Audeze LCD-3 Headphone Unboxing and Review
This is a review and unboxing of the Audeze flagship headphone, the LCD-3. The LCD 3 utilizes planar magnetic technology to deliver some of the most accurate sound available. Known for it’s deep bass, this headphone has outstanding frequency presentation across the spectrum.


Vernon says:

I know your young and probably like rap and hip hop, and talk a lot about bass, but to most music listeners who are going to purchase headphones in this bracket want to know more about highs and if their fatiguing or thin and mids as that’s where most music lives. Thanks P.S. good job with your videos. 

Zayn Hayes says:

So all these people are hating on the Beats by Dr. Dre, what is your view on them, specifically the Pro`s.

rachitballer says:

I want one so bad!!!!! I have a HE-500 and LCD-2. At times I get so tempted and feel like selling both to get LCD-3. So hard to control and save for the LCD-3, with possibly/probably selling the LCD-2.

CABdosdos says:

That’s the thing, I listen to a lot of Electronica, original scores, and misc. types of rock. For the Electronica I’ve been using my closed end D2000’s so that itch has been fulfilled. I’m looking for a more dynamic headphone that can emphasize vocals and highs with good attention to bass, which I heard the planars exceed at.

Braz Mann says:

I want these headphones :0

Oskar Thompson says:

I have a pair of audio technica ath-m50. They might not cost 2k.. but with a good amp and dac they sound really good.

Roustam Baimatov says:

I believe that Audeze LCD-3 indeed produce fantastic sound full of richness, smoothness, deepness and clarity. I only wish that I could have at least one chance to try them. 

mrnyc220 says:

those things are huge

Harry Bains says:

I have the option to buy these used or new lcd2 for the same price which one should I buy it will be my first serious headphones any answers will be appreciated

CheeseWithWorms Ew says:

This is NOT how you buy these stuff!

If you dont already know the requirments and the further massive expenses you would have to do on the sr009, then just dont buy them!

I am talking about another 5000 usd on an amp and over 2000 usd for an appropriately good dac.

CABdosdos says:

Hey man whats your preference between the he-500 and the lcd-2? Im looking to buy either of those coming up as my first planars. Cheers!

Johnny Blaze says:

Would anyone know how these would pair with a asus xonar essence muses edition?

Hus 9 says:

what amp/dac should i get for the headphones to use on a pc

austinatyahoo says:

I want to try these… I’ve heard compared to lcd-2’s (rev 2, pre Fazor) like I have, these sound more… smooth or lush.

Attomic Rooster says:

Yes I know what you’re saying about reviews, the reason I wasn’t sure it’s because even though they’re closed back there not very good at isolating, both headphones have quite a bit of base so I’ve heard, also apparently the soundstages also about equal, that’s why I was unsure

Ismail Tazegul says:

hi there thanks for the demonstration video.i am from Turkey/istanbul, i have a question regarding to LCD3 do i need a amp for this headphone.?best regards

kntwing says:

to me is not so good looking headphones they don’t even fold

MrSindreee says:

I would just stick to lcd 2 theese are nowhere near worh the price tag just like all other headphones over 1k

Mahendra Bheda says:

this is Audiohead’s favourate headphone i guess !

CheeseWithWorms Ew says:

I have the akg k 550. But sometimes i really wonder what these super expensive headphones can offer, given their price.

lbochtler says:

The Stax SR-009 would like a word in the contest of best headphones on the planet (at this point in time).

Mr Green says:

Ugh after looking at that graph I want the lcd 3. i will have to wait one whole year to get them. But my lcd 2 will keep me happy in the mean time.

rachitballer says:

Honestly, most people will end up trying the other one, regardless of what they get first. The HE-500 are very fun and easy to get used to. The LCD-2 and LCD-3 took me some time to get used to. Maybe get a HE-500 and spend the rest of money on your DAC/AMP. Then save money and get a LCD-2/3.

AudioHead says:

What is your budget?

The Wanderer says:

plus these are open back and the th 900 is closed.. i think lol wayyyy different qualities.

Klea Rusnim says:

I know what I am buying next.  Good by Beyerdynamic – your shitty head bands breaking on me are a thing of the past !!!!

Audun Jemtland says:

What other heaphones would you say are a valid competitor to this which is similar/equal/better?

rachitballer says:

Hey, around two months ago I sold both LCD-2 and HE-500 to get the LCD-3. Both are great for their price. I was in the same boat as you over a year ago when I had to decide between LCD-2 and HE-500. Ended up getting the HE-500 first used around half the price of LCD-2 due to budget, even though LCD-2 was my first pick. I was very shocked by how good HE-500 sounded. The bass was ridiculously good, especially when driven off speaker taps. HE-500 is more width and airy. What do you listen to?

Stuart Black says:

I found these to be uncomfortably accurate, to the point where I didn’t really even recognize the song as the song I had been listening to for years. Very creepy.

MaJo DiuLi says:

Please do a review comparing lcd-3 to lcd-x, appreciate that!

Hakim Diggins says:

these are $2000 headphones not today

The Wanderer says:

Attomic just look up reviews and such and see which ones better suited for you.

Nik Hulstein says:

Are these Fazor?

Masesarboi says:

Anything. Is better than beats.

Bobthebuilder says:

What is that song in the intro??? Its insane!

rachitballer says:

I’ve been contemplating on whether to get the LCD-3 first or picking up a DAC like NAD M51 first. There’s also the HD800 which would be nice in terms of comfort and soundstage.

Zayn Hayes says:

yeah right

sultanabran1 says:

you’d have to be totally retarded to run these off a portable device without an amplifier wouldn’t you?

Attomic Rooster says:

Trying to decide on these all their TH 900, please can somebody help me which headphones sounds better, I currently own T5 p, looking for an upgrade not sure on which one of these to get

Shane D says:

I am so jealous of you those headphones are beautiful damn

Angelwork Tech says:

I hope that lady doesn’t put her LCD-3s over her hair…

OhhSlash says:

if only i had 2 grand D:

rachitballer says:

LOL your position is quite similar to what mine was. I had the D2000 originally and still do. Although it wasn’t cutting it for me with electronic music. Both the HE-500 and LCD-2 are much better suited for electronic music. Both have good bass, although LCD-2 gets the nod for the tightest and fastest bass, while the HE-500 is a bit bloomier, although still way faster than D2000. Both have really good vocals, although ultimately better on LCD-2. However, HE-500 has better treble, airy response.

hussam maged says:

Gettin a bit tired frm all of those arguments between people. As a previous Beats “Addict” i know how a beats lover think. If the most stubborn people in the world had an award, it should’ve been given to Beats fans. So arguing with them and spamming the comment section is TOTALLY POINTLESS, haters still gonna hate, lovers gonna love. THATS what pisses me off. Pointless arguments on every headphone video!


HD 800

Jer says:

can you not hook these up to a conventional headphone jack? i.e. an ipod?

hilmur leaf says:

l was all like; only $19.49 i’m getting those NOW!!!!  but lol 2000 dollars -.-

MaJo DiuLi says:

how about the mid?is it sound good on vocal focus music?

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