Apple AirPods wireless headphones review

Apple believes the future is wireless. Their AirPods are a great example of that. The bluetooth connection is strong within 45 – 50 feet. AirPods sense when they’re in your ear and automatically stop playing when removed.

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Mark Hoegart says:

Great review I have them and really like them , agree with volume bit complicated , could be tap right for up and left for down

Ravi Kumar says:

hiiii sir I have one dout that tha air pods can connect tha nurmal phone other then I phone

Techno BD says:

What is the price of this?

Mossy Potato says:

Does this work for iPhone 6s?

Tusher Khondoker says:

It’s working for iPhone 6s

D7oomy Al says:


Silver Fox says:

what a fail

Narendra Kumar says:

to much cost bro its cost is 21200

Wright Duffell says:

my Air Pods are coming tomorrow.

Harambe Is bae says:

Or you can just buy 2 cheap Bluetooths

Dank AF Trump says:

Oh the butt hurt comments lol

DoobieSoDope TV says:

but why they put that hanging part that wack

JB CTR says:

Really looking forward to getting my hands on these! Recently reviewed some beats solo3 headphones which have the same wireless chip and was incredibly impressed with their wireless capabilities! I’m still not sold on the design of the ear pods though :/

Sumit Kumar says:

Re audiplatform and apps that use audio:
I disagree. Especially because that all can be developed through Siri now and the airpods just act as a remote control for Siri.

kaito kid says:

cool, but they look incredibly gay.

Harry Callahan says:

Who cares about fucking wireless charging. Just plug the charger in it, job done.. fucking morons

Reval Alqarni says:

I want it

Rowan Baker says:

target freshman regardless nobody psychological composition citizen workshop.

stillmatic880 says:

I would cop a pair if I used headphones/buds regularly.

Gamesational says:

Then you lose them and shed many tears, asking yourself the question, “why the hell did I buy these things?”.

Koppele Koppelek says:

nice video

Shamim Fhakir says:


stillmatic880 says:

@TechCrunch nice review/video. Straight to the point and informative. Just got a new subscriber.

Robert 18 says:

It looks like he’s wearying earrings with them on

Logan Titanic says:

How much are the air pods?

Anand Singh says:

These earbuds look like you just pulled off an intravenous drip

Jonathan Haslop says:

They should be smaller, there si no sense on having the “stick” that goes into the case.

TEST black&white says:

100/100 tips
hey Tech crunch can you collaborate with me

Josh S5 says:

I’m still content with my wired Apple EARPods

jorge palomera says:

You didn’t mention the battery at all. Sad!

harjit singh says:

Ok first of all this sucks. What if your walking with these things in your ear on the streets and then someone sneaks behind you while you are listening to drake or Jojo on the beat and then he/she takes them out of you ears and runs off with them you are probably going to be like wow

st0neageman says:

I love how everyone is like oh apple lies about wireless future, they just want money… it is called an incentive. Of course they want money, they are a company with employees that they have to feed, incentives are what drives society forward. Without these incentives and motivations, we won’t move forward… Maybe learn something about economics before commenting lol.

Alberto Garcia says:

Is this worth it?

Critical Plays says:

bruh i already lost my normal earpods.

bastien b says:

Beats are cheaper and better ears phones !!!

Muse Azziz says:

Why can’t it just be in ear earphones Lol!! they look like earrings

FakeDicck says:

yeah we all hate what the bottom feeder company named apple is doing, but all of you bottom dwellers who bitch about the product but continue to buy more are reinforcing them and making them think “profits are still good, keep making stupid barnacle ideas and they will buy it no matter what!” are the problem, STOP BUYING THEIR SHIT IF IT IS SHIT

Kristoffer Hauervig Frederiksen says:

So much out of focus 🙁

Santiago Dsk says:

can i use them on a iphone SE?

D7oomy Al says:

Ass hole -_-

TheJesterRace says:

There’s Something About Mary – Hair Gel Scene

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