AKG K712 Pro ‘Reference’ Headphone Review

My new favourite everyday home-use headphone :3
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# RIUM!_planeta says:


Hoang Ngo says:

Very nice review, I am a fan of your reviews!! May I ask if the height of my ear is nearly 7cm, will my ears fit comfortably inside the ear cups? I remember the HD598s fit my ears well, but the ATH MSR7 cups are too small for me. Thank you!

alexbarquin9 says:

Im considering to buy an exciting/fun reference open back headphones. But having difficulty to choose which one as i cant demo them at all in stores. HD600,flat & neutral(boring but a legend), DT990 600ohm(considered as the fun one) and this akg 712. Im coming from koss porta pro, M50 and alessandro ms-pro. What would you recommend? It could be something that is not in the list mentioned above. Im open minded. Thank you.

PrecsMO YinWai says:

even though this was posted some years back. Love your review!

Christophe Soares says:

Hi. Between this AKG K712 pro and the HD600 witch one your prefer? and why? I have some AKG K550 and I want to upgrade to a better headphone but keeping somehow the same sound signature like the forward mids that the AKG K550 have. Thanks

TURB0_DamnYes says:

I´m testing my AKG K712 and K702 and still cant decide which i should use later. Hip Hop and Metal sounds more fun on the K712. For the Vocals i think i lean more towards the K702. When I compare them in gaming (like CSGO, Pubg, BF1) i think the positional audio and Soundstage are a little bit better on the K702 and gives me a bit of an advantage but thats just me. Currently im running them from my onboard soundcard. My DAC/AMP (AUNE X1S) should arrive next week. If someone had experience with both of them pls let me know, i still want to know.

I have to admit that i got the K712 on sale for 165€ where i still bought the K702 for 142€ to know how they sound.

Alejandro Atem says:

can you use it without a amp

Martyn James says:

A quick glance and I thought that Hideo Kojima was reviewing the new headphones I bought but no, you are a lot younger haha.

Hirnlego999 says:

Wonder how it sounds compared to 701? Which sound very bright. I prefer K273 Pro, which is much more neutral but not as comfy.

Barend Stapelberg says:


I’m ready to buy a pair of these but I’ve noticed that some stores offer an “X” model (2458X00140 ) and other stores a “Z” model (2458Z00140). What is the difference?

The Drone Sector says:

some people have boulder heads

B A says:

I can get the k712 pro for €180 and the HD 600 for €280.

Should I go for Sennheiser?

iPokerrr says:

I´m really undecided between these and the Sennheiser´s HD 600 and HD650. Which one is more detailed, more neutral, better bass and better soundstage?

abooda kayyas says:

Sony MDR – MA900 160 $ or Akg k712 240 $

Regis Vieira says:

Does anyone know the size of the driver that this headphone uses? 40mm or 50mm?

Blue Matrix says:

9:34 very confusing… is that really a definition for neutral sound??? we have to be careful with the internet and take any advise or comments with lots of reserve

Shane Marquis says:

Bought these today after watching this review and doing some research.   Moving away from the closed back K271 Mk II.   Oh my, anyone thinking about it – just do it.   They haven’t left my head since getting home.    Managed to pick them up here in Oz for $499 from a very reputable pro audio retailer.   Jamie Cullum has never sounded so ‘in the room’. 🙂

Thome90 says:

wtf…these are only 200€ here in Germany…..why are they so cheap???

Jörgen Nilsson says:

Im testing the Philips Fidelio X2 now. But i would be nice to test ut the AKG K712 Pro.

Al Catraz says:

I have an Asus Z170 class PC that drives the ATH-MSR7’s at good volume, directly from the motherboard and with amazingly good sound (I don’t doubt that they could be even better with a suitable amp). In the case of the 712K’s, however, from the same motherboard the volume is way too low – just high enough to tell you that these phones produce superb music. These phones are only 62ohm, but they have relatively low sensitivity. An amp is essential.

Edoardo Giordano says:

Would the Dragonfly Black a decent amp for the Akg k712pro?

alphanumerix1 says:

excellent review my man, subscribed.

Bandon Lim says:

Wow I must be alone then cos I find the design’s clamp too much. Only headphones that can stay on my head for hours is b&o h7 and h6 blasphemy I know but really they are comfortable. Just wish I had the extra Budget for them

Solar Eclipse says:

If you want the best at this price point, 712 pro.

Eric Le Mercier says:

I really like your detailed and technical explanation, it gives me imagery that help me deciding, that is what most video on Youtube doesn’t talk about.

chillfire says:

Hey Lachlan, are these still one of your favorites/daily drivers? Also, have you heard the K7XX and if so, how would they compare to these?

Devin Dyer says:

AKG k712 or Fidelio x2 for CSGO / music / other gaming? Budget around 300, will drive them eventually with schiit stack.

CThienV says:

BE AWARE. Mine are made in Slovakia and obviously do not show “Made in Austria” on the outer cup. instead, its blank. I dont care, im not racist 🙂 just something to note

gryphongryph says:

I have the K701, would the K712Pro be a big upgrade ?

gwb111 says:

good review. yes a review on headphone amps please

Nuno Costa says:

Hi. Awesome reviews. Love the channel. Right now i am between AKG 712 pro and the HD 650. I use the headphones mainly for music and gaming. Do you have any extra advice between those 2 headphones? anyone can help me in this decision? Thanks!!

J J S says:

Awesome reviews! So hoping you may be able to help. My go to home headphones were a pair of AKG 501’s but recently broke, in addition to the cable coming apart, years and years old. I used to be a huge headphonephile. I had some Grado SR80s (crushed in the move to Oz) Currently using Sony MDR-1000x which replaced my QC35s, which I just didn’t care for after a year with them (preferred the QC25 sonically) However I find that BT obviously do not have anywhere near the sonic power as “home” headphones. The Sonys are great for travelling and overall very decent sonically. So my question is would you suggest getting an Astell & Kern or Sony Digital Walkman to use with the MDR1000’s or suggest perhaps these newer AKGs? I’m considering Focals, AKG, Audio Technica, OPPO PM3, and Sony’s (under a grand) Could you give a recommendation for a pair of “home” cans (happy to get an amp as well). It’s just I’ve been so out of the audio word for over a decade. My home system I still have a pair of (vintage by now) B&W 601’s lol. If you have time to give some advice that would be awesome! I know you are busy!! Keep it up mate!

Steven Dickson says:

Hi guys are these good for gaming?, Ben using gaming headphones for years but my friend has reccomended trying out these types of headphones for a more immersive natural sound, how would these sound for fps and games like witcher 3 etc?

I-Love-Music says:

I dont understand why AKG dont change this fully uncomfortable sensefree and nervy plush Ear Pads…?
This is a big big Minus…, U get hot and sweat ears…its not a Pleasure. Would never buy AKG Again.
Now i use HD Sennheiser…, much much better Comfort”

BoyBalastog says:

I auditioned both of these and I definitely agree that the K712 has that more lower mid to mid bass emphasis that sounds generally warmer than the K612. That was immediately evident to me as soon as I switched between them. But maybe its just because I haven’t had as much time on the 712 as the 612, or just because it’s hard to match volume with the 712 having much lower impedance, but I couldn’t really tell that the 712 had more detail or sound stage. The price difference, with the 712 costing more than twice the 612 where I live, may have had a role to play in slanting my assessment since the difference just didn’t seem to be worth twice the money. So in the end, I took the 612 because I really couldn’t tell that the 712 was that much more detailed, if at all, and just preferred the leaner analytical sound with more treble emphasis on the 612. I’m quite happy with the 612 now, and your reviews on both, along with other competitors, really helped narrow down that decision. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Lazy Brain Poetry says:

The guy’s in love with the K612

Siu Fung Lui says:

hello, is a fiio e10k sufficient to drive this?

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