunded my order because they kept getting delayed. FML


Team copper all the way.

Gabriel says:

This guy is completely right. Audeze knocked it out the park with these. $400 is a steal for them. Before I got mine in, I was excited because it was Audeze but extremely skeptical if they could actually pull off as much as they were trying to do with the headphones. These headphones really do bring it all. If you can afford them, they absolutely worth it.

youmongrel says:

Damn, if only they were noise canceling I would cancel my Sony WH1000XM3 order. Maybe for the best, since these are first of their kind the rev 2 will be even better.

Dear Kuya says:

Listening to this on my audeze mobius got this from indiegogo for 249usd(if memory serves me right), this is my Headphone of the year! And this is from someone who owns an LCD2C 🙂 i would pay 400usd for this, its that worth it.

Yo Kaze says:

I need this!

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