Audeze Mobius Gaming Headphone Review | 4K

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inevitabledecline says:

Man I was pretty disappointed when you got to the part about them being closed. Seriously though, every headphone company should copy the m560. Open but if you’re weird, here’s some covers that make them closed.

J says:

These would probably be pretty great for VR gaming. Also 10/10 for dramatically sitting on the couch in 4k slow mo

Hike Aleksanyan says:

Great review, Joshua. Just wondering if you calibrated the Mobius to your exact head measurements. I saw a bit of an improvement regarding the 3D simulation when I calibrated it to my specific measurements, and I found that setting the room ambience to anywhere between 15-20 also kept most of the immersion in movies while not exaggerating vocal reverb too much. Also, I think that these have great sound for a bluetooth option. The internal balanced dac/amp and the versatility of these cans make it the least clunky option for me on the go. Full disclosure tho, I paid about $250 for these in Audeze’s Indigogo campaign.

Chase L. says:

did you consider the Argons to be closed back? I know its technically semi open vs this, just wondering which had the bigger soundstage to you.

Tyler Larson says:

The audio and footsteps in particular in Black Ops are broken, that’s probably why Mobius just made it worse. Not because of the headphones, but the game itself… thanks for the review though! I was looking forward to you, Z and DMS checking this thing out!

Mohamed Sonic says:

Was wondering about the high res mode.
Does it improve anything.

Zuyang says:

It has 2-channel, 2-channel-hi-res, 7.1-channel modes, any thoughts on that? Can you hear any differences?

Laurens Gerritsen says:

Hype gone

Brian Matthews says:

I’m curious to see what you think of the Warm DSP setting. You can email Audeze and they will send you the firmware that fixes a mic issue plus adds the Warm setting.

Bungles411 says:

Josh did you use these in plugged in usb or bluetooth while gaming?

CSharkBytes says:

The build quality seems better than most standard gaming headsets. Yet it looks heavy to wear from all the electronics,etc in the ear cups. $400. for these may be a hard sell for most gamers if it is not really good for competitive play. I would love to know a compare and contrast with the 1More VXR headset which is half the price. Both use a head tracking system. I just do not think that this tech is ready for prime time use just yet. More of a novelty for folks with money to burn. Thanks for the review it was very good as always.

Shin Fate says:

Great review as always Josh.! I think VR could benefit from this technology. Imagine walking in a virtual world with these cans. I think that could bump up the immersion. But is it worth 400 dollars though? Perhaps in the near future this tech will be alot cheaper and used in more gaming headphones.

UANG Chen says:

joshua, I saw your dt 1990 video but you didn’t say if they are good for gaming. I’m looking for a headphone for gaming, music and movies. I currently using hd 598 but i wanna upgrade. please help

Car Brand says:

Hey Josh 😉

Wilson Tang says:

Head tracking is meant for vr only as a oculus full room owner.

Tacanacy says:

Should have done 1080p at 60 FPS instead.

inevitabledecline says:

I wonder if the head tracking thing would work with vr?

Zahid Mahmood says:

Josh you should review some gaming headsets I’m curious how they stack up against some audiophile headphones maybe something by Logitech,Corsair or Razer

Gabs Michel says:

I would like you to test it with games recorded in binaural, such as Hellblade. Are the dsp messing out with binaural ? I fear the effects to be too “fake”.

Aron Gatt says:

testing it on a ps4 ?

giovanni santana says:

I got this for gaming and the volume on this is VERY low. Doesnt have 7.1 surround when connecting to ps4 and bluetooth does not work!

When it comes to just listening to music I found these bright, but clear. 3d I found useless. I might have to return these but I will give these another week.

Love this channel keep it up!

Șerban says:

So I just got tidal hifi subscribtion free trial and I’m struggling to hear the difference between 320kbs and hifi/master option. Got hd700 with schiit stack and my ears are pretty decent, anybody else with superhuman buyers remorse ears that can tell the diff? Would like to hear your opinions hehe

SuperEnforcer88 says:

The bluetooth recomendation?

Joshua Valour says:

4K Worth it? Thoughts?

david maison says:

Nice review josh good job

Losbass says:

Josh , love your videos man! However , the 7.1 mode via USB steals the show here ! I’ve had them for a few weeks now , and I absolutely love these cans for surround sound! First thing I noticed was how clear the dialogue sounded when watching 5.1 content on the Mac. The rear surround effect was even more satisfying (after calibrating the 7.1 setup via Mac midi sound settings)
Then I did the head measurements and adjusted the room ambience and that helped with the reverb effect. Also, the High Res over USB sounds great.! I don’t think the 3D over bluetooth is as good as USB mode but it still sounds damn good to my ears. Bluetooth range is great for me , and people at Head-Fi are saying L-DAC bluetooth quality on the Mobius is top notch ! I need to update my Note 5 , in order to experience L-DAC.
Used to watch movies on my HD- 6XX and sometimes HE-4XX , but Mobius are on another level , IMHO.
If your a PC gamer , or enjoy watching movies on your PC / Mac , Want a great sounding Bluetooth Headphone , the Mobius is for you !
Console gamers , probably not best option for you. Anyhow , I appreciate your videos , great quality content !

Loppysaurus rex says:

looks like i’ll be gaming in the 2C’s instead

Joshua Valour says:

1:45 – Gaming
3:30 – 3D Surround Sound
6:10 – Movies
8:35 – Sound Quality
10:50 – Head Tracking
14:45 – Build
15:35 – Mic Testing
18:20 – Conclusion

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