Apple iPhone 7 Real Audio Review: No headphone jack?

It’s the first iPhone with stereo speakers. It’s also the first iPhone to remove the headphone jack and use a digital port to send audio out to your headphones. So how does this hardware really perform? We’re using this phone to launch a new series here at Pocketnow, examining audio performance while SOME phones still have headphone jacks…
iPhone 7 speaker samples
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Iurie Spatari says:

thx for audio review. finally somebody talking about smartphone audio. would like to see more of this, with htc 10 and lg v20. thank you sir 🙂

ATKH says:

I didn’t realise how ugly the adapter would be before watching this. Odd state of affairs for a company that is all about aesthetics.

Jumoke Bolanle says:

I appreciate the technicality of these videos. Thank you, Juan!

Timor Surkis says:

Please get audio samples back, it always good listening to the audio with your own ears. Add them at the end of the video please. That way, if people don’t want to listen to audio samples, they don’t have to.

Infidel Gastro says:

A really solid and informative overview of this gadgets sound quality. Thank you Juan.

JoshA7fold says:

So with the adapter for headphones it’s only capable of 16 bit audio, but the phone is capable of 32 bit audio. If using high quality Bluetooth headphones, is the full 32 bit audio attainable?

Audio46 Headphones - Headphone Superstore says:

Great video

Wilson Lee says:

How does this affect wireless bluetooth audio? Does bluetooth comes with digital to analogue audio DAC built-in? Will it improve on lossless audio?

rizquariz says:

The lighting port itself if pushing out 24/32 bit though? If i get an external DAC, that dac will be receiving 24/32 bit?

Bro Swirski says:

Juan is one of the best guys on YouTube!

hotmandead1 says:

The audio output is horrible tried it with the stock headphones as well as via the 3.5mm jack using audio-technica MX-50

Michael Carney says:

Your tests are great Juan. Love this segment of pocketnow

BcsDaBomb says:

If you use another DAC other then the Apple supplied one you are good.

Rohit Nagraj says:

Oneplus 3 real audio review please

Venkat Davuluri says:

@pocketnow, i need the review of pixels DAC!

Adam Gardner says:

Hey buddies .. domain Work actually sounds pretty attuactive hunting .

ThePeddle says:

Apple fan boys need to stop defending this no jack BS “it’s the future” beat it isheep

Marten Halma says:

You always have great in-depth reviews Juan. I really like them. You go further then other tech reviewers and are a real gain for Pocketnow. Keep up the good work!

derek jones says:

Bluetooth head bose

L Silver says:

Why wasn’t the HTC 10 tested as well?

Christian B. says:

Has the iPhone 7 Plus better audio than the normal sized one?

Shahan Aziz says:

keep making these videos

Autumn Huff says:

think about this if you don’t have airpods then you can charge your phone and listen to music at the same time with headphones

Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan says:

People still use Apple products?

Scott Givens says:

From all of the bashing of the lightning port headphones I’ve seen around YouTube and the fact that there is no more headphone jack, I figured the included lightning port headphones would be trash.

They’re pretty bad ass, clear with plenty of base. I’ve owned the Iphone 7 plus for a few weeks. Today was the first time I used them

Ian Paterson says:

i personally think my sennheiser ie 80’s sound amazing on the new iPhone 7 plus compared to the iPhone 6s plus.

Mingding Wang says:

Of course the HTC 10 has better speakers, because it’s not water resistant. Water resistance and speaker quality are a mutually exclusive pair of qualities. Think about the S7. Note 7. There’s not a single water resistant phone that has a speaker setup close to iPhone 7.

Vinayak Bakshi says:

thanks for your real audio reviews pocketnow… you literally saved ton of my money which was gonna go into s7 edge.

qwerty says:

please rich people, help me to get first iphone in my life, get higher level of karma!

webmoney. Z296627689523
thx a lot! thx for every cent to U!
im living in poor and dictatorial country(((

Nicola Quaglia says:

Finally somebody is seriously reviewing audio on smartphones! Every time I read a review and when it comes to audio they talk exclusively about speaker performance, my eyelash starts trembling

Hardy Thind says:

Phone looks dirty asf as always this guy man atleast try cleaning ur making a video man .

Tigerex966 says:

please when you can get a good openback headphone.
Philips 9500, fidelio x2, seen 600 650 800 bt 880
focal elear ath r70x etc.
would be great to see a headphone review since audio is becoming big in phones and apple asd others now have their own wired and wireless phones

Marlene K. says:

Thanx for this audio review of the iPhone7.This was what my main concern was if I should upgrade to the 7 from a 6+.I have no issue with the missing headphone jack. the lighting port wasn’t going to be used just for charging like Schiller explained at the Apple Event.Looking forward to more audio with the Pixel. Im a fan of both Apple and Google:) Im picking up a Nexus5 this weekend, can’t wait:)

Slava Zagreychuk says:

fuck u with your Debrand comeral

Azmain Ahnaf says:

thanks for the video.. most chanels avoid the audio section in their reviews..

dack6262 says:

Dear apple this is the Information Age bullshit no longer gets a pass even with hyper styled commercials or over produced key note events.

TheFijianGuy says:

Hey Juan what’s your favorite audiophile headphone!?

Omardottcom says:

What camera was used to record this video? It looks really good.

dkimmortal says:

please do one with exynos vs snapdragon s7 or note

Isaac Landeros says:

How are the headphones that come with the Axon 7?

Johnny TG says:

Cant wait for the v20 audio review. Great video.

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